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Life Cycle of A Star By Jackie822 and Beanerbutt777.

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1 Life Cycle of A Star By Jackie822 and Beanerbutt777

2 The Life Cycle of Small and Medium Sized Stars

3 The First Stage: The Nebula A nThe nebula is a cloud of gas and dust. It is not yet a star.

4 The Protostar

5 Brown Dwarf A brown dwarf occurs if the protostar is too small to ignite fusion.

6 Main Sequence A protostar gets enough mass to ignite fusion. All main sequence stars fuse hydrogen. Stars spend most of their life in the main sequence stage.

7 Red Giant A red giant is formed when a small to medium sequence star runs out of hydrogen and begins fusing helium.

8 Planetary Nebula A red giant completely stops fusing helium and the outer layers of the star are driven away.

9 White Dwarf White Dwarf The white dwarf is the leftover core of a star. It is extremely dense. It may be the size the earth but has half the weight of the sun.

10 Black Dwarf A white dwarf cools off after trillions of years and eventually stops emitting light.

11 The Life Cycle Of Massive Stars

12 The Nebula The Nebula is a cloud of dust and gas.

13 Protostar ulae_files/HelixNebula-HST.jpg

14 Massive Main Sequence Massive main sequence stars burn more quickly than small to medium mass main sequence stars because they fuse more hydrogen.

15 Red Super Giant Red SUPERGIANT Red Super giants occur when massive main sequence stars run out of hydrogen and start fusing helium, carbon, oxygen, etc.

16 SUPERNOVA! When fusion stops, the star collapses and creates a huge explosion.

17 Neutron Star The super dense core left over after a supernova is called a neutron star.

18 Black Hole BLACK HOLE Stars with masses 25-50 times the mass of the sun form a black hole after the supernova. Other stars turn into Neutron Stars. Nobody knows what happens to things after they go into a black hole.

19 Fin. The End.

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