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Word File Sentences Patterns Expansion Writing Practice.

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2 Word File Sentences Patterns Expansion Writing Practice

3 the suffix “-ward” The suffix “-ward” is added to an adjective, an adverb or a noun to form an adjective or adverb, which has the meaning of “towards a particular direction or place.” downward 朝下方 ( 的 ) upward 朝上方 ( 的 ) northward 朝北方 ( 的 ) southward 朝南方 ( 的 ) eastward 朝東方 ( 的 ) westward 朝西方 ( 的 ) forward 朝前方 ( 的 ) backward 朝後方 ( 的 )

4 II. the phrase “with + N” The phrase “with + N” is used to indicate the way something is done or the feeling someone has when he or she does something. with ease 輕易地 with difficulty 費勁地 with skill 老練地 with care 小心地 with caution 警惕地 with regret 遺憾地 with anger 生氣地 with pleasure 高興地 with interest 有興趣地 Back

5 Expansion Story – telling Relay


7 Story-telling Relay After Lilliput, Gulliver went on other voyages, one of which was to Brobdingnag, a land of giants. Work in groups. Members of each group make a story about what happens to Gulliver in Brobdingnag. The story must include the following characters: 1.giants—a farmer and his family, the king and the queen, a court dwarf 2. a giant frog, a giant bird and a giant eagle

8 Your story should be able to answer the following questions: 1.Who found Gulliver? How did he/she feel about Gulliver? How did he/she treat Gulliver? 2. How did the king and queen feel about Gulliver, and how did they treat him? Where did they keep Gulliver as a house?

9 Your story should be able to answer the following questions: 3. Because of Gulliver, a court dwarf lost favor with the king and the queen. What did he do to Gulliver to regain the king and queen’s favor? 4. Animals in the giant land were also much bigger than Gulliver. What would happen to Gulliver when he met any of them? 5. How did Gulliver leave Brobdingnag?

10 Reference answer: After I went on shore, I found myself in a cornfield. The sheaves of the corn were higher than forty feet. Looking above, suddenly I saw a giant farmer emerge from behind the corn. He was even taller than the corn and looked like a huge mountain to me. His sudden appearance was a great shock to me.

11 Reference answer: I stood frozen with terror. Apparently, he also saw me. He picked me up with his fingers and put me on his palm. When he examined me with his huge eyes, I was horrified and drew back in fear.The giant didn’t do anything harmful to me. He just smiled, probably because he thought he had

12 Reference answer: found something funny. Then, he turned around and started walking. When he walked, I could hardly stand still. Every move he made felt like an earthquake to me, so I sat down on his palm and looked around with fear.

13 Reference answer: I found the giant seemed to be heading for a huge house near the cornfield. When he got near, a giant girl, probably his daughter, ran to him and tried to drag him into the house. After getting into the house, the giant showed me to his daughter and his wife. Seeing me, the giant’s wife gasped and put her hands on

14 Reference answer: her mouth. As for the girl, she screamed and clapped her hands happily. I could hardly bear the noise she made. She probably thought I was a toy that his father brought home for her. A few hours later, they made me have dinner with them. I was put between the giant and his daughter. While waiting for my food,

15 Reference answer: I found there was a baby sitting by the giant mother. The huge baby was waving a spoon. When the baby did so, drops of soup splashed around, like raindrops in the size of huge balloons bombing the table. One of them only missed my head by inches. After giving me some food, the giant’s wife started to eat.

16 Reference answer: I found even the smallest amount of food that she took into her mouth looked like the size of what twelve men could eat per meal in England. After dinner, the giant’s daughter begged her father to let her play with me. The father agreed and then I became the girl’s playmate, or rather a pet or some living toy.

17 Reference answer: A few days later, the farmer took me to a splendid palace, where the king and the queen of the giants lived. They found me very interesting. They gave the farmer some gold and kept me in the palace. They let me live in a small wooden box with miniature furniture. They even assigned an old giant to teach me

18 Reference answer: their language. Soon, I learned more and more about the country. For example, the country was called Brobdingnag, and in that country one’s stature determined his or her social status. That explained why a dwarf in the court was despised by everyone.

19 Reference answer: When the dwarf saw me, he thought he had found someone with lower social status to pick on, but before long he realized he was wrong. The king and the queen liked me, and everyone (except him) in the court treated me well. Not being allowed to pick on me, the dwarf always looked at me with hateful eyes.

20 Reference answer : During my days in the palace, he put me through unspeakable dangers. Once, finding that I took a nap underan apple tree, the dwarf shook the tree violently, probably hoping one of the fallen apples might squash me. Had I not run for my life, his wish might have come true. Several days later, the dwarf found another

21 Reference answer : chance to kill me. He threw me into a bowl of cream. Stuck in the thick cream, I could barely move my arms and legs. Had someone not got me out of the cream, I might have drowned. When the king found that the dwarf was trying to kill me, he was very angry and sent him into exile. However, that didn’t guarantee

22 Reference answer : my safety in the country of giants. Instead, gradually I found it was dangerous to live in a place where everything was much bigger than me. Once, I ran into a large frog. To me, the frog was like a tank that “jumped.” Looking into the big yellow eyes, I realized the frog probably took me as a fly that “ran.”

23 Reference answer: That afternoon, I again had to run for my life. I had to avoid the frog’s sticky tongue and fought it off all by myself. That was terribly exhausting. Another day, a bird, as large as a fighter plane, almost killed me with its sharp beak. Having no one around to help me, I found the queen’s sewing needle and used it to

24 Reference answer: duel with the bird. After surviving the duel, I started thinking about leaving the country. However, my departure wasn’t the one I expected. One day, a servant left my wooden box outside. At that time, I was taking a nap in the box. After a blast of wind, I felt the box lifted from the ground.

25 Reference answer: When I looked out of the window, I found an eagle clutching the box with its talons, flying into the sky.In a few seconds, I was far away from the palace. Then, I realized it was impossible for the king and the queen to save me. I got into a real panic. The eagle probably wanted to bring me back to its nest

26 Reference answer: and feed me to its baby eagles. I calmed myself down and tried to think of any possible way that could get me out of this trouble. When I looked out of the window again, I saw the sea below. Suddenly, an idea occurred to me. I took out the queen’s needle that I hid under my bed and tied it to my waist. I put

27 Reference answer: a chair on the table and stood on it to reach the skylight. Through the skylight, I got onto the roof. It was windy and cold up there. I grasped the needle firmly, stabbed it deeply into the eagle’s talons, and then immediately jumped back into the box through the skylight. Soon, I heard the beast give out a cry.

28 Reference answer: Then, I felt it drop the box. I couldn’t stand the fall, so I passed out. When I regained consciousness, I found the box was floating on a calm sea. A few days later, when I had almost finished all the food and water that I could find in the wooden box, some English sailors on a merchant ship found me and helped me on

29 Reference answer: board. I was finally safe in the hands of my fellowmen. Back

30 Personal Expression

31 As a reader, what do you think about the story in the reading? What do you learn from the story? Write a passage to express your idea(s). The following questions may give you some ideas about what you should write:

32 1. What do you think about the story? 2. Do you like it? Give your reasons. 3. Which part impresses you the most? 4. Which point in the story do you agree or disagree with? 5. What have you learned from it?

33 I think/feel that.... I am of the opinion that.... I agree/disagree that.... What I have learned In my opinion/view,.... From my point of view/viewpoint,.... The following expressions may be useful to you.

34 Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's Travels contains several stories which have delighted both children and adults for hundreds of years. I saw “A Voyage to Lilliput” before as a TV cartoon movie, and I was glad to finally read it. My favorite part of “A Voyage to Lilliput” was the description of the armies of the Lilliputians. Example:

35 I had never thought what it might be like to be hit by a tiny arrow, but Swift described it very clearly. I felt as though I could feel those “needles.” On the other hand, I could not understand why the Emperor of Lilliput could so quickly turn against Gulliver and consider him a traitor or why the Emperor of Blefuscu forgave Gulliver and helped him escape.

36 Perhaps Swift wanted to show how people in politics could change their minds. I don't really understand politics, and this story makes me realize that I still have a lot to learn. All in all, however, “A Voyage to Lilliput” is one of the most delightful stories I have ever read. I hope that when I am a father, I will read this story to my own children.

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