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2012.10.01-ME5888. Night Carrier Operations Spectacles 2012.10.01-ME5888.

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1 ME5888

2 Night Carrier Operations

3 Spectacles ME5888

4 Soft Contact Lens ME5888

5 Contact Lenses

6 Is LASIK OK in the Aerospace Environment? ME5888

7 “Retention” Study 785 aviators treated with PRK >45,000 flight hours >12,000 landings Refractive Surgery in Naval Aviators ME5888

8 Complications Corneal haze (9 aviators) –Late haze with loss of best vision –Treated with steroids –Grounded but all eventually resumed flying ME5888

9 Students allowed into flight training that previously underwent PRK “Accessioning” Study ME5888

10 PhasePrimary Intermediate + Advanced PRKControlPRKControl Attrition (160 th -195 th weeks) 6.9%*10.7%1.4%*5.1% * Significantly lower Student Naval Aviator Accessioning Study: Cumulative Attrition Rate ME5888

11 These two studies profoundly changed DoD vision standards ME5888

12 The “Achilles' Heel” of PRK Prolonged visual recovery –Minimum aviator ‘down’ time is 3 months LASIK offers faster recovery –Faster return to cockpit Qualification to land on an aircraft carrier is ONE week! ME5888

13 Is the Flap Stable Enough? ME5888

14 Gun Chamber Pressure (lbs/in 2 ) Halo 400 knot ejection Flap Displacement Force Gauge (lbs) ME5888

15 Is the Quality of Vision good enough? ME5888

16 Change in 5% Contrast Acuity LogMAR Acuity 20/32 20/40 20/32 20/40 PRK LASIK High myopia Moderate Low ME5888

17 Wavefront Guided LASIK ME5888

18 Loss of ≥ 2 Lines: Conv13% WFG1.1% p=0.00 Conventional vs WFG LASIK WFG provides better Contrast Acuity ME5888

19 What is the Best Microkeratome to perform LASIK in Aviators? 1 Excimer –VISX Star S4 CustomVue 2 Surgeons 3 Keratomes –Mechanical: Amadeus & Hansatome –Femtosecond: Intralase ME5888

20 Loss of ≥ 2 Lines: Mech3.1% Femto1.1% p=0.00 Mech Keratome vs Femtosecond Femto provides better Contrast Acuity ME5888

21 Matched retrospective analysis 1,000 eyes IL 1,000 eyes MK Myopia < 3.0D Cyl <= 0.75D Femtosecond-Mechanical Comparison: % of eyes achieving 20/20 UCVA ME5888

22 Improving Outcomes WFG WFGFourier MSE Standard Deviation Year 50% 100% 75% % 20/16 UCVA Star S3 Star S2 n = mo postop ME5888

23 Comparison of Night Driving Performance After Wavefront- Guided and Conventional LASIK ME5888

24 Preop to Postop Difference in NDS Performance with Glare Conventional WFG with femto flap Preop to postop change in feet Worse after surgery Improved after surgery ME5888

25 LASIK “Best of the Best” Create the LASIK flap with a femtosecond laser Correct refractive error with WFG ablation ME5888

26 Optical Express 1 mo. UCVA after iLASIK (24,928 eyes of 13,283 consecutive pts) Age: 18 to 69 yrs Sph: to -6.0D Cyl: 0.0 to -6.0D ME5888

27 First Naval Aviator to undergo LASIK ME5888

28 What Happened Next… April 07: NASA MAB meetingApril 07: NASA MAB meeting –Recommends approval of LVC based on improved results of WFG and femtosecond LASIK May 07: USAF approves LASIKMay 07: USAF approves LASIK –All aviation categories (tx in AF centers) –Recommends WFG and femtosecond laser Sept 07: NASA approves LASIK for astronaut applicantsSept 07: NASA approves LASIK for astronaut applicants –Preop +4 to -8D MSE, up to 3D cyl ME5888

29 We have entered a new era in laser vision correction ME5888

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