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Rock Cycle/Rock Types Foldable

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1 Rock Cycle/Rock Types Foldable

2 Setting up your foldable
First fold your paper in half (hamburger, not hot dog). Hold your paper so that it opens like a book. Now, using a ruler, draw 3 horizontal lines at the following distances from the top: 6 cm 14 cm 22 cm

3 Setting up your foldable
In the top section (above your 6cm) label this Types of Rocks Now, turn your paper sideways and flip it over so that the fold is now at the top Along the top of this side of the paper, label it The Rock Cycle

4 The Rock Cycle On this side of the foldable you will be drawing and labeling the rock cycle. You can use page 507 to help you. You need to include all facts, labels, arrows, and images. You will also be graded on neatness and color.

5 Grading is as follows: Rock Cycle – use page 507
Sedimentary Rock (2pts) Metamorphic Rock (2pts) Igneous Rock (2 pts) Facts (11 pts) Arrows (7pts) Color (8 pts) Neatness (8 pts) Total Points

6 Types of Rocks On this side of the foldable you will be drawing and listing facts for each type of rock First, you need to use scissors to cut your paper along your horizontal lines that you drew.

7 Types of Rocks You should have already labeled the 1st flap Types of Rocks The 2nd flap should be labeled Sedimentary Rocks The 3rd flap should be labeled Metamorphic Rocks The 4th and final flap should be labeled Igneous Rocks

8 Types of Rocks For each rock type you need to draw a picture of that type of rock on the flap You will also need to use the book to list 4 examples of that type of rock. You will then need to open your flap and list 4 facts about each type of rock (your book will give you all the information you need)

9 Grading is as follows: Rock types Labels Illustrations (2pts each)
Examples (minimum of 4) Fact 1 Fact 2 Fact 3 Fact 4 Sedimentary Metamorphic Igneous Color (7pts) ********** ************* ***** Neatness(7pts) Total Points

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