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Sterilizing With an Autoclave

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1 Sterilizing With an Autoclave
Indicators are used to ensure that articles have been sterilized Autoclave tape, sensitivity marks on bags or wraps, indicator capsules Indicators will change appearance when sterile

2 Sterile Field Never reach across a sterile field – reach in from the side Never turn your back on a sterile field 2-inch border of a sterile field is considered contaminated

3 Sterile Field Common Techniques Drop Technique Mitten Technique
Transfer Forceps Keep sterile field dry (pathogens travel through wet) and be careful when pouring fluids

4 Sterile Draping Confirm package is sterile- not expired, open, dry
Procedure: Place package- center surface top flap set to open away Pinch 1st flap on outside of wrapper – open and lay flat Right hand open RT flap Left hand open Lt flap Grasp turned down corner and pull the 4th flap open Never reach over the package- always reach around Drop contents onto the sterile field-6 inches above- angle ensure package wrapping does not touch sterile field. Open solutions and pour into sterile containers- confirm name, strength and expiration date- only sterile if used immediately-once set down, no longer sterile. 4

5 Sterile Gloves Sterile field needs to be open before putting on gloves
Sterile gloves are contaminated on the inside – once on keep hands away from body and above waist When in doubt, consider it contaminated

6 Opening Sterile Packages
Check to make sure it has not expired Open the distal end and pull it away from you, reaching around the package, not across it

7 Opening Sterile Packages
Open the sides without touching the inside wrapper Pull the bottom down toward you


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