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Welcome to Windhager Zentralheizung GmbH

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1 Welcome to Windhager Zentralheizung GmbH

2 The new Pellets-Comfort
BioWIN – Pellets-Central-Heating-System The new Pellets-Comfort Output: 2,9 - 25,9 kW

3 BioWIN – Pellets-Central-Heating-System
Overview: Boiler types Assembly and Function Handling Cleaning Pellets-storage & -feeding Planning Systems

4 To be used at Low-Energy-Houses till 2-Family-Houses
4 sizes of output: BW_100: 2,9 – 10 kW BW_150: 5,0 – 15 kW BW_210: 6,5 – 21 kW BW_260: 8,0 – 25,9 kW

5 BioWIN – the new Pellets-Central-Heating-Comfort
Exklusiv Feeding unit Ash-discharge Heating surface cleaning 3 Classes of Comfort: Premium Feeding unit Ash box Cleaning lever Support rate Till 1 Week Till 2 Months Till 1 Year Klassik Storage room Ash box Cleaning lever

6 24 Boiler-Possibilities – Solutions for every need and budget
4 sizes of output (10, 15, 21 & 26 kW) x 3 classes of comfort (Klassik, Premium & Exklusiv) x 2 controls (MES & REG) = 24 boiler-possibilities!!

7 BioWIN – Pellets-Central-Heating-System
Overview: Boiler types Assembly and Function Handling Cleaning Pellets-storage & -feeding Planning Systems

8 BioWIN – thought out to the detail
Fully automatic pellets-feeding-unit Switchboard InfoWIN Maintenance-free system with sound-absorbing With full-text-display Burner-bowl In high heat-resisting high grate steel Pellets-storage tank For ~ 150 kg Pellets Fully automatic burner-grate-ash-discharge Clocked dosing conveyor screw Of the heating-surface For modulating performance Fully automatic ash-discharge ash box Integrated ash box Burner-room and heating-surface

9 BioWIN – burning procedure
Pellets supply Heating operation Feeding from the storage tank Automatic ignition

10 Basic: burner-systems
From below: advantage: High output For wood-chips & pellets disadvantage: not 100 % combustion No back-burning safety Inexact control of burning

11 Basic: burner-systems
From the side: advantage: High output For wood-chips & pellets Also for wet fuel disadvantage: not 100 % combustion No back-burning safety Inexact control of burning

12 Basic: burner-systems
Drop system: advantage: Back-burning safety 100 % combustion Exact control of combustion disadvantage: cleaning „only“ for pellets

13 Pellets- or drop system
advantage: Pellets without connection to the burning zone homogeneous, non compressed burning zone No wear construction Exact combustion Long-term best combustion-results Total combustion Low ash content Automatic ash grate cleaning

14 Lambda probe  Thermo probe?
Exhaust-sensor Measurement of rest-oxygen in the exhaust-gas Directly in the exhaust-gas pollution of the sensor Expensive sparepart Thermo probe Temperature-sensor Measurement of temperature Installed in protection pipe no pollution !!! Cheap sparepart

15 Thermo control: long-term control of combustion
advantage: Active control (combustion-temperature) sensitive dosage of fuel and air Best combustion-values over years and over the full modulating range Very high firing efficiency Lambda-probe free !!!

16 Modulating boiler-output – heat how you need it
with switch on/off modulation starting at 30% output Save heating costs Minimise emissions Improve efficiency-rate Extend life-cycle

17 BioWIN – Pellets-Central-Heating-System
Overview: Boiler types Assembly and Function Handling Cleaning Pellets-storage & -feeding Planning Systems

18 55 switchboard InfoWIN Lighted display check-light Manual-/
Kesseltemperatur Manual-/ Chimney-sweeper 55 °C On/off-switch Modulationsbetrieb Info Menü operating-phase Menu for buttons Menu-buttons Menu-line

19 InfoWIN – basic functions
Check-light: „operation“ = green „failure“ = red On/off-switch Power supply of extern units (control, pumps, mixer, ...) persist Kesseltemperatur 55 °C Modulationsbetrieb Info Menü

20 55 1.238 InfoWIN – Info-text Info-text:
boiler-temperature actual value (°C) boiler-temperature set-point (°C) exhaust-temperature (°C) actual boiler-output (%) operation-hours (Std.) clock software version InfoWIN software version firing-automat boiler-type Betriebsstunden zurück 1.238 h Kesseltemperatur 55 Menü °C Modulationsbetrieb Info

21 InfoWIN – chimney-sweeper-function
switch on: short push on button Max./Min. output: selection over menu-button Finish: push „Abbruch“-button automatically after 45 Min. Kaminkehrerfunktion Leistung 100% Abbruch °C 55 30% 100% Kesseltemperatur 55 °C Info Modulationsbetrieb Menü

22 55 InfoWIN – Manuel Menu-structure:
„Betreiberebene“ changing of the basic-adjustment from the enduser „Serviceebene“ ONLY for briefed personal wählen Betreiberebene Serviceebene zurück Kesseltemperatur 55 Menü °C Info Modulationsbetrieb

