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Handwriting & Writing Prepared By Sarah Al-Aydi Mai Al-Wahaidi Mabrouka Abu Taema.

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1 Handwriting & Writing Prepared By Sarah Al-Aydi Mai Al-Wahaidi Mabrouka Abu Taema

2 IntroductionIntroduction  Language Skills  Writing  The importance of writing  Handwriting VS Writing  Quotes

3 Language Skills Main Skills Reading Writing Listening Speaking Sub skills Pronunciation Spelling Grammar Vocabulary

4 Writing is a method of representing thoughts, ideas, opinions through language in visual or tactile form.

5 Why Do We Teach Writing? ► It guides Ss to express themselves and to translate their thoughts. ► It enables Ss to Communicate with others (e-mail, letters) ► It develops Ss language skills.

6 ♣ P erceptual- psychomotor domain. ♣ It might be purely an art form. ♣ It can be a functional tool. Handwriting ♣ Cognitive Domain. ♣ Synthetic Objective ♣ It follows certain steps and aims at expressing a point. Writing


8 Quotes “Teach them to think and read and talk with self- repression, and they will write because they cannot help it. “ Anne Sullivan “It is perfectly okay to write garbage – as long as you edit brilliantly.” “ All writing is a process of elimination.“ Martha Albrand

9 Handwriting and Writing in English for Palestine

10 Types of Writing in E4P CreativeAcademic

11 G RADE 8, U NIT 7, PAGE 47 G RADE 12, U NIT 6, PAGE 65

12 E4P teaches Writing in Stages according to The Writing process The level English for Palestine’s Writing stages


14 G RADE 11, U NIT 3, P AGE 31

15 Writing Stages according to the level Explanation GradeStage ☻ Exercises focus on teaching students how to write letters correctly and words about pictures (Handwriting) 1-21 st ☻ Exercises concentrate in writing complete short sentences by answering questions or a picture. 4-31 st ☻ Students learn to describe pictures and to write long sentences They learn to follow simple punctuation rules (comma, fullstop, etc). 5-62 nd ☻ Ss learn to write paragraphs, letters (informal-formal). The Exercises develop paragraphs’ structure (topic sentences, coherence..etc) 7-102 nd ☻ Ss learn to write essays, letters(formal-informal), advanced punctuation. 11-123rd

16 G RADE 2, UNIT 1, PAGE 5

17 G RADE 3, UNIT 16, PAGE 41

18 G RADE 6, UNIT 17, PAGE 73

19 (WB)G RADE 9, UNIT 3, PAGE 16

20 G RADE 11, U NIT 6, P AGE 65

21 Handwriting Skills involve Holding the pencil in the right way. Matching between the sight and the hand’s movement. Getting used to legible handwriting. Differentiation between capital and small letters. Writing from left to right. Lower Levels PageUnitGrade 4781

22 G RADE 1, U NIT 8, P AGE 47

23 Handwriting skills focus here on the legible handwriting. The correct format of words, sentences, letters paragraphs and (leaving spaces, margin, etc) Higher Levels Handwriting Skills involve PageUnitGrade 3787

24 G RADE 7, UNIT 8, PAGE 37

25 Writing models and their pedagogical advantages Give Ss steps to follow Motivate Ss to write Facilitate the writing exercises E4P largely uses examples and models

26 TaskPageLessonUnitGradeStage Writing Sentences 11Period 2 24 th 1 st Writing Composition 2510211 th 3 rd

27 G RADE 4, U NIT 2, P AGE 11

28 GRADE 11, UNIT 2, PAGE 25

29 Writing Exercises’ models Sufficiency They enable Ss to write about the given tasks. The examples suit the Ss Stages. They are presented in different ways. Sufficient Examples The different tasks in the unit facilitate the writing exercise( reading passages & picture)

30 Too Difficult Exercises?!!

31 TaskPageLessonUnitGradeStage Writing Paragraphs 934237 th 2 nd Writing Essay9410912 th 3 rd Difficult Writing Exercises

32 G RADE 12, U NIT 9, PAGE 94

33 G RADE 7 WB

34 Variety of Exercises Fill the gaps Order sentences Write a short paragraph Describe a picture Answer WH Q then write a paragraph Complete the table then write Summarize Follow the given model (letters) Oder a story then write a paragraph


36 G RADE 2, U NIT 10, PAGE 5

37 G RADE 10, U NIT 1, P AGE 3 (W ORKBOOK )

38 Uninteresting Topic in E4P Writing Exercises ☼ Some of E4P writing exercises require Ss to write about topics that don’t attract their interest. ☼ The disinterest may results from 1- Boring Topics 2- Topics that are out of the students’ scope of interest. 3-The continues repetition of some points(letters- comma’s usage)


40 G RADE 8, U NIT 11, P AGE 64,65 (WB)

41 G RADE 12, U NIT 5, P AGE 55

42 Writing Exercises and Themes ▓ Relating the tasks mostly to the unit’s\lesson’s themes especially in the upper levels ◙ Such strategy enables Ss to collect ideas, vocabularies and expressions from the unit and its themes which facilitates the writing process ◙ This also relates their ability to do the task to the previous given information. English for Palestine’s writing exercises are characterized by:.


44 G RADE 7, U NIT 7, P AGE 33

45 G RADE 11, U NIT 1, P AGE 15

46 G RADE 6, U NIT 21, P AGE 89

47 Problems and Suggestions in E4P’s Writing Tasks

48 Why do students find difficulty in writing? Teachers tend to ignore writing exercises. The undesired mixture between writing and other skills’ tasks. Lack of application in schools. The absence of constructive feedback.

49 How can we teach writing effectively? Extra excises. Further Application of the tasks in Ss daily life. Constructive feedback. Productive interaction between teachers and their students. Visual aid methods. Email, blogs and facebook usage.

50 Note

51 Thank You For Paying Attention..^.^..

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