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2015 Alabama Division Winter Board Workshop JANUARY 17, 2015.

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1 2015 Alabama Division Winter Board Workshop JANUARY 17, 2015

2 REGISTRAR’S CORNER NOTES OUTLINE  AL Division Membership Update as of January 15, 2015  Application Reminders  New Membership Application Guidelines  UDC TO UDC Member Transfers  UDC Member Re-instatements  Questions/Contact Information

3 Alabama Division Membership Update (applications, forms processed)  Current membership as of January 15, 2015 1,791  Processed/In Process New Members 39  Transfers/Re-instatements of UDC Members 6  Transfers of C of C to UDC Membership 6

4 Reminders  Aim is to be consistent in our efforts with applications  Checks made out to “Alabama Division Registrar”  $44.00 for new member applications  $12.00 for UDC to UDC Transfers ($15.00 for new membership certificate)  $27.00 for CofC to UDC Transfers  $28.00 for UDC Chapter Member Re-instatements  Underline all information using a red pencil. In the upper right corner be sure to indicate the Generation.  The date/signature of the Registrar General is the applicant’s registration date; until then, the new member is considered a prospective chapter member  Obtain original signatures. Please do not sign a form unless you have authorization.

5 Census Records:  When using a census record as proof, list the year and location of the census  Example: “1860 Census DeKalb County, AL”  Submit the entire census not just the Index Page  Underline all pertinent information with red pencil

6 Photo Notes:  When using photos from Find-A-Grave, there must be a photo of the ancestor’s tombstone for the dates to be proven. If there is no photo, or the dates from the tombstone photo are not legible, enter the dates on the application within parentheses. Person’s Name Born (29 Dec 1833) Where Alabama Died (24 Aug 1912) Where DeKalb Co., AL burial

7 Death certificate takes precedence over a tombstone photo

8 Ancestor and Grave Site Photos  Submit a photo of your Confederate ancestor  Submit a photo of the tombstone/cemetery record  These will be attached to the original application and retained in the chapter file in the Memorial Building.

9 George W. Chumley Birth: 12 Oct 1845 Death: 25 Dec 1943 Find-A-Grave Memorial: 64303103

10 Military Proofs:  NARA records from are the official record for the Confederate ancestor documentation.  The microfilm/roll number can be printed from the information page at the beginning of the service record documents.  Records from Ancestry or National Parks Service websites are not the official records.


12 Marriage Proofs: Limit the “unknowns” as much as possible  If you cannot locate the marriage date for older generations look for the earliest census record you can find on the family. Look at the age of the oldest child.  1860 Census DeKalb County, AL  Husband, wife, 2 children. Oldest child is 12 years old. 1860-12 = 1848 approximately. Rather than record “unknown” enter ‘bef 1848’ on the date line. Will still need to list “unknown” on the place line.

13 Generation Linkage: On Page 2 of the new member application, please indicate on the proof line the generation linkage to the next generation. For Example: Gen 1 : M-BC; F-BC; Birth certificate Susan Dooley link Gen 2. MC Gen 2 : F-BC; Birth certificate Patsy Killian link Gen 3. M-DC. MC Gen 3 : F-DC; M-DC; Death Certificate Noah Killian link Gen 4. MC

14 Notes on Chapter Member Re- instatements:  Complete form from AL Division website; one also in your President’s package  Check for $28.00 payable to the Alabama Division Registrar  AL Division Registrar sends information to Business Office for approval  Once approval is complete, form returned to Division Registrar  One copy goes to Division Treasurer  One copy goes to Chapter Registrar  One copy retained for Division records  The effective date of re-instatement is the “date stamped” by the Business Office

15 Notes for C of C Member Transfers:  Complete 4 tan colored applications and copy of original CofC membership application  Check to ‘AL Division Registrar’ for $27.00  This amount includes new membership certificate  Process – all information sent to Business Office for approval, upon return to the Division Registrar, the 4 applications are sent to the Registrar General for final approval/date then back to the Business Office for filing.  Returned to Division Registrar (3 copies). Retains one copy for Division files.  Notification to Chapter Registrar  Notification to CofC Chapter

16 UDC to UDC Member Transfers:  Complete 4 copies of blue colored transfer application and submit copy of original membership application  Check for $12.00 for transfer process only  Check for $15.00 for new membership certificate (optional)  Middle of page – need to completed this section below regarding Confederate soldier information

17 UDC to UDC Member Transfers:  Process – all information sent to Business Office for approval. The official date of transfer is the date stamped by the Business Office. Three of the application copies are returned to the Division Registrar  One copy is retained for Division records  One copy sent to new chapter - Chapter Registrar  One copy sent to the former chapter – Chapter Registrar

18 UDC Member Transfer Process When Chapter Disbands  1. Division President must have an official date of the chapter disbandment  2. Pay your membership dues to this disbanding chapter by February 15 th (this is to put members in ‘good standing’)  3. Once dues (per capita) have been paid and date of disbandment has been made official, then, member completes 4 blue UDC Member Transfer forms  4. The transfer fee of $12.00 is waived.

19 UDC Member Transfer Process When Chapter Disbands  5. On page 2, there is a section to check for chapter disbandment.  6. New membership certificate, will need to include $15.00

20  7. Send all four completed copies of the Transfer form to the Division Registrar.  NOTE: If a member wants to transfer before the chapter disbandment date,  Member pay dues to new chapter  Member pay $12.00 transfer fee  Completes forms and follows UDC to UDC Member Transfer process UDC Member Transfer Process When Chapter Disbands

21 Questions/Contact Information:  Email: Email:  Phone: 256-997-6713  Address: 519 Royal Oaks Drive, Hoover, AL 35244-2870  Send email through the AL Division website Keep those new member applications coming!!! Thanks!

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