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Smart Fixed-Wing Aircraft. Le Bourget June 2013 SFWA-ITD overview.

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1 Smart Fixed-Wing Aircraft

2 Le Bourget June 2013 SFWA-ITD overview

3 Aircraft manufacturers 20-25% Engine manufacturers 15-20% Operations 5-10% Air Traffic Management  50% cut in CO2 emissions ACARE: Advisory Council for Aeronautics Research in Europe Technologies are key towards ACARE targets, but can only deploy their benefits through smart integration Integration Le Bourget June 2013 SFWA-ITD overview

4 Innovative Powerplant Integration  Technology Integration  Large Scale Flight Demonstration  Impact of airframe flow field on Propeller design (acoustic, aerodynamic, vibration)  Impact of open rotor configuration on airframe (Certification capabilities, structure, vibrations...)  Innovative empennage design Smart Wing Technologies  Technology Development  Technology Integration  Large Scale Flight Demonstration  Natural Laminar Flow (NLF)  Hybrid Laminar Flow (HLF)  Active and passive load control  Novel enabling materials  Innovative manufacturing scheme SAGE ITD – CROR engine SGO – Systems for Green Operation Input connecting to: TE– SFWA technologies for a Green ATS Output providing data to: Le Bourget June 2013 SFWA-ITD overview

5 Le Bourget June High Speed Flight Demonstrator Objective: Large scale flight test of passive and active flow and loads control solutions on all new innovative wing concepts to validate low drag solutions at representative Mach and Reynolds Numbers. Envisaged to be used at least in two major phases of the project. Airbus A with modified wing 4. Long Term Technology Flight Demonstrator Objective: Validation of durability and robustness of Smart Wing technologies in operational environment In Service Transport Aircraft Airbus A300 “Beluga” 3. Innovative Engine Demonstrator Flying Testbed Objective: Demonstrate viability of full scale innovative engine concept in operational condition Airbus A with modified wing 2. Low Speed Demonstrator Objective: Validation flight testing of High Lift solution to support / enable the innovative wing / low drag concepts with a full scale demonstrator. 2.1 Smart Flap large scale ground demo / DA Falcon type Bizjet trailing edge 2.2 Low Speed Vibration Control Flight Test Demonstration DA Falcon F7X Selected in April 2009 Selection in Q3 / 2011 Selected April 2010 Selection(s) part of technology roadmap 5. Innovative Empenage Ground Demonstrator Objective: Validation of a structural rear empenage concept for noise shielding engine integration on business jets SFWA design Selected Q SFWA-ITD ARM SFWA-ITD overview SFWA-ITD technical priorities and roadmap - Major demonstrators

6 Flight Demo Design Technology Integration Technology Development SFWA3.5 Innovative Empenage Airbus SFWA1: Smart Wing Technology SFWA2: New Configuration SFWA3: Flight Demonstration SFWA 0: SFWA1.2 Load Control SFWA1.1 Flow Control SFWA1.3 Integrated Flow & Load Control Systems NL-Cluster Airbus Dassault Airbus / SAAB Airbus SFWA2.1 Integration of Smart Wing into OAD Airbus SFWA2.2 Integration of Other Smart Components into OAD Dassault SFWA2.3 Interfaces & Technology Assessment Airbus SFWA3.1 High Speed Smart Wing Flight Demonstrator Airbus SFWA3.3 Innovative Engine Demonstrator Flying Test Bed Airbus SFWA3.2 Low Speed Smart Wing Flight Demonstrator Dassault SFWA3.4 Long Term Technology Flight Demonstrator Airbus Flight Demonstration Technologies enter at TRL 2 or 3 Selected Technologies developed at TRL 4 Selected Technologies integrated at TRL 4 or 5 Selected technologies validated in large scale flight demos at TRL > 6 Le Bourget June 2013 SFWA-ITD overview

7 Active Flow Control: Overview Active flow control system functionality testing Integrated Design and Evaluation of AFC system AFC System Modeling and Simulation AFC System Ground Testing Future Activities Key message: Good AFC system performance demonstrated in ground tests for normal operation AFLoNext CS2 ? Le Bourget June 2013

8 Progress achieved on Shock Control Bumps in 2012 SFWA-ITD Consortium Confidential Wind Tunnel Studies (UCAM)CFD Studies (USTUTT) Total pressure loss in % SFWA Overview Passive Buffet Control for Lam. & Turb. Wings Le Bourget June 2013

9 Natural Laminar Flow Wing Kp x Leading Edge Coating Structures and systems integration for innovative Wing High Aspect Ratio Krueger Flaps for laminar wing Load and vibration alleviation Smart Flaps Innovative Rear Empenage SFWA-ITD overview Contribution in SFWA Large Aircraft Demo´s SFWA large demo´s with focus on Bizjets

10 Le Bourget June 2013 Validation plan in 2 steps  Phase 1: Ground Tests – Validation of control law design methodology – Validation of ability to control vibrations due to a well known excitation force  Phase 2: Flight Tests – Validation of vibration reduction function in real environment Control of loads and vibrations Simulations and demonstration strategy

11 Le Bourget June 2013 High Speed Demonstrator Passive

12 Laminar Wing Ground test demonstrator to address structural, system and manufacturing aspects Port wing Laminar wing structure concept option 2 Starboard wing Laminar wing structure concept option 1 Laminar Wing aerodynamic layout and performance Smart Passive Laminar Flow Wing  Design of an all new natural laminar wing  Proof of natural laminar wing concept in wind tunnel tests  Use of novel materials and structural concepts  Exploitation of structural and system integration together with tight tolerance / high quality manufacturing methods in a large scale ground test demonstrator  Large scale flight test demonstration of the laminar wing in operational conditions Le Bourget June 2013 SFWA-ITD overview

13 Le Bourget June SFWA-ITD overview BLADE Partnership (Wing Perimeter)

14 Smart Wing observation camera view angle from potential observer pod position (Airbus) Infrared Image of laminar – turbulent flow transition on wing surface (ONERA) Flush mount hot film sensor for the detection of flow separation (ONERA) expected laminar flow A Representation of laminar Wing on A340 flying test bed Extend of laminar flow A B D E Le Bouget June Smart Wing flight test instrumentation Phase locked PIV for quantitive wake- flow diagnostics of CROR-blades in flight (Illustration: DLR, 2009) Status March 2013 (ARM) In-Flight Monitoring of Wing Surface with Quasi tangential Reflectometry and Shadow Casting “WING REFLECTOMETRY” (FTI) F C

15  The system consists in:  An illumination source: high power pulse laser to generate a light sheet  A seeding system: using particles contained in the atmosphere (natural) or spraying particles  An optical part: 2 or more high speed / high resolution cameras, set perpendicularly to the laser sheet to capture the illuminated particles, by cross-correlation  Post-processing and correlation tools  Processing Two pictures are taken in a timeframe of 0,1µs: the illuminated particles are captured at t and (t + ∆t). As the particles move, the displacement is measured and the velocity vector is computed Example of a velocity field measured with the PIV technique Working Principles Le Bourget June 2013

16 16 Smart Wing manufacturing and assembly scenarios

17 Le Bourget June CROR demonstration engine Flying Test Bed

18 Le Bourget June 2013 CROR engine integration concepts Demo Engine for Flight Test Engine concept for integration studies RR/ SN/ AI Decission Sept 2011:

19 Thank you for your attention

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