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The Rock Cycle and Rocks

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1 The Rock Cycle and Rocks
Rock Cycle Foldable The Rock Cycle and Rocks

2 Fold the flaps in and label each as follows ::
Left side flaps = The Rock Cycle, and Forces and Energy Right side flaps = Igneous Rocks, Sedimentary Rocks, Metamorphic Rocks, Fold Fold Igneous Rocks The Rock Cycle Sedimentary Rocks Forces And Energy Metamorphic Rocks

3 Categories The Rock Cycle Forces and Energy Igneous Rocks
Sedimentary Rocks Metamorphic Rocks

4 The Rock Cycle Flap- Left side
For the flap labeled “Rock Cycle”, you should have the following elements on the left side: Define rock List the 3 groups of rocks List 2 points about how minerals relate to rocks Define what is magma and what is lava

5 Rock Cycle Flap- Right side
On the right side of the Rock Cycle section, you must: Draw the steps in the rock cycle Label each step Label what happens in-between each step Draw arrows showing directions of the cycle Draw arrows showing alternate paths

6 Forces and Energy Flap Define constructive force
List constructive forces Define destructive force List destructive forces List the three processes that interact to cause rocks to change Define weathering List the 2 sources of energy that drive the rock cycle

7 The Rock Flaps- Igneous, Sedimentary, Metamorphic
List the formations of each rock type List the elements that can be found in each rock type List and describe the classifications of each rock type DRAW at least TWO of each type of rock in their respective sections USE COLOR

8 Sedimentary extras List and describe additional features of “some sedimentary rocks” (pg. 78) Layers… what do they tell? Ripple marks… what do they tell? Fossils- what are they, what do they tell?

9 Metamorphic Extras List and describe each of the agents of metamorphism (there are 3) Make sure you define each of them

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