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Vocabulary List Latin Prefixes 13-18.

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1 Vocabulary List Latin Prefixes 13-18

2 Latin Prefixes 13-18 In-, Il-, Im-, Ir-: “not,” “un”
Il (not) + legible (clear enough to read)= illegible, impossible or hard to read.

3 Impunity In which case should a mistake be treated with impunity?

4 Incessant Is there any case when incessant nagging gets results?

5 Inhospitable When have you ever been treated inhospitably? What did you do?

6 Irrevocable Has anyone in your life ever made an irrevocable decision in which you completely disagreed?

7 Irrelevant What are some things that celebrities do when they start to become irrelevant?

8 Latin Prefixes Bene-: “good,” “well”
Bene (good)+ dicere--diction (to say)= literally “good saying” Mal-, Male-: “evil,” “ill,” “bad,” “badly” Mal (bad)+ Adjusted (adