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CA. Abhay Mukesh Sharma Managing Partner, Abhay M. Sharma & Co. 1.

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1 CA. Abhay Mukesh Sharma Managing Partner, Abhay M. Sharma & Co. 1

2 Online Utility 2

3  You should have Windows XP or Later Version  It is recommended that you use Internet Explorer  You should have Microsoft Excel  Use of any other version may hamper the working of the Macros 3

4  After Login Select Audit Report 4

5 5

6 6

7 7

8 8

9  Alphanumeric  Alphabets  Numbers  Date  Dropdown 9

10  Select the Sheet Form 217  You would notice that the TIN No. entered is automatically prefilled in all the columns in the next Sheets. 10

11  You want to form audit opinion based on Certain Observations and Comments where should you enter the same? 11

12  Select the Statement of Particulars that is applicable to you  Particulars A- Only for Traders Local  Particulars B- Only for Traders having Both Local and Interstate transactions  Particulars C- For Others(E.g. Manufacturing) 12

13  Fill Up the required details as per the statement of particulars as per the instructions 13

14  Validate the sheet  Solve errors if any  Error Sheet would be generated and if you link on the hyperlink it would fetch to the same location where error exist 14

15  After solving of all the errors File would be generated for the purpose of upload  The said file would end with “_upload” 15

16  Upload the Excel Generated Form 217 upload file first  After you Upload the _upload file. Other options would open up. 16

17 17

18  Upload the Scanned Copy of ◦ Audit Certificate ◦ Statement of Particulars ◦ Scanned Copy of list of statutory forms ◦ SOFT Copy of List of Statutory Forms ◦ Statutory Audit Report along with Observations 18

19  For Scanned copy of statutory audit report and statement of observations, comments and notes, you can upload multiple file parts which can be combined to generate final PDF. To generate a valid and legible PDF, please make sure following : 1. You are uploading file parts of PDF file only. 2. You are using 7ZIP software and selected 'Zip' Archive Format to generate file parts 2. You are uploading file parts in ascending sequence(e.g. Audit,Audit etc). 3. File size doesn't exceed 5 MB and document is scanned with 180 dpi. 4. All file parts have been uploaded. 19

20  What is Audit Certificate? 20

21  What is Difference between Scanned Copy of List of Statutory Forms and Soft Copy of Statutory Forms? 21

22  What is Undertaking from Dealer or Authorized Person? 22

23  I have tried to upload PDF file of the Stautory Audit Report but the following error is generated? 23

24  You need to Create a ZIP File  You then need to name it ending on .zip.001  And 001 should be increased for more file parts  You need to mention the total no of Parts you need to upload 24

25 25

26  An Acknowledgment would be generated Showing the Attachments 26

27 27

28  No Right to Review the output Generated  Currently the attachments that are upload are not getting downloaded  No clear cut guidelines with respect to scanning of Other Documents except those mentioned in the list.  Low level of security regarding the authenticity of the Report uploaded 28

29 Life is very intersting….in the end, some of your greatest pains become your greatest strengths -Drew Barrymore 29

30 The views that are expressed as personal views and not of Abhay M. Sharma & Co. and no legal opinion is formed on them. The sole purpose of this presentation is to start an academic discussion only 30

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