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Aircraft V=Speeds. 100 Knots =115 MPH 100 MPH = 87 knots.

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1 Aircraft V=Speeds

2 100 Knots =115 MPH 100 MPH = 87 knots

3 “V” stands for Velocity VNE = Never Exceed Speed = Red Line

4 VA = Maneuvering speed Not depicted on airspeed indicator maneuvering speed, the speed at which full and abrupt control movement can be applied without the possibility of causing structural damage, and, separately, the maximum speed at which the aircraft can be flown in turbulent conditions.

5 White Arc is Flap Operating Speed Bottom of White Arc is VS0…Stall speed with flaps fully extended Top of the white arc is Vfe…Max flap extension speed

6 Green arc is the normal operating range Bottom of Green band represents Vs: The Stall speed with the flaps retracted Top of the Green Band is Vno Vno is maximum structural cruising speed

7 Yellow arc The yellow range is the range in which the aircraft may be operated in smooth air, and then only with caution to avoid abrupt control movement. Yellow arc = Vno through Vne

8 Vx Best angle of climb Most altitude gained over a given distance. Used short term to clear an obstacle poor visibility and poor engine cooling Cessna 172 VX = 62Kts

9 Vy… Most altitude in shortest amount of time Cessna 172 Vy =74 Kts

10 Best L/D Represents best Glide Speed…Used for best gliding speed if you have an engine failure Best L/D in a Cessna 172 at gross weight is 68 Kts

11 TAS True airspeed Speed of wing through air mass

12 Ground speed Speed of aircraft relative to the ground

13 TAS= 110Kts -15 Kt headwind What is your groundspeed ?

14 TAS = 65 Knots with 25kt tailwind What is your groundspeed?

15 Airspeed gets input from Pitot tube and static air source

16 Questions?

17 Vso ?

18 Vs ?

19 Va ?

20 Vno ?

21 Vs ?

22 Vfe ?

23 Vne ?

24 To clear an obstacle you should fly at? VY VX Best L/D VA


26 To obtain maximum glide speed after an engine failure you should fly at? VY VX Best L/D VA


28 In moderate turbulence you should fly at? VY VX Best L/D VA


30 To climb to 5000 feet in the least amount of time you should fly at? VY VX Best L/D VA

31 When will groundspeed and true airspeed be equal?

32 The End !

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