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Dimensional Analysis.

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1 Dimensional Analysis

2 A method to convert from one unit of measure to another, using conversion factors.
Example Problem: How many centimeters are in 4.6 kilometers? Add anything in BLUE writing on the back of the foldable flap Dimensional Analysis

3 STEP 1 Write down what you know, with units! What I know:
4.6km What I am looking for: cm FRONT of Flap: Write down what you know, with units. STEP 1 BACK of Flap: What I know: 4.6 km What I am looking for: cm STEP 1

4 Set up a T-chart 4.6km STEP 2

5 Fill in the units first, making sure that the given units cancel out.
4.6km m km STEP 3

6 STEP 4 100 cm 1 m = Add your key conversion factor into your T- chart.
Multiply across the top, divide by the bottom **If necessary, continue steps 3 and 4 until you reach your desired answer. 4.6km 1000 m 1 km 100 cm 1 m (4.6*1000*100) (1*1) = = 460,000cm But I’m looking for centimeters! STEP 4

7 Key Conversion Factors
1cm = 10mm 1m = 100cm 1m = 1000mm 1 km = 1000m *The base units (meters) can be changed to other units (grams, liters, etc). Key Conversion Factors

8 Try These Convert 13 cm to m. Convert 1.7m to mm. Convert 16 cm to mm.
Convert 1987 km to m. Convert 98 m to cm Convert mm to m. Convert 189 mm to cm. Try These

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