23 InfoWIN – Manual „Betreiberebene:“ „Uhrzeit“ only without MES
„Betriebsart Zuführung“ with „Freigabezeit“ - with „Startzeit“ - without „Zeitsteuerung“ - „ausgeschaltet“ „Zeitprofil Zuführung“ Beginn/end „Freigabezeit“ or „Startzeit“ „Sondenumschaltung“ - „automatisch“ - „only Probe 1, 2 oder 3“ Uhrzeit Betriebsart Zuführung Zeitprofil Zuführung Sondenumschaltung wählen zurück

24 InfoWIN – troubleshooting
Check-light shows „red“ Display failure-info (blink) Gebläse defekt a) Steckverbindung prüfen b) Gebläserad reinigen und Leichtgängigkeit prüfen zurück Gebläse defekt Al 016 42 °C ! Info Push info-button: display Info text Some failures are repairable by the customers themselves (no technician necessary!!!)

25 InfoWIN – easy & save enduser briefed technicians & chimney sweeper
information is easier to understand, more details are shown in two levels enduser briefed technicians & chimney sweeper profit: easy & clear „Hilfetext“ is shown full-text-display for more safety in future on every WINDHAGER-boiler multilingual programming possible

26 BioWIN – Pellets-Central-Heating-System
Overview: Boiler types Assembly and Function Handling Cleaning Pellets-storage & -feeding Planning Systems

27 Burning residues are great isolators !!!
Increase of exhaust-gas-temperature in °K Thickness of residues in mm

28 BioWIN & cleaning ? Cleaning-tools

29 BioWIN - Ash–recycling
Exklusiv: empty ash box (till 1 year) Premium & Klassik: empty ash box & use the cleaning-lever (~ every 2 months)

30 BioWIN - Checklist Deflector-plate: cleaning Thermocontrol-sensor:
Water-tank: refill

31 BioWIN – Combustion-chamber
cleaning: Hoover the chamber Replace the cone Hoover once more Replace the primary air throne Hoover once again Replace the ash-grate-plate Hoover the last time

32 BioWIN – anual checklist
Draught-fan: Cleaning and check smooth running Daily-storage-tank: Cleaning and refill Storage-room: Cleaning every 3 years

33 BioWIN – fully automated cleaning
Automatic burner-grate-ash-discharge cleans periodical Automatic heating-surface-cleaning To save a constantly high efficiency the heating surfaces are cleaned steady (Exklusiv). Automatic ash-discharge from burner-room and heating-surface 2 conveyor-screw deliver the ash to the integrated ash-box (Exklusiv)

34 BioWIN – Pellets-Central-Heating-System
Overview: Boiler types Assembly and Function Handling Cleaning Pellets-storage & -feeding Planning Systems

35 Full-automatic Pellets-feeding-unit
European-wide patented pneumatic suction unit Change-over-unit 3 suction-probes Fully automated change-over-unit with 3 suction-probes

36 Feeding-unit - components
suction-turbine cyclone storage-room 3 suction-probes Feeding- & return hose Change-over-unit

37 Feeding-unit - function
Storage-room empty / „Sperrzeit“ starts / „Startzeit“ starts Suction-turbine (no filter!!!) starts & sucks Pellets Pellets fall over cyclone in storage room Return-air goes back to probe (closed circuit – no dust in storage-rooms) Suction-turbine stops after programmed interval-time Pellets-container-flap opens and fills pellets-tank This procedure repeats till container is filled (switch at top of the container)

38 Unique-patented-solution
optimum immunity because of 3 probes in the storage room position of storage room is independent of heating-room maintenance-free system fullautomatic function-control flushing – when blockage caused by foreign substance, the forward- and return flow changes 180° - the probes get flushed Change-over – if the flushing does not solve the problem the system switches automatically to the next probe  no interruption of the operations!

39 Diverse possibilities of pellets-storage
„classic“ storage room Steel-plate-tank Texture-tank Plastic-tank

40 „classic“ pellet-storage-room

41 Dimensions Rule of thump: example: heating-demand of building: 15 kW
Should be at least 1-year-amount of fuel Size depends on heating demand of building Rule of thump: Heating-demand of building (kW) x faktor 0,9 = storage-room-volume (m3) example: heating-demand of building: 15 kW X0,9= storage-room-volume 13,5 m3 (incl. Head-space) Equivalent with a room of 2 x 3 x 2,25 m

42 Lagerraum-Schnitt

43 Topview

44 „classic“ pellet-storage-room
Design (ÖNORM M7137 bzw. TRVB H118): Dry, tight and solid Walls and ceiling – fire-resistance-class F 90 Door or access-door should open outwards, fire-resistant-class T 30 No electric installations (except e-installations in explosion-proof design)) No liquid-bearing pipes/lines (condensing or burst of pipes)

45 „classic“ pellet-storage-room
Access-door: Wooden boards at the inside of the door – pelets should not press at the door Fire-resistant door T 30 Wooden boards (3 cm dick) Z-angel-profile (PMX 016)

46 „classic“ pellet-storage-room
Feeding- and return-connection: Always 2 connections PMX 014 (System Storz, Typ A Ø 100 mm) Connection should be on the small side Return-connection must be always free, also at full-filled storage-room Storage-room inside the house: connections till outside, connection-pipe made of metal, fire-resistant-class F 90 and mounted on the wall (grounded)

47 „classic“ pellet-storage-room
Connection on smaller side: Connection on wider side:

48 „classic“ pellet-storage-room
construction: deflector opposite of feeding- and return-connectors No damaging of walls - pieces of wall may fall into suction-turbine and blockade suction-system or conveyor screw . Free of any form of dirt (small stones, pieces of wood etc.)

