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Grade 12 Parents’ Information Evening

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1 Grade 12 Parents’ Information Evening
February 2015

2 Matric Timeline Event Dates Entry Forms to IEB 27February
Parent’s Evenings 21 / 22 April Matric Dance 9 May Mid- Year Exams 28 May – 19 June Parent’s Evening 28 July Prelims 31 August -18 September Valedictory Assembly 15 October Matric Farewell Breakfast 16 October Final Exams 20 October – 27 November

3 Breakdown of Final Mark
Total 100% Portfolio – consisting of various subject specific tasks completed throughout the year including CAT assessments 25% Final Exams 75% Note, in LO the portfolio makes up the entire 100%, as no formal exam is written at the end of the year for this subject.

4 Detailed Year Plan Term 1 Longest uninterrupted term.
Portfolio work begins in each subject. CAT research begins. Matric entries are completed - February 2015. Application to Universities – February to September. Subject changes are no longer permitted.

5 Detailed Year Plan Term 2 Workload increases.
Portfolio pieces are ongoing. CAT assessments given / completed. Parent’s Evenings – 21 / 22 April. Matric Dance – 9 May. Mid-Year exams – 28 May to 19 June. Last week of term – review and feedback re. June Exams.

6 Detailed Year Plan Term 3
Completion of portfolio pieces – all work must be completed and handed in well before Prelims. Completion of most of the curriculum before prelims. Prelims –31 August to 18 September. Last two weeks: feedback on prelims and finalisation of portfolios

7 Detailed Year Plan Term 4 Completion of remainder of curriculum
Valedictory Assembly – 15 October. Farewell Breakfast – 16 October Final Examinations – 20 October to 27 November.

8 Focus Area Attitude Work Ethic Time Management Absenteeism Set works
The right attitude is paramount to getting your child to attain the best possible results in their matric year. Please remember the three corner stone statements Responsibility, Respect and Commitment Work Ethic Homework is given EVERYDAY and must be completed EVERYDAY! Class work must be revised regularly. Time Management Assignments must be planned timeously. Deadlines must be adhered to. Absenteeism DO NOT MISS ASSESSMENTS! DO NOT STAY ABSENT! Set works Must be read for languages

9 Workload Each Grade 12 Student has been provided with a detailed list of every single assessment applicable to the current year, including all portfolio work. This list provides due dates and the length of time allowed to complete an assignment or the notice period given to prepare for an assessment. The assessments on this list are in addition to daily homework tasks. Planning is vital.

10 Teacher Expectations We expect work to be completed to the best of their ability. We expect the work handed in to be completed by them and not ‘borrowed’ from elsewhere. We expect work to be handed in timeously. We do not expect to chase after them to hand in work. We would appreciate it if parents supported us in our efforts to ensure that all tasks are completed by their children and handed in on time.

11 Teachers / School Undertaking
Provision of care. Provision of educational opportunities. Provision of suitably qualified staff. Extra Maths/Maths Literacy Clinics everyday. Extra Science Clinics twice a week. English and Afrikaans reading program is available in the Media Centre Extra lessons by appointment in a number of other subjects. Make available past exam papers to learners who wish to avail themselves of this opportunity. A complete set can be found in the Media Centre

12 Parental Responsibility
Please monitor your child’s work ethic at home. Ensure that your child is practicing good time management. Please ensure that your child is not absent for any assessments – orals, practical's, tests, exams, etc. Ensure that your child has a good balance of work and a social life. Ensure that your child eats well and is healthy. Ensure that your child’s behaviour does not become an issue especially towards the end of the year. Above all ensure that your child had the right mental attitude towards the effort that it requires to get a good matric pass.

13 NSC Minimum Requirements
English Other Subjects Basic Pass / Higher Certificate (6 subjects) 40% 2 x 40% 3 x 30% Diploma 3 x 40% (excl. LO) 2 x 30% University (7 subjects) 4 x 50% (excl. LO & Hospitality)

14 Tertiary Requirements (1)
Encourage your child to go for Psychometric Assessment if they are unsure of a career path. Apply for admission early and apply to more than one institution and mind their deadlines! Health Sciences – applications close in June due to health placement tests. Pharmacy, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Dentistry, Medicine, etc. Apply for financial assistance and residency early to avoid disappointment. Bursaries for Education are apparently freely available.

15 Tertiary Requirements (2)
Other Requirements: Numerous degree courses require 60% for English Maths based courses often require a minimum of 60% in Maths Courses which accept Maths Literacy require an additional 10% i.e. a minimum of 70% National Benchmarking Tests – Literacy and Numeracy Tests are held at most universities.

16 Tertiary Requirements (3)
It is my understanding that as of 2014: The Medical School and the Engineering faculties as well as Actuarial Sciences at every university will require an additional Maths and Science test - which can be written at Wits. All other faculties will require that an English literacy entrance test – which can also be written at Wits.

17 Tertiary Requirements (4)
APS system – points scored for symbols obtained varies LO – different universities have different requirements Wits allocates points for achievement above 60% (shown below) UJ requires a minimum of 50% for most courses Tukkies & UCT exclude LO altogether Level Points Maths & Eng LO 90 – 100% 8 8 + 2 = 10 4 7 80 – 89% 7 + 2 = 9 3 6 70 – 79% 6 + 2 = 8 2 5 60 – 69% 5 + 2 = 7 1 50 – 59% 40 – 49% 30 – 39% 0 – 29%

18 Number of University passes Number of subject distinctions
Statistics 2014 Number who wrote Percentage Pass Number of University passes Number of subject distinctions HPHS 132 98% 78% 79 IEB 9580 98.15% 85% National 83.9% 38,9% As a school we always strive to maintain our standard of excellence but the results of each group of matrics is dependent on their abilities and their work ethic, which vary from year to year….needless to say, we will always encourage them to do their very best!!

19 Conclusion Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude! – Thomas Jefferson

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