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VOCABULARY For the High School Student HAROLD LEVINE

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1 VOCABULARY For the High School Student HAROLD LEVINE


3 1. ADJOURN Verb Close a meeting; suspend the business of a meeting; disband; recess When we visited Washington D.C., Congress was not in session; it had adjourned for the Thanksgiving weekend.

4 2. ASTUTE Adjective Shrewd; wise, perspicacious; sagacious
Marie was the only one to solve the riddle; she is a very astute thinker. Crafty; cunning; sly; wily An astute Greek tricked the Trojans into opening the gates of Troy.

5 3. CENSURE Noun Act of blaming; expression of disapproval; hostile criticism; rebuke; reprimand Bill was about to reach for a third slice of cake but was stopped by a look of censure in Mother’s eyes.

6 4. DEMOLISH Verb Tear down; destroy; raze; smash; wreck
It took several days for the wrecking crew to demolish the old building. DEMOLITION Noun destruction

7 5. DISCHARGE Verb Unload After discharging its cargo, the ship will go into dry dock for repairs. Dismiss, fire One employee was discharged.

8 6. DISSENT Verb Differ in opinion; disagree; object
There was nearly complete agreement on Peter’s proposal. Linda and Alicia were the only ones who dissented. DISSENSION Noun discord; conflict; strife

9 7. EQUITABLE Adjective Fair to all concerned; just; impartial; objective; unbiased The only equitable way for the three to share the $600 profit is for each to receive $200. INEQUITABLE Noun Unfair; unjust

10 8. EXONERATE Verb Free from blame; clear from accusation; acquit; absolve The other driver exonerated Isabel of any responsibility for the accident.

11 Composed or spoken without preparation; offhand; impromptu; improvised
9. EXTEMPORANEOUS Adjective Composed or spoken without preparation; offhand; impromptu; improvised It was obvious that the speaker’s talk was memorized, though she tried to make it seem extemporaneous.

12 10. EXTRICATE Verb Free from difficulties; disentangle; disencumber; release If you let your assignments pile up, you may get into a situation from which you will not be able to extricate yourself.

13 11. FORFEIT Verb Lose or have to give up as a penalty for some error, neglect, or fault; sacrifice One customer gave a $150 deposit on an order of slipcovers. When they were delivered, she decided she didn’t want them. Of course, she forfeited her deposit.

14 12. ILLEGIBLE Adjective Not able to be read; very hard to read; not legible; undecipherable It is fortunate that Roger does his reports on a word processor because his handwriting is illegible. LEGIBLE Easy to read; readable

15 13. INADVERTENTLY Adverb Not done on purpose; unintentionally; thoughtlessly; accidentally; carelessly I finally found my glasses on the windowsill. I must have left them there inadvertently.

16 14. INAPPROPRIATE Adjective
Not fitting; unsuitable; unbecoming; not appropriate; improper Since I was the one who nominated Bruce, it would be inappropriate for me to vote for another candidate. APPROPRIATE Fitting; proper

17 15. LUCRATIVE Adjective Money-making; profitable; advantageous; remunerative This year’s school dance was not so lucrative; we made only $70 compare to $240 last year.

18 Disagree; object; differ in opinion Sacrifice Improper; unsuitable
Lucrative; inappropriate; inadvertently; illegible; forfeit; extricate; extemporaneous; exonerate; equitable; dissent; discharge; demolish; censure; astute; adjourn Making-money Acquit; absolve Disagree; object; differ in opinion Sacrifice Improper; unsuitable Not done on purpose Free from difficulties Not able to be read Impromptu; improvised Impartial; unbiased Wise; sagacious Raze Hostile criticism Recess; disband unload

19 1. PERMANENT Adjective Lasting; enduring; intended to last; stable
Write to me at my temporary address, the Gateway Hotel. As soon as I find an apartment, I shall notify you of my permanent address.

20 2. PROHIBIT Verb Forbid; ban; enjoin; interdict
The library’s regulations prohibit the borrowing of reference books. PROHIBITION Noun Ban; taboo; interdiction

21 3. PUNCTUAL Adjective On time; prompt; timely
Be punctual. If you are late, we shall have to depart without you. PUNCTUALITY Noun promptness

22 4. REBUKE Verb Express disapproval of; criticize sharply; censure severely; reprimand; reprove Our coach rebuked the two players who were late for practice, but praised the rest of the team for their punctuality.

23 5. TRANSIENT Adjective Not lasting; passing soon; fleeting; short-lived; momentary; ephemeral; transitory It rained all day upstate, but down here we had only a transient shower; it was over in minutes. TRANSIENT Noun Guest staying for only a short time The hotel’s customers are mainly transients; only a few are permanent guests.


25 It is wrong to. Sam only, with not one word of
It is wrong to *** Sam only, with not one word of *** for the three others who are equally blameworthy. As it was getting late, Lucy made a motion to *** the meeting. A boxer who deliberately uses tactics that the rules of the ring *** will almost surely *** the bout. A letter with a(n) *** address is undeliverable.

26 The complex has eighty unfurnished apartments to lease to
The complex has eighty unfurnished apartments to lease to *** tenants and four furnished ones to accommodate *** families. Has the company agreed not to *** toxic wastes into the river? Those who *** say they will not support the proposed settlement unless it is made more ***.

27 Her remarks were not ***; they had been prepared in advance.
The corporation’s *** new line of breakfast cereals should enable it to *** itself from its financial difficulties. Martha dashed out, *** leaving her keys behind.

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