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Selling Envelopes Mark Cupach Director, National Sales BASICS OF PRINTING.

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2 Selling Envelopes Mark Cupach Director, National Sales BASICS OF PRINTING

3 Envelope Market OVERVIEW 900 US Patents Lion’s share of $3 Billion Stationery 2005 Distributor Market = $385 Million Positive Factors Leverage superior sales skills and customer access, PLUS, e-commerce Delivery of On Line Identity programs providing consistent product image and ease of use.

4 ENVELOPE CHARACTERISTICS Measured in Bond Weight Stocks 20# 24# 28# Major Use Envelopes Identified numerically 6 ¾ #9 #10 Regular and Security Tint A-2 thru A-10 Blank vs Imprinted

5 ENVELOPE CHARACTERISTICS Stock vs Custom Stock for Stationery Products Premium Smooth White / 25% cotton / Watermarked / #10 Regular Linen and Laid / 24 # / 25% cotton / Watermark Strathmore Writing / Wove or Laid / Watermark Strathmore Fiber

6 ENVELOPE CHARACTERISTICS Stock vs Custom Stock Finish for Stationery Products Linen—White/Ivory/Gray/Blue/Natural/Mauve Laid – White/Ivory/Gray/Natural Fiber – White/Gray/Cream/Rose Strathmore – Ultimate White Wove or Laid Natural White Wove or Laid Custom Papers All Writing Papers Custom Watermark

7 ENVELOPE CHARACTERISTICS Formed Envelopes vs Print Flat and Convert Formed Envelope Stock Commodity item Print Flat and Convert Four color process Color Critical Bleeds and wrap around images Extremely long run

8 Print Flat and Convert

9 Envelope Terminology

10 Window Measurements

11 Envelope Types BANGTAIL: An open side style with side seams and two flaps - Commonly used by financial institutions for bank-by-mail. BARONIAL: A style close to square in shape with diagonal seams and a large pointed seal flap. Common uses are greeting cards & social stationary. BOOKLET: A large open side style with side seams and the seal flap on the long side. Usually used for mailing booklets and multiple unfolded documents. BUSINESS REPLY & RETURN: A business reply includes a pre- printed First Class Permit indicia, while the return envelope requires the sender to affix postage. Both envelopes may be any style or size. Most common sizes are #6¼, 6¾, 9 and remittance. CATALOG: A large open end style with a center seam and the seal flap on the short side. Normally used for mailing catalogs and multiple unfolded documents.

12 Announcement Envelope A-2 to A-10

13 Booklet Catalog Expansion Tamper Proof

14 Envelope Types COMMERCIAL: The most common and widely used style. Has an open side and diagonal seams. Available as regular or window in #6-¼, 6-¾, 7, 7-¾, 8-5/8, 9 & 10. LATEX SEAL: A self-sealing pressure sensitive adhesive that does not require moisture. Latex seal will only adhere to itself and therefore, two latex surfaces are required to obtain a bond. PEEL & SEAL: A self adhering seal strip on the seal flap with a protective strip covering the adhesive. As the name implies, the protective seal is peeled away to expose the adhesive and close the envelope. No moisture is required.

15 Envelope Printing Lithography Highest quality Sheetfed or Web fed Flexography Good Quality – Geared to very long runs Not good with flood ink coverage Jet Presses Good Quality – Geared to short/medium Runs

16 Envelope Printing Emboss or Foil Stamp Converted blank stock Short run One operation with register to ink Print and Convert Long run Multiple Effects Multiple Register issues

17 Envelope Feeder on Press

18 Delivery End

19 Targeting Envelope Opportunities Short to Medium Runs Coupled with Business Cards and Letterhead On Line Stationery Ordering Programs Statement Processing Direct Mail Outgoing Envelope Business Reply Envelope

20 Selling Envelopes RECAP Billions of Envelopes used Target by Market and Use Short Run vs Long Run Quality of Print process Envelopes always the “add on” to another project

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