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2 One of the external bristles on annelids ______________
A pair of nerve clusters that serve as a brain at the anterior end of some invertebrates _________________ A thickened section around an earthworm’s body that ______________ produces mucous for reproduction Seta (Setae) Cerebral ganglia clitellum

3 Flame cell hermaphrodite typhlosole
In a flatworm, a cell that collects nitrogen waste and excess body water for the excretory system and excretes it through the skin ______________ An organism that produces both male and female gametes (sperm & eggs) _________________ An infolding of the intestinal wall of an earthworm that increases surface area to absorb more nutrients ________________ Flame cell hermaphrodite typhlosole

4 Fleshy flap of skin that overhangs the mouth of an earthworm and senses light/dark
________________ A NON-CELLULAR LAYER in parasitic round worms that protects them from the host’s digestive and immune system (also seen in earthworms)_________________ A structure in a female or hermaphrodite that receives sperm ________________ prostomium cuticle Seminal receptacle

5 tegument nephridia septa
A continuous sheet of FUSED CELLS that covers the external surface of a fluke or tapeworm & protects the worm from the host’s digestive and immune system __________________ Tubule through which some invertebrates (like segmented and round worms) eliminate nitrogen waste _________________ Dividing walls that separate the coelom into compartments in an earthworm ________________ tegument nephridia septa

6 Type of circulatory system in which blood is contained in vessels______________
Type of development in which young start as an immature larva and must undergo metamorphosis to become adults _______________ Type of reproduction in which offspring are produced by combining genetic material from 2 parents ________________ closed indirect sexual

7 pharynx Aortic arches scolex
Muscular part that pulls food into the digestive system______________ 5 pair of muscular tubes which connect the dorsal and ventral blood vessels and force blood through the circulatory system ________________ A knob shaped organ bearing hooks and suckers that lies at the anterior end of a tapeworm ________________ pharynx Aortic arches scolex

8 One of the many body segments of a tapeworm containing reproductive organs ______________
The structure that stores soil waiting to be digested in earthworms _________________ A muscular region in the digestive tract of earthworms that crushes and grinds food ________________ proglottid crop gizzard

9 The host in which the adults of a parasitic
worm live and reproduce ______________ A disease characterized by muscle pain and stiffness caused by a parasitic blood fluke of the genus Schistosoma _________________ A carbohydrate found in the cocoons of earthworms and the exoskeletons of some arthropods ________________ Primary host schistosomiasis chitin

10 Structure that stores sperm made to give away to other worms ______________
Type of coelom seen in earthworms in which the body cavity is lined on both sides by mesoderm _________________ Flatworm phylum that includes Planaria, flukes, and tapeworms ________________ Seminal vesicles Eucoelom or “true” coelom Platyhelminthes

11 Ring around the body of an earthworm that produces mucous for reproduction ______________
Traction bristles on the ventral surface of an earthworm _________________ Round worm phylum that includes Ascaris, pinworms, hookworms, and filarial worms________________ clitellum setae Nematoda

12 Reproductive organ that produces eggs ______________
A disease caused by a parasitic round worm of the genus Trichinella; characterized by muscle pain and stiffness _________________ Opening for digestive waste in an earthworm ________________ ovary trichinosis anus

13 Reproductive organ that produces sperm ______________
A cluster of nerve cells_______________ Segmented worm phylum which includes earthworms and leeches ________________ testes ganglia Annelida

14 Development in which offspring hatch or are born with a similar shape as the adult form and must just grow bigger ______________ Type of symmetry in which dividing the animal produces 2 mirror images _______________ Ability to regrow lost body parts ________________ direct bilateral regeneration

15 Type of reproduction in which offspring are produced from the genetic material of only one parent______________ Body system that removes nitrogen waste and maintains the balance of ions/water _______________ Digestive organ in an earthworm where nutrients are absorbed ________________ asexual excretory intestine

16 Shared one opening digestive/circulatory space seen in Planaria ______________
Joining of sperm and egg outside the mother’s body_______________ Maintaining the balance of water and ions in the body _______________ Gastrovascular cavity External fertilization osmoregulation

17 Concentration of a “brain” and sensory organs at the anterior end of an animal______________
Outside body covering on an animal_______________ Body system that exchanges gases with the environment________________ cephalization integument respiratory

18 Line that runs from the male genital pore to the clitellum along which sperm travels______________
Type of coelom seen in flatworms with no space around the internal organs_______________ Sperm groove acoelom

19 Opening for sperm leaving an earthworm to be given away ______________
Space around body organs ______________ Organism with spiral determinate cleavage whose blastopore becomes its mouth ________________ Male genital pore coelom protostome

20 Oligochaeta invertebrates open
Class to which earthworms belong ______________ Organisms without a backbone _______________ Kind of circulatory system in which blood is NOT contained in vessels and flows loose inside the coelom ____________ invertebrates open

21 Acoelom eucoelom pseudocoelom Type of coelom in which
there is NO space and mesoderm fills the area between ectoderm ____________________ and endoderm Type of coelom in which mesoderm Is found lining the outside body wall and surrounding the gut __________________ lines the outside body wall but is NOT found around the gut ____________________ Acoelom eucoelom pseudocoelom

22 excretory excretory circulatory respiratory Body system for removing
nitrogen waste ____________________ Body system for transporting nutrients and oxygen around in body ____________________ Body system that exchanges gases with the environment __________________ Body system that maintains the balance of water/ions (osmoregulation) __________________ excretory circulatory respiratory excretory

23 muscular nervous digestive reproductive Body system for receiving info
about the environment and responding ________________ Body system for obtaining nutrients ____________________ Body system that produces offspring __________________ Body system that moves the organism or moves substances inside the body __________________ nervous digestive reproductive muscular

24 skeletal endocrine integumentary Indeterminate radial cleavage
Body system that provides support and protection ______________________ Body system that makes hormones which control other body systems ________________ Body system that deals with what covers the animal __________________ Type of cleavage pattern in which cells stack on top of each other and decide later on what they will become ______________ skeletal endocrine integumentary Indeterminate radial cleavage

25 Hydrostatic skeleton Cleavage pattern in which cells
A skeleton formed by putting fluid into the coelom space __________________ Cleavage pattern in which cells twist as they divide and decide early what they will become ____________________ Waste produced in body cells by the breakdown of proteins and nucleic acids and handled by the excretory system _______________________________ Hydrostatic skeleton Determinate spiral cleavage Nitrogen waste

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27 NAME THE TYPE OF COELOM Acoelom Eucoelom Pseudocoelom
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