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SEAMLESS MOBILITY Is it where the future of telecom headed?

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1 SEAMLESS MOBILITY Is it where the future of telecom headed?

2 Agenda  What is Seamless Mobility?  Why all this fuss about Seamless Mobility?  Developments in telecom that are making it possible  Good and Bad  Future  Questions

3 Jargons  GPRS – General Packet Radio Service  WLAN – Wireless Local Area Network  UMTS – Universal Mobile Telecommunication Systems  MN –  SM – Seamless Mobility  IMS – Internet Protocol Multimedia Subsystem  SIP – Session Initiation Protocol  IETF – Internet Engineering Task Force  ITU – International Telecommunication Union

4 DISCLAIMER  This talk is designed to be as generic as possible but lack of established standards in the field of study necessitates references to commercial concerns and their practices. These references should, in no way, be considered promotional material. The data presented is publicly available and has been cited wherever possible.

5 An Example Presence Web/Gaming Video/IPTVEmailVoIP/PTT WLAN/Wi-Fi LTE UMTS CDMA iPhone image source:

6 What is Seamless Mobility? Transparent, easy, uninterrupted and ubiquitous access to information, multimedia and communincation when, where and how we want it.

7 What is Seamless Mobility? Source: Seamless Mobility Brochure, Motorola Inc.

8 What is Seamless Mobility?  A widespread vision of the fourth generation (4G) or next generation networks (NGN) includes the cooperative co-existence of WLAN, GSM/CDMA, GPRS and UMTS.  The Mobile Nodes (MN) are increasingly going to be equipped with multiple network access cards and users will be able to roam transparently over heterogeneous networks in a seamless manner.

9 What is Seamless Mobility?  The three C’s  Connectivity – Intelligently manages how connections are made based on device and access network capabilities, availability and preferences of the interacting parties of the session (presence information).  Continuity – Controls the movement of established sessions across heterogeneous networks.  Content – Enables the ability to publish and/or consume information from anywhere at anytime.

10 What is Seamless Mobility? Source: Motorola Seamless Mobility Connectivity Architecture Whitepaper, Motorola Inc.

11 What is Seamless Mobility?  The Device Client Plane supports all devices supporting a common client to manage applications.  The Access Plane encompasses both wired and wireless networks.  The Transport Plane interconnects all elements through IP transport for transferring signaling and bearer traffic and also contains media adaptation functionality through media gateways.  The Control Plane supports the session control functions to establish, maintain and release session resources as well as managing QoS.  The Applications Execution Environment Plane supports user applications (like Push-to-X), their enablers (like authentication and applications such as presence) and interaction control that’s supported by the service capability interaction manager (SCIM).

12 Why all the fuss about it?  The world as we know it, is changing. Our generation is driven by the need for access to:  Explosion in mobile data services!

13 Why all the fuss about it?  Healthcare  Voice  Email  Social networks  Multimedia streaming applications

14 Developments in telecom that are making it possible  Device advancements – Smartphones, PDAs that are capable of doing about anything that a computer can.  Wi-fi, WiMax, LTE – Provide ubiquitous access to High Speed Internet.  IP telephony (SIP), IMS – Form the core of any seamless mobility system. The IMS framework may be referred to as the heart of any next generation network system.

15 Challenges  Standardizations, architecture design and access network coverage.  Hand-off  Horizontal hand-off  Vertical hand-off  Costs, power consumption, security and QoS  Getting multiple vendors and service providers to work together.

16 Questions

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18 Acknowledgements (contd.)    ecommunications_System ecommunications_System  es/index00.html es/index00.html

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