49 Steel-plate-tank for pellets

50 Steel-plate-tank for pellets
18 sizes (from 2,2 till 9,6 to pellets): Wide: 1,5m length: 1,5m, 2m, 3m, 3,5m und 4m height: 2,2m und 1,9m Wide: 2,0m length: 2m, 3m, 3,5m und 4m zinc-coated steel-plates in modular design extraction with 2- or 3 probes and change-over-unit perfect for reconstruction (wet basement)

51 Steel-plate-tank for pellets
1,9 or 2,2 m height

52 Texture-tank for pellets

53 Texture-tank for pellets
3 sizes: 1,7 x 1,7m for approx. 2 – 3,2 to 2,1 x 2,1 m for approx. 3 – 4,7 to 2,5 x 2,5 m for approx. 5 – 6,7 to Atvantage to competitors: Extraction with 2 probes and change-over-unit!

54 Plastic-tank for underground-storage of pellets
Reference to partners: Geoplast GmbH NAU GmbH

55 Details for hose-mounting
BASIC: Max. conveying-lenght: 15m Max. conveying-height: 2,8m Min. hose-bend-radius: 30cm Important: Feeding-hose in one piece Return-hose can be more pieces Hoses should not be placed up and down calculation: distance – feeding-unit to change-over-unit distance: m x 2 = m distance – feeding-unit to suction-probe distance: m x 2 = m distance – feeding-unit to suction-probe distance: m x 2 = m distance – feeding-unit to suction-probe distance: m x 2 = m nessassary hose-lenght: m TIP: put the hoses in 80mm plastic-tubes !!!

56 BioWIN – Pellets-Central-Heating-System
Overview: Boiler types Assembly and Function Handling Cleaning Pellets-storage & -feeding Planning Systems

57 Technical data

58 Heating-unit Motor mixer valve
Internal return temperature of 20°C possible! Serially internal return temperature rising External return temperature rising only by loading an accumulator-tank directly Terminal safety device only for 21 and 26 kW necessary Motor mixer valve Minimum boiler temperature 60°C For each heating circuit one motor mixing valve

59 BioWIN & buffer-tank combination?
In principal a buffer-tank is not necessary for a normal pellet-boiler-system! BASIC: Minimum heat-consumption is given (e.g. 1 radiator with open valves) boiler-size is calculated with heating-demand of building

60 BioWIN & buffer-tank-combination?
Exceptions: We recommend a buffer-tank when the heating-demand of the building < 50% boiler-output If the heating demand of the house < 5kW a buffer-tank is necessary.

61 BioWIN perfect for reconstruction
small base (only 0,75 m2) all components are available from the front almost arrangable to the wall small height (only 1,89 m) separable for delivery (narrow locations, stairs, ...)  fitts in almost every baesment!

62 BioWIN – Pellets-Central-Heating-System
Overview: Boiler types Assembly and Function Handling Cleaning Pellets-storage & -feeding Planning Systems

63 BioWIN – System-solution

64 BioWIN & AquaWIN

65 BioWIN & solar, AquaWIN and CaloWIN classic

66 BioWIN & solar, CaloWIN premium

67 BioWIN & SilvaWIN, AquaWIN

68 BioWIN & solar, CaloWIN premium

69 BioWIN – the strong facts
Support rate till 1 time/year: The burner-bowl is cleaned automatically by the patented burner-bowl-ash-discharge, the heating-surface is also automatic cleaned and two conveyor-screws transport all the ash automatically to the integrated ash box. All informations on the full-text-display switchboard InfoWIN: After activating the InfoWIN the BioWIN starts with a selve-control – controlling each sensor, switch, motor, .... On the switchboard InfoWIN all informations can be selected on the full-text-display. 24 „custom made“ - solutions 3 classes comforts x 4 sizes of output x 2 controls = 24 different boiler-solutions.

70 BioWIN – the strong facts
Fuly automatic pellets-feeding-unit Patented & awarded pneumatic system with change-over-unit and 3 seperated suction-probes in closed circuit Space-saving in new buildings & reconstruction: The small design of the BioWIN is perfect for both: new buildings (low-energy-houses, pre-fabricated-houses) older houses (reconstruction or restoration) Systems: ideal for combinations and always expandeble: The BioWIN can be combinated with e.g.: tanks, solar, 2nd boiler. Also upgradings for more heating-circuits are possible with the control-system MES.

71 Thank you very much for Your attention!

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