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EAssignment System Improving feedback Dr Trevor Bryant 24 th March 2011.

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1 eAssignment System Improving feedback Dr Trevor Bryant 24 th March 2011

2 Key People Peter GibbsProject Manager, Initial Concept, Design and Implementation Martin ChiversDatabase Developer Peter SilvesterWeb Developer Gary JonesWeb Developer Kelly Terrell Debra Humphris Alex Furr Rosalynd Jowett Debra Morris Bill Warburton Mike Weaver Louise Dubras And many others

3 A Scenario from the Dark Ages 3 rd year Bachelor of Medicine essay assignment ~250 students (on attachments in remote locations) ~150 markers (University and Hospital staff) Duplicate marking 3 copies of each marking/feedback form Paper copies Distributed by post At least one week administration time

4 History Submission system developed for Common Learning to handle 1000+ students, 2 institutions Health & Social Science students Schools of Nursing & Medicine identified a need for electronic handling of assignments - ‘Demonstrator’ 2006-2007 Southampton debated how to develop institutional system 2007-2008 JISC Funding ‘Institutional Innovation’ Oct 2008-May 2010

5 NUS Principles for Feedback Feedback should show students how they can improve, not just how they have performed It should be given within an agreed time, ideally within 4 weeks of submission It should be written in plain language, clear and legible It should be constructive, highlighting what went well as well as what can be improved Ideally face to face feedback should be available on request or utilising new technologies used where students don’t live on campus

6 Aims Promote harmonisation of the assessment process across the institution. Provide transparency of assignment criteria and marking descriptors in use for all assignments. Improve the quality and speed of feedback to students. Provide markers with a process that is similar to that used by peer reviewed journals with access at anytime and anywhere. Provide external examiners with online access enabling them to assess any aspect of the open ended assessment process. Checking and reporting of academic integrity of submitted assignments

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18 What have we learnt? Harmonise Institutional Assessment processes Communicate across the institution Involve cross section of the institution Manage expectations Find champions, do not impose Promote online submission, entry of marks and comments – not online marking Use hardcopy & online hand in initially Offer hard copy / printing to markers initially Do not try to do this during a major reorganisation!

19 What next? Role out is being handled by iSolutions and Student Academic Administration Creation of Academic and Administrative user groups? Plan for Version 2.0 19

20 – More information - The assignment site Web sites

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