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Salvaging Sound Recordings on Discs. The strong force of the river, 5-7 feet surged into the National Czech &Slovak Museum & Library.

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1 Salvaging Sound Recordings on Discs

2 The strong force of the river, 5-7 feet surged into the National Czech &Slovak Museum & Library

3 From the minute the records were packed out of the library, we kept them “stewing in their juices,” hosing them down periodically (and keeping the lids on).

4 Containing the smell was a huge challenge: Thermostat to continuous air Charcoal filter added to HVAC Starbrites set out Boxes stored offsite in a “dirty” room Staff equipped with charcoal filtered respirators

5 Staff safety a concern: Fitted for respirators Antibacterial lotion before and after wearing gloves Wore plastic, disposable aprons Wiped respirators with alcohol wipes every night; filter stored overnight in ziplock bag Showered and washed clothes at end of shift

6 Extracting from the boxes safely took patience.


8 LPs were carefully cut out of the outer plastic around the jacket and then around the album.

9 Wash in water with capful of photo flo or drop of gentle dish soap; brush circular with groove; Rinse in separate water. Retain sleeves for accession information.

10 Note cotton padding

11 Record jackets rarely rinsed; mostly just hung up to dry and then pressed. A fan forced air through stack, directed by plastic sheets.

12 Boxes without lids and loosely packed posed biggest problem.

13 Supraphon LPs and 78s most likely to have problems – mold, ink running. Monitored as hanging to dry, wiping ink off as needed. The “ghosting” is embedded dirt.

14 45s were a mixed bag. Record was in a paper sleeve inside jacket; entire album incased in plastic. Some were then grouped together and bagged with flap over it. Those came out clean!

15 Use distilled water Brush out like wheel spoke NOT circular Make new copy CDs/DVDs All 100 were salvaged and playable.

16 Cleaning covers tricky Dry clean with eraser shavings Lift dirt off without pulling up text Damp cloth swipe, gently, with cotton moistened with Vulpex soap and water

17 Patience!

18 Discard inner board – it’s not archival; and it is smelly, moldy, embedded with dirt.

19 Experimental yet but looks quite promising. Using HenkoVac vacuum packing machine to flatten covers. HenkoVac donated to UI Libraries by LBS/Archival Products. Flattened Unflattened

20 New 3flap enclosure Note rounded corner, tapered edge Salvaged cover is slid into plastic sleeve; sandwiched between 3 flap and plastic; no adhesives used.

21 When the image is stuck to the plastic, we can often partially “salvage” the cover by digitizing the paper cover lined up with the image on the plastic.

22 Still learning! The carbon fiber record brush that Caitlin is using in the photo is actually best used dry. The larger brush is better in water.

23 Records get a final cleaning in the lab; once in filtered water with a little Photo Flo, then rinsed, and air dried. Brushed with micro brush before and after as needed. Randomly sampled records played just fine. We are now using the same cleaning method for recorded discs selected for digitizing.

24 Supplies used: AjaxAntibacterial Soap (local store purchase) Photoflo (local store purchase) Dish Drainer #574701 ( Starbrite Mildew Control Bags #1015145 Tarp and Cover Superstore 931 S Chapel Street Newark, DE 19713 800-453-7379 12” Record Jacket Sleeve #SLP3 Bags Unlimited 7 Canal Street Rochester, NY 14608-1910 800-767-2247 Carbon Fiber Record Brush #DC-05P NVI Sleeve City LLC 7600 Appling Center Drive Ste 102 Memphis, TN 38133 866-380-4168

25 Ebaugh, Alicia. "Salvaging Collections is Like a Hidden Treasure Hunt." The Gazette (Cedar Rapids), August 4, 2008. article?AID=/20080804/NEWS/413671225/0/r ss04 Includes 4 videos: How to salvage flood-damaged photos How to salvage flood-damaged LP’s, CD’s and DVD’s How to repair flood damaged books How to salvage flood damaged documents

26 Selected Bibliography Byers, Fred R. Care and Handling of CDs and DVDs: a Guide for Librarians and Archivists. Council on Library and Information Resources and National Institute for Standards and Technology, October 2003. Cylinder, Disc, and Tape Care in a Nutshell. Library of Congress Preservation, viewed 20 January 2009. Finch, Lorraine and John Webster. Caring for CDs and DVDs. National Preservation Office, British Library, July 2008. Saving Sound: Identifying Endangered Recordings and Planning for the Preservation of Audio Collections. Chicago, Illinois: ALA/ALCTS, 2007. Includes presentations from the 2005, 2006 and 2007 Association for Library Collections & Technical Services conferences. Files in pdf, WORD, ppt, and wav. Compact disc, CD-ROM.

27 Preservation Beat Nancy E. Kraft University of Iowa Libraries Preservation 100 Main Library Iowa City, IA 52242-1420 319/335-5286 FAX 319/335-5900 email:

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