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Dwarf Hamsters By Katy And Emma.

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1 Dwarf Hamsters By Katy And Emma

2 About Dwarf Hamsters Dwarf Hamsters have been available as pets for around twenty years now Dwarf Hamsters are the smallest kind of Hamster Every kind of Hamster is part of the Rodent family All Hamsters are nocturnal

3 The Dwarf Hamsters Diet
They almost eat everything except spicy food They normally drink water If you keep a Dwarf Hamster as a pet you would normally give it dried food and Hamster Mix In the wild they normally eat Insects, Fruit and Veg and Nuts You should give them treats once in a while

4 Habitat In the wild they would live underground and make different rooms like food store, bedroom and a toilet If they are not happy were something is in there cage they’ll move it

5 Offspring They normally have 2-6 babies
Female Dwarf Hamsters can become pregnant immediately after giving birth A newborn Hamster is normally bald for a few weeks

6 What you need to have a Hamster as a pet
Cage Food dish Toilet roll tubes Water bottle Water Food Exercise ball and wheel Wood shavings Bedding Dwarf Hamster Treats Mineral Stone Tooth brush

7 How to Tame and Clean your Hamster
You need to play with it at least once a day Wash your hands before and after holding it Don’t force it to do what it doesn’t want to do To wash your Hamster get a tooth brush and wet it then with the brush run it through it

8 Did you know… Did you know the Chinese Dwarf Hamsters Latin name is Cricetutus Griseus There are many types of Hamsters

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