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Jeffrey Kronenwetter PLT Director PLT Coordination & Field Campaign Preparations.

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1 Jeffrey Kronenwetter PLT Director PLT Coordination & Field Campaign Preparations

2 1-1 PLT Phase The PLT phase is the nominal 6 month period after the Launch & Orbit Raising (LOR) phase when the observatory is positioned at its 89.5 ⁰ W checkout longitude. Pre-LaunchLOR PLT Deactiv ation Program Responsibility OSPO Responsibility OSPO involvement Handover 2013 2030 Program involvement Launch PLPT Routine Operations Extended Val

3 1-2 PLT Scope To achieve the PLT objective, the GOES-R system elements will –Validate observatory and ground system operability and performance –Perform provisional validation of L1b and KPP products –Perform beta validation of L2+ products The scope of PLT include –Observatory testing that will validate operability and performance is as expected in on-orbit conditions and that continuous, uninterrupted L0 data can be used to generate calibrated L1b products –Ground testing that will assess operability and performance of mission management and product generation/distribution throughout the system and demonstrate readiness for operation by OSPO –Product testing (aka PLPT) that will inspect and compare L1b and KPP products with ground truth in order to assess instrument calibration, INR/pointing, and L1b product performance, and will demonstrate that L2+ products are generated when and where they should be and fall within expected measurement ranges

4 1-3 PLT Scope (cont’d) The scope of PLT does not include ‒ Re-verification of requirements ‒ Demonstration of lower level/derived requirements ‒ Characterization of observatory subsystems and associated products outside their planned operating configuration

5 1-4 PLT Forms Purpose: Mechanism for defining and placing under configuration management test plans and procedures for tests conducted during PLT Excludes activation (initial power on) of systems Excludes general trending of health and safety telemetry Excludes Routine Observations PLT forms will also be used as mechanism for scheduling (protecting) PLPT data collections only available prior to handover

6 1-5 Observatory PLT WG PLT/PLPT Test Development Process SC / Instruments Contractors Flight Project SE / SMEs / MOST leads Obs. PLT Eng. Review Board CWG CVCT OSPO Team PLT test requests (Impact to Observatory) PLT test requests Recommended Tests List And Forms GSP PLT test requests (Impact to Observatory) DOST CVCT PLT/PLPT WG GSP PLT WG CVCT PLPT CM GSP CM (PLPT tests that do not impact Observatory) (Ground tests that do not impact Observatory)

7 1-6 PLT Form Template

8 1-7 PLT Form Dictionary OBJECTIVE: Describe the objective of the PLT test. For specification PLTs, this field should reflect expectations of on-orbit compliance to any specification requirements listed in the "Specification References" field. For characterization and operational PLTs, the objective should reflect the value of conducting the PLT for operational concept validation. Also include the need for a passive data collection that requires nominal s/c and data configuration. DESCRIPTION: Provide a brief summary of the execution of the PLT test (detailed procedural execution will be provided in the “test procedure” field). In this field, a description of the deviation from the nominal on-orbit configuration of the subsystem under test should be included. Include a summary of any activities that will be performed outside of the NSOF environment. Include a summary of the restoration to nominal configuration.

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