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2 Question Policy Ask AWAY!!

3 Objective Objectives Critical Skills Review Case Study Focus Skill Synopsis Focus Questions

4 Objectives Terminal Objective Through the use of this case study, you will understand the importance of maintaining Adaptability and Flexibility to overall mission accomplishment, and the ability to adjust to the described type scenarios. Enabling Objective 1.Given a mishap scenario, identify the impact of adaptability/flexibility, and how its effect crew performance. 2. Discuss the break down in the described crews processes, and information. 3. Provide feedback related to the effective use of CRM behaviors.

5 Crew Resource Management Allows crew to interact effectively while performing the mission A program to effect behavior modifications in order to prevent human factor and crew preventable errors To improve mission effectiveness through increased awareness of associated behavioral skills

6 CRM Critical Skills Review Decision Making(DM) Assertiveness(AS) Mission Analysis(MA) Communication(CM) Leadership(LD) Adaptability/Flexibility(AF) Situational Awareness(SA)

7 Case Study Focus Skill ADAPTABILITY/FLEXIBILITY Adaptability/Flexibility refers to the ability to adapt to a changing environment to meet the overall mission, and to the ability to accomplish these goals under extreme amounts of pressure.

8 Situations requiring A/F Unbriefed situations Routine mission becomes an emergency Transitions A crew member becomes incapacitated Interactions are strained

9 Effective A/F behaviors Alter behavior to meet situational demands Be open and receptive to other’s ideas Help others when necessary Maintain constructive behavior under pressure Adapt to internal and external environmental changes

10 Maintaining Adaptability Decision not irrevocable - continue to evaluate Anticipate problems Recognize and acknowledge any change Take alternative actions, if necessary Interact constructively with entire crew - provide and ask for assistance - gain crew support for decisions made

11 Synopsis C-2A FCF (B/C) Departed OBBI (Bahrain) @ 0828L Follow procedures for FCF B using the check list. Secured and restarted left engine with not deficiencies. Co-pilot began checks of the flaps portion of the checklist. Co-pilot pulled the FLAP CONT NORM circuit breaker. Seven sec. later the BLEED AIR OVERHEAT light illuminates. MP directs MCP to close bleed air on the right, and 4 sec. later the left. MCP pushed in the FLAP CONT NORM circuit breaker and MP stated flaps where up. MP noticed that the COMB HYD PRESS indicator read at the 11 to 12 o’clock position. Within seconds the HYD COMB LOW light illuminated and the L OVERHEAT light illuminated.

12 Synopsis cont’d MAC smelled something funny and looked back and saw smoke coming from the MEDB. ( He reported this to the MP and MCP.) MAC donned oxygen. MCP declared emergency with ATC and set a squawk to 7700 for MA. MP directed the MCP to don oxygen and complete memory items for Smoke and Fume Elimination. Side Window defog inop due to bleed air being closed. MAC used fire bottle in the MEDB area with no effect, and reported the COMB HYD level slug was still within limits. MP directed MAC to open the ramp to assist in the Smoke and Fume Elimination. However failed due to Hyd system press. MP attempted to go to a minimum system config, by turning the AC/DC bus- tie off, and the R GEN off. However, loss of ICS required MC to return the switches back on. Ten seconds after the R GEN BRG light illuminated the MP noticed that the

13 Synopsis cont’d Right power lever was sticking. Although some of the engine indications where erroneous, the effected engine seems to be operating normally. MAC reported seeing clear fluid on the stbd side window. Which the MP, thought to be fuel. MP placed the landing gear handle down however landing gear did not come down due to Comb sys press. MP used emergency system. MA landed at 0859L. With nose wheel steering inop MP used differential power, Rudder input and reverse thrust to stop MA. End result Hyd fed fire through arcing from a wire bundle in the CWS.

14 Focus Questions What specific CRM behaviors were present in the situation? What problems or potential problems were identified? Why is it important for the crew to demonstrate an ongoing awareness of task performance of self/others? What courses of action where not verbalized more clearly? What other CRM skill where present?

15 Remember Mission success depends on altering behavior and dynamically managing crew resources to meet situational demands Crew decision making must remain flexible to effectively respond to all situations

16 Questions?

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