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Clearing hillside of Invasive Species. Willow Layer.

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1 Clearing hillside of Invasive Species

2 Willow Layer


4 Geotextile for Soil Wrap

5 Soil on top of Geotextile


7 Ensuring flat surface clear of debris and cobbles

8 Excavator compacts face of soil flap

9 Compacting soil to secure geotextile


11 McCullah can’t stop smiling when there’s Willow involved!!

12 Preparing another Soil Wrap

13 Tara showing us the finger!

14 First Soil Flap…Soil is laid on top of Willow branches and Geotextile is secured on top

15 Soil Wrapping was still necessary on the corners to tie securely into existing slope


17 Geotextile is flapped over willow and soil layers

18 Ran out of Hammers! Securing geotextile “old- school”

19 Students are always concerned with sediment and erosion control

20 A combination of Soil Wraps and Soil Flaps were used to stabilize this failing stream bank…Plus erosion control methods on all Disturbed Soil Areas

21 Native Straw for Erosion Control

22 Added 3ft of width to road using these Biotechnical Methods of Stream Bank Stabilization!!



25 Road is graded and last task..lay road base!

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