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Meridian – PA46-500TP Landing Gear

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1 Meridian – PA46-500TP Landing Gear
Wright Aviation Services LLC Presents Piper Meridian Systems Training Program Landing Gear

2 Meridian – PA46-500TP Landing Gear & Brakes
Braking Tricycle gear Retractable Electrically activated Hydraulically actuated Warning systems Throttle position Flap position Squat switch Annunciator panel Gear Position Lights Brake System Disc Type Manually activated Hydraulically actuated Reverse Thrust Pilot operated Ground use only MLG squat switch

3 Meridian – PA46-500TP Landing Gear
Tricycle gear Retractable Electrically activated Hydraulically actuated Warning systems Throttle position Flap position Squat switch Annunciator panel Gear Position Lights

4 Meridian – PA46-500TP Landing Gear
Main Landing Gear (MLG) Actuator Rod End Trunnion Piston Torque Link Yoke Brake Assembly Brake Line Wheel Well Door Door Rod Squat Switch – Left MLG

5 Meridian – PA46-500TP Landing Gear
Nose Landing Gear (NLG) Extends forward Retracts aft NLG Steering via Rudder Pedals Turn limits for towing NLG Pressure 70 psi NLG Rake 90 degrees Landing Light

6 Meridian – PA46-500TP Landing Gear
Nose Landing Gear (NLG) Actuator Trunnion Torque Link Piston Yoke Steering Assembly Steering Arm Steering Bungee Assembly Steering Bellcrank Steering rods Steering Assy Bellows Turn limits for towing

7 Meridian – PA46-500TP Landing Gear
Gear Indications 3 Green Each gear down and locked Annunciator Light Gear in transit Not down, locked Not up, stowed Goes out when: All 3 gear Up and stowed Down and locked Warning System Power selection Flap configuration Gear position

8 Meridian – PA46-500TP Landing Gear
Warning System Horn – cockpit, not headset Caution Light on Panel Master Caution on Panel The warning system will activate whenever power and/or flap are set to a “landing” configuration but the gear is not down and locked. Power reduction below approx 250 lbs torque Flap selection greater than 10 degrees (first notch)

9 Meridian – PA46-500TP Landing Gear
The landing gear system is electrically activated, hydraulically actuated. Gear is held up by hydraulic pressure and down by spring loaded over-center locks within the actuators. Hydraulic actuators move the gear up and down. Once down and locked, hydraulic pressure is required to move the down-locks within the actuators, enabling the gear to be retracted. When retracted, hydraulic pressure keeps the gear in the retracted position. The absent hydraulic pressure, gear will extend through gravity.

10 Meridian Landing Gear Extend

11 Meridian – PA46-500TP Landing Gear Extend

12 Meridian Landing Gear Retract

13 Meridian – PA46-500TP Landing Gear Retract

14 Meridian – PA46-500TP Landing Gear
Landing Gear Operation: Retraction: 129 KIAS Extension: 168 KIAS Emergency Extension: Slow to 100 KIAS Pull Hydraulic Pump CB Select Gear Down Pull Emergency Extension Knob OUT

15 Meridian – PA46-500TP Landing Gear Summary & Review
Tricycle Landing gear Electrically Activated, Hydraulically Actuated up and down Warning system consist of: Three independent down & locked lights In transit annunciator light on unless all 3 gear either up stowed or down & locked Positive nose gear steering through rudder pedals Land on mains, hold NLG off and center pedals before NLG touch down. Loss of hydraulic pressure, gear will “free fall” into position Slow to 100 KIAS to reduce airflow over gear during emergency extension NLG extends forward while mains extend outward from center line Tire pressure and NLG “rake” critical to ground handling Mains 50 psi Nose 70 psi

16 Meridian – PA46-500TP Landing Gear
Presented by Wright Aviation Services LLC Scottsdale/Phoenix AZ Copyright 2010/2011 – Wright Aviation Services All rights reserved Website: Phone: Meridian Landing Gear Presentation By Wright Aviation THE END

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