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Aly Moore, UOC Chair 2012-1013

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1 Aly Moore, UOC Chair 2012-1013

2 2012-2013 Liaison Officers Aly Moore BR ‘14 Adin Lykken CC ‘14 Bobby Dresser PC ‘14 Joel Sircus TC ‘14 Tiffany Fan DC ‘14 John Aroutiounian JE ‘15 Joy Shan CC ‘15 Mohammad Salhut SY ‘14 Aarti Daryanani PC ’15 Bianca Kim ES ‘15 Lynnli Wang TD ‘15 Yuchen Liu CC ‘15 Andrew Stein TD ‘16 Brian Lei CC ‘16 Tony Yin DC ‘16

3 Wait… what happened to the UOFC?


5 Basically, we EVOLVED.

6 New UOC Approve Groups Special Events Policy Capital Equipment

7 Ok, so what do we do? The UOC is a board of students who serve: To act as liaisons between student organizations and the Yale administration To fund student organization activities To provide capital equipment To listen to organization policy concerns

8 What’s new this year? Expansion of capital equipment system Working on room reservation (we want your opinions!) Registering Groups Increased transparency

9 What’s new this year? Expansion of capital equipment system Working on room reservation (we want your opinions!) Registering Groups Increased transparency

10 What’s new this year? Dinner Meetings Roundtable Discussions Office Hours Workshops – How to apply for funding – How to plan a special event – How to rent capital equipment – How to create a group

11 Let’s Talk MONEY Main Funding: -Sept 28 -Oct 12 -Oct 26 -Nov 9 -Nov 23 -Nov 30 Special Events: -Sept 21 -Oct 5 -Oct 19 -Nov 2 -Nov 23 -Nov 30 Funding Deadlines: Fall 2012 Deadlines

12 Funding Timeline Friday at noon- funding deadline Friday-Monday - liaisons contact organizations with questions, suggestions Monday Night- allocation meeting Next Friday after 11am-check pickups in Yale College Business Office (55 Whitney, 6th floor)

13 Funding Guidelines Events funded by the Committee are expected to: –Be open to the entire Yale community –Take place on campus –Take place during the SAME semester as the funding application is reviewed –Benefit/ Impact the Yale community as a whole and undergraduates in particular –Serve as an educational or cultural supplement to the normal university curriculum –Have costs kept to a minimum –Have funding from sources besides the UOFC –Show need for funding

14 How do I apply? 1.Register your organization with the Yale College Dean’s Office at organizations 2.Apply online for funding at 3.Submit receipts with Receipt Submission form provided by Business Office Questions? Contact or contact your

15 Funding Guidelines $600 per semester –$300 per semester for new organizations Food/Beverage: $100 max Groups don't have to claim the full amount in a single round. UOC does not fund the purchase of alcohol, firearms, tobacco, and other illegal products. Groups can have fall funding moved to spring funding, but must contact the UOC in order to do so. You can also have your spring funding moved to the fall if you have a major fall event.

16 Funding Guidelines Guests –Transportation: train rate within Boston/DC range, airline rate otherwise –Housing: may stay at hotel, but funded at the current residential college guest suite rate –Meals: may eat at restaurant, but funded at the current university dining hall rate Capital equipment, uniforms, clothing props –May fund, but must prove they will remain within organization (need letter from Yale administrator)

17 Funding Guidelines T-shirts! –We fund the printing on the shirt (advertisement) but not the shirt itself (giveaway)

18 Funding Guidelines Cannot fund –Student Transportation –Prizes –Public giveaways –Website hosting/ development –Honoraria –Capital equipment rental if offered by UOC –Dues –Coaches

19 Special Events Funding Rolling grants –For anything ranging from performances to speaker series to parties to educational delights –We encourage creativity! –Campus-wide impact –5 deadlines, 5 review meetings –There are no specific grant limits, but the board looks favorably on events that have instituted cost-cutting measures. –Cannot charge –Must advertise the UOC!

20 Capital Equipment Program FREE rental of commonly used equipment (speakers, projectors, cameras, etc.) Reserve equipment on online website. –At least 72 hours (3 days) in advance –Must be registered organization –CANNOT bring off campus

21 Capital Equipment Program Goals: –Acquire more carts –Expand room –Simpler renting –Lower late fee –Additions to clarify website

22 UOC Financial Guidelines provided by the Yale College Business Office 2012-2013 22

23 23 Responsibilities of the Organization Please pick up and deposit checks within ONE WEEK of award issuance. – If for any reason you are unable to pick up the check promptly notify Betty Jane at elizabeth- A receipt submission form and receipt protocol will be attached to your check. Collect and retain receipts for ALL expenses related to UOC funds.

24 24 Undergraduate Organization Award Checks Awards allocated by UOC at Monday night meetings List of Award recipients forwarded to the YCBO on Tuesday Checks to the organizations prepared and issued by Betty Jane Schiller at the Yale College Business Office and counter signed by Aly Moore, UOC Chair Checks are available for pick up by organization officers at the YCBO starting the following Friday from 10:00 a.m. – Noon and 1:00 – 4:00 p.m. and only during UOC office hours after that time. 24

25 25 Acceptable Receipts A receipt should be legible and include the following information: Name of Vendor / Payee Date of purchase or service rendered Amount paid Clear description of what was purchased or the service performed Number each receipt and list each receipt on the UOC receipt submission form It is your responsibility to attach the numbered receipts to a completed signed receipt submission form for return to Betty Jane at the YCBO 25

26 26 Unacceptable Receipts An order form, e-order, or invoice for payment due is not a payment verification Ask vendors to provide a clear legible receipt that verifies payment Publications: A price quote is NOT a payment verification. Ask printers to provide proof of payment on your print balance

27 Missing Receipts It’s your responsibilities to collect and turn in ALL receipts. If a receipt $75 or more can’t be found, contact Betty Jane Schiller for a Missing Receipt form. 27

28 28 Refunds to UOC Any unused award funds must be refunded with a check payable to “UOC” Attach the check with your completed receipt submission form and all relevant receipts

29 29 Warning Failure to substantiate expenses or return unused funds may result in the following: –No future awards to the organization until the prior award is closed out –The Organization’s registration may be suspended –Officers of the organization may not become officers in other organizations

30 UOC Office Hours Yale College Business Office 55 Whitney Ave. 6 th floor, Suite 630 Every Wednesday during the semester 1:00 – 4:00 p.m. Friday 9:00 a.m.- Noon and 1:00-4:00 p.m. UOC Award checks will be available for pickup the Friday following each UOC meeting and during UOC business hours after that.

31 Summary Pick up and deposit award checks quickly Collect ALL relevant UOC receipts ALL receipts must be returned in one package For each award attach ALL receipts to one completed & signed Receipt Submission Form, with a check payable to ‘UOC” for unused funds, if applicable Contact Betty Jane with any questions concerning receipts or UOC checks 31

32 UOC Contact Information Betty Jane Schiller Yale College Business Office 55 Whitney Avenue, 6 th floor – 436-9703 Daniel O. Smith Director, Yale College Finance Yale College Business Office 55 Whitney Avenue, 6 th floor Aly Moore, BR 2014 Chair, Undergraduate Organizations Committee 32

33 UOC Contact Information 33 Hey I haven’t met all of you. This might be crazy. But here’s my number. So call me maybe (only if you really need to) ? 805-231-5363

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