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Animal Record Breakers. Sea Snake It can hold breath for 6 hours!

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1 Animal Record Breakers

2 Sea Snake It can hold breath for 6 hours!

3 Arctic Tern It can fly 40,000 km a year! It flies 11,000 metres above the ground.

4 Flea It can jump a hundred multiple of her size!

5 Chameleon It can shoot his tongue to catch his victim for 0,04 seconds!

6 Anaconda It is the haviest snake in the world.

7 Kangaroo It has the biggest jump in the world.

8 Beaver It is the best builder in the world. It builds strong dams which can last for 100 years.

9 Butterfly Monarch Butterfly Monarch travels the longest journey from the empire of animals. Its journey is 4,000 kilometres long.

10 Lama Lama is the champion of the world in spitting. It can hit its drivels to the distance of 5 metres.

11 Calamary Calamary has the biggest eye. Its eye measures 27 centimetres.

12 Deer Deer is the best vocal imitator. It can imitates sounds, which no other forest animal can.

13 Whale It is the biggest mammal in the world.

14 Hummingbird It can flap with its wings 200 times per a second.

15 Chimpanzee It is the most intelligent animal in the world.

16 Cheetah It is the fastest animal. It can run at 120 kilometres per hour.

17 Mayfly Mayfly has got the shortest life. It lives just for one hour.

18 Maki (Ring-tailed lemur) Maki is the smallest primate in the world.

19 S outhern Luzon G iant C loud R at It is the biggest rat.

20 Hoatzin Hoacin is the most stinking bird.

21 Stonefish Stonefish is the most poisonous fish in the word. It lives in the Atlantic Ocean.

22 Sea Otter Sea otter has got the densest fur of all animals. It lives in Alaska.

23 Tube-lipped Nectar Bat It has got the longest tongue.

24 Leatherback sea turtle Leatherback sea turtle is the biggest turtle in the word. Its weight is 450 kg.

25 Millipede It exists for 400 years. It has got 340 pairs of legs.

26 Sperm-whale It can dive into a depth of 3,000 metres. It can stay under water for 90 minutes.

27 zvieracia-olympiada-kto-su-najlepsi-plavci-bezci-letci-ci-skokani/ zvieracia-olympiada-kto-su-najlepsi-plavci-bezci-letci-ci-skokani/ Ciszaková, D. Kniha rekordov zvierat. Belimex Bratislava Mennel, S., Rauch, S. Billa kniha nálepiek Rekordy z ríše zvierat Beaumont.É. Rekordy zvierat. SPN - Mladé letá, 2004. Internet (Google)

28 Griflíková Estera, Kaufman Peter, Kleštincová Monika, Kníž Adam, Morvayová Lucia, Planetová Viktória, Sokolovská Petra, Viskupičová Simona

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