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Jerry WhaleyEDU655 Dr. Kris Jamsa Nov 9, 2009 Overview of Navigation Issues.

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1 Jerry WhaleyEDU655 Dr. Kris Jamsa Nov 9, 2009 Overview of Navigation Issues

2 Do you want to navigate through a controlled path for e-learning? 1 Do you want to navigate through a more flexible path for e-learning? 2 Sparse navigation can be limited to no audio advances, limited control buttons and menu selections. 3 Rich navigation adds more menu controls, indexing, search tools, and research methods. 4

3 Audio Advances Control Buttons Menu Selections Index Search tools Telepathic Retrieval Sparse navigation Rich Navigation

4 Best for keeping things simple Best for the novice computer e-learner Protects the learner Keeps experiences more predictable There is Value to Sparse Navigation

5 Best for just-in- time learner Best for users of applications such as Google & their Web- surfers Empowers the learner Keeps experiences more flexible There is the Now and More Rich Navigation


7 What search engines are you familiar with? Yahoo! Google… What devices use menus? Mobile devices… Application software… Where have you used bookmarks? Internet… Word Processing…

8 Adding Mapping: Index Symbols Information Adding Technology: Next & Previous buttons Pause & Replay buttons Enhancing Menus: Table of Contents Sidebar menus On-demand menus Multi-level menus Expanding menus Enhancing the e-learning experience…

9 Menus can show level of completion indicators or groupings Keep menus in an outline format Be more descriptive and not in a question format Stick with one style throughout learning environment Hints

10 Help menus Use Tutorials Use Simulations Use Demo’s Visual Menus Better Recognition Multiple e-learning style applications Maps Organization Hierarchy Workflow Geographic Timelines Schematic

11 Hypertext links (make them clear and legible) Bibliographies Cross- Referencing Figure Citations Footnotes Index Entries Thumb Tabs

12 PlayStop Jump Forward or Jump Back Reverse Auto-scanning…

13 Recording and storing places you have been. Returning to those useful places you have stored. Moving through a document referencing bookmarks with hyperlinks. Bookmarks can be linked to footnotes. Ideal with table of contents and indexes.

14 Yahoo! You can crawl into Alta Vista as you scoot through as quickly as possible. Just a little pun there. Google I feel a little google-ish… Awesome applications associated with this one. MSN Who hasn’t heard of Microsoft Networking. Live messaging is a common association. Searching for something?

15 One Provide instructions Two Use appropriate vocabulary Three Include keywords in metadata When developing a search engine…

16 Determine your type of e-learning environment. Sparse versus Rich Navigation Menus, Mapping, Searching, Hyperlinks, Bookmarking, and Auto-scanning Navigation Mechanisms For use in document and on the Internet. Bookmarking Implementation Yahoo!, Google, MSN, and many others. Searching Tools Summary


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