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INVISTA in China March 2013 Confidential and Proprietary to INVISTA.

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1 INVISTA in China March 2013 Confidential and Proprietary to INVISTA

2 INVISTA Overview One of the world’s largest integrated producers of polymers and fibers, primarily for nylon, spandex, and polyester applications Operate in more than 20 countries across North America, South America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region Approximately 12,000 employees world wide in manufacturing facilities, administrative offices, research laboratories and sales offices Wholly-owned subsidiary of Koch Industries, Inc.

3 Koch Industries, Inc. – Size and Scale
Fortune: 15th largest company in America Second largest privately owned business in North America Uninterrupted 60+ year record of profitability Net debt free 60,000 employees in 60 countries $45 billion in acquisitions and capex since 2003 3,000x growth in book value since 1960, compared to 98x for S&P 500

4 INVISTA Business Segments
Intermediates Apparel PS&M Nylon 6,6: Adipic acid, HMD, ADN, polymer, engineering polymers Spandex intermediates: BDO, THF, TERATHANE® PTMEG Specialty Materials: DBE® dibasic esters, TERATE® polyols, DYTEK® amines, C12 products Polyester: Polymer, PET Resin, DMT IPT: Licensing and Technology Spandex: LYCRA® fiber, LYCRA HyFit™ fiber Nylon: SUPPLEX® fabric, TACTEL® fiber Polyester: COOLMAX® fabric Nylon 6,6 airbag fiber and sewing threads Nylon 6,6 carpet fiber (STAINMASTER® carpet, ANTRON® carpet fiber) Nylon and polyester fibers for outdoor, work wear, and military products (CORDURA® fabric) 4 4

5 INVISTA Presence in China
Over 1,500 local employees Total investment of > $1 billion announced/completed in China to date Plus $ 1 billion projects not formally announced but under development Another $5 billion currently under investment using INVISTA technology (licensees) Qingpu, Shanghai Airbag fiber plant operational since 2008 is under expansion. Post expansion capacity to double in 2013. SCIP, Shanghai HMD (Phase I) announced. Polymer (Phase II) & ADN (Phase III) projects under development Qingpu, Shanghai Textile Research Center completed in July 2012 Foshan, Guangdong Spandex plant, operational since Expansion completed to double capacity to 24 ktpa. Qingpu, Shanghai Spandex plant Qingpu, Shanghai Nylon 6 BCF plant acquired from Honeywell in 2007 which produces nylon 6 BCF for use in carpets Administrative and sales offices Existing operations

6 China GDP growth vs RoW

7 How do we accomplish Growth in China?
Developing and applying our capabilities in those businesses where we can create the most value and build and sustain a competitive advantage Building a culture based on a consistent framework of shared values and expectations – our Market-Based Management® Guiding Principles Producing products and services that make people’s lives better; meeting the needs of the expanding middle class Must be in harmony with China’s 5-year plans

8 What challenges do we face in China?
Intellectual Property Protection Ever-changing regulatory and environmental hurdles Foreign investment obstacles Talent Rising labor costs

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