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US 98 / CR 30A beautification and Safety improvements

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1 US 98 / CR 30A beautification and Safety improvements
East Corridor Project US 98 / CR 30A beautification and Safety improvements

2 Goal and Scope The goal of our committee is to create a safe and beautiful infrastructure made up of intertwined residential and commercial elements with lighted pedestrian walkways, bicycle paths and an awe-inspiring landscape. This will be the “Gateway” to South Walton County and a model for our community and many other communities in Northwest Florida. The following items are the top priorities of our committee: Safety Beautification Maximization of the multi-modal aspect of the roadways Geographic Scope of the project US 98 from Watersound Parkway to the Walton-Bay County Line CR 30A from Rosemary Beach East to US 98

3 Project Elements Reduction of Speed Limit on US 98
Median and ROW Landscaping and Lighting Inter-connected and Safe Pedestrian-friendly Sidewalks Inter-connected and Safe Bike Paths Safe Pedestrian and Cyclist-friendly Access Crossing US 98 Undergrounding of Utilities Aesthetic Improvement of Existing Developments

4 Need for the Project Development Est. # Units Status
Watersound Origins 5,000+ homes Over the Next 10 years West Shore Place 40 homes Currently Selling Waterview 37 homes Communities along E CR 30A N/A Pent Up Demand 30Avenue (3 Phases) 42 October March 2015 Crossings at Inlet Beach 10 October 2014 Inn at the Gulf 68 2014 / 2015 Donut Hole 1 Opened 3/2014* *Pedestrian crossing 98 struck by vehicle 5/31/14

5 Design 30A / 98 Intersection
Pedestrian Bridge

6 Design Surrounding 30A / 98 Intersection

7 Plant Materials Eastern Section
Sand Live Oak Russian Sage Sabal Palm Tree Form Ligustrum Muhly Grass Medjool Palm Dwarf Yaupon Saw Palmetto Crepe Myrtle Pindo Palm Imperial Blue Plumbago

8 Plant Materials Western Section
Saw Cordgrass Sand Live Oak Saw Palmetto Muhly Grass Bermuda Turf Grass (all sections)

9 Multi-use Path Design Example - Buffer from Roadway
Example – Multiple Uses Example - Instructional Signage * Our current proposed design calls for a 10-foot wide path with a wider section for pedestrians than for cyclists on both sides of the roadway. Paths shown here are examples and may or may not depict those characteristics.

10 Pedestrian/Cyclist Bridge at 30A/98

11 Project Status and Funding Needs
Awaiting FDOT response to request to reduce speed limit on US 98 FDOT comments on landscape design and path location due 6/16/14 Cost to light multi-use paths TBD based on FDOT comments Estimate from Gulf Power on cost to underground utilities due 6/30/14 Aesthetic improvement of existing developments currently underway Pedestrian bridge design to be submitted to FDOT 6/13/14 for comments Current cost estimates: Plantings $ ,000 Irrigation $ ,000 (Will decrease if borings exist and St. Joe can provide reclaimed water) Multi-use Paths $ ???,??? Landscape Lighting $ ??,??? Pedestrian Bridge $ 1,450,000 Total $ ?,???,???

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