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Math Interactive Notebook Guide

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1 Math Interactive Notebook Guide
Unit 2: Rate, Ratio and Proportional Reasoning Using Equivalent Fractions Math Interactive Notebook Guide

2 Let’s Update Our Table Of Contents!
Pg. 41- Unit 2 Cover Page Pg Vocab Pocket Pg Standards and Web Pg. 49- Ratios Rock Pg. 50- Deal or No Deal Foldable Pg. 51- Unit Rates Pg Visual Models of Ratios, Rates and Proportions Pg. 54- Proportions Practice Pg. 55- Proportions Pg. 56- Practice Tic- Tac- Toe Pg. 57- Finding the “Percent of” a Number Pg. 59- More Percents! Pg. 61- Tips, Tax and Discount Pg. 63- Selecting Appropriate Units of Measure Pg. 64- Gallon Land Pg. 65- Converting Customary Pg Metric Mania

3 Pg. 41 Write “Unit 2: Rate, Ratio & Proportional Reasoning Using Equivalent Fractions” and put a tab that says “Unit 2”. Make sure that your unit 2 tab doesn’t overlap your unit 1 tab when your book is closed!

4 Pg. 43 Take the top right corner of pg. 43 and fold it down to the spine of your book. Glue or tape the bottom and right side of pg. 43 to pg. 45 to make your Vocab Pockety Wockety. Please keep your vocab and other important sheets for unit 2 here 

5 Pg Glue or tape the Unit 2 Checklist and Standards sheet on pg. 47. Write “Unit 2” in the middle of pg. 46 and draw a circle around it. You will use the directions on the bottom of the checklist and standards to unpack the unit standards and create your own standards web on pg. 46. Don’t forget to check off what you’ve learned as we go along in the next few weeks! You may be able to check off some things you already know!

6 Pg. 49 Glue or tape the Ratios Rock!! Sheet at the TOP of pg. 49. Then, cut along the dotted lines on the ratio foldable and paste on the bottom of the page. Label the left hand flap “Part to Part”, the middle flap “Part to Whole” and the right hand flap “Rates as Ratios”.

7 Pg. 50 Write “Deal or no Deal?” on the top of pg. 50. Cut the unit rate foldable along the dotted lines and fold so the pictures are on the front. Glue or tape on your page.

8 Pg. 51 Glue or tape in the ~Unit Rates~ handout on page 51.

9 Pg Fold each of the 2 Visual Models of Ratios, Rates and Proportions” sheets in half. Glue or tape the sheet with the tape diagram on top on page 52, and the sheet with the concrete models on top on page 53.

10 Pg Glue or tape the Proportions Practice sheet on pg. 54, and the Proportions sheet on pg. 55.

11 Pg Glue or tape the Practice Tic Tac Toe sheet on pg. 56, and the Finding the Percent Of A Number sheet on pg. 57.

12 Pg. 59 Glue or Tape the More Percents! Sheet onto page 59.

13 Pg. 61 Glue or paste the Tips, Taxes and Discounts sheet on pg. 61

14 Pg. 63 Glue or tape the Selecting Appropriate Units of Measurement sheet on pg. 63

15 Pg. 64 ccm6u2l3gallonland.wmv
Click the link above to watch our video about Gallon Land! Please copy down your own Gallon Land on Pg. 64 

16 Pg.65 Glue or tape the Converting Customary (Standard) Units of Measurement sheet on page. 65

17 Pg Glue or tape the Metric Mania sheet with the RULER on it on page 66. Place the Metric Mania sheet with the steps on it on pg. 67

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