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In the beginning… There was paper, wood, neon and banners.

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1 In the beginning… There was paper, wood, neon and banners



4 LED LED Display Systems from FINEST LED SIGNS a division of Finest Services. Inc






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11 Advertise 24 Hours A Day 7 Days A Week For the Price of One Newspaper AD Choose Finest LED Signs

12  What is an LED? LED stands for ‘Light Emitting Diode’, which converts electric signal to infrared or light signals by exploiting the characteristic of compound semiconductors. It is comprised of an alloy crystal or semiconductor placed in a reflective cup and chemically bonded to tiny wires that are encapsulated. Electricity is applied across one direction of the semiconductor causing the LED to emit light.  What is Brightness? Brightness of LEDs is measured using millicandela (mcd), which is 1/1000 of a candela. The brightness of a candela is about the brightness of the one candlelight.  What are Viewing Angle and Viewing Distance? The viewing angle is the total spectrum that the characters are legible. Typical viewing angles range from 90 degrees to 150 degrees. The viewing distance is measured in feet and denotes the maximum lateral distance a character size of a display is legible.

13 Benefits of Marketing with LED Display Systems Gives Your Business “Personality”  Gain Neighborhood Recognition  Keep Your Message Fresh for the Community Attracts Attention  Moving Images Have Greater Impact and Effect than Traditional “Static” Signage  The Combination of Color, Brightness, and Motion Demands Attention for Your Business Allows for Flexible Messaging  Constant, Custom Advertising  Program Your Sign with Pre-recorded Graphics and Art, or Create your Own  No More Changing Letters on a Static Sign Research at US Post Offices across the country reveals that digital signage increased sales up to 180%!

14 Impact On Your ROI  MSG, Inc LED Systems Allow You to Increase Sales AND Lower Your Operating Expenses!  Your Sign Will Attract More Customers and Increase Your Point of Purchase Sales  Durable, Changeable LED Systems Are Completely Energy Efficient  Saves You on Your Energy Bill  LED’s are 80% More Energy Efficient than Neon  Saves You on Maintenance  LED’s Generally Have a Life Expectancy of Over 10 Years LED’s are Also Safer than Neon, and More Energy Efficient - Saving YOU Money

15 LED Display System Information  Finest LED Systems are Available for both Indoor and Outdoor Use  Systems are Available in a Variety of Lengths, with Single, Double or Triple Line Heights  Single Color, Three Color and Full Color Signs can be Implemented into Your Advertising Plan Sign Programming Options Include:  PC Programmable  Remote Control Programmable Your Client Manager will Assist You in Programming Your Sign For Optimal Results

16 Mobile Display Systems LED Lobby Directories Available in Single, Dual or Multi-Line LED styles  Custom Trailers, Internal Power Generators and Hydraulic Lifts Available to Create your Perfect Mobile Messaging Tool! Designed for high-visibility indoor use. lobbies, offices, conference rooms, showrooms, boardrooms  Provides your visitors, guests or your customers with the messages, the schedules and the information they require.


18 Call Today to Give Your Business a New Beginning 954-771-5488Or631-240-6973Or815-518-5109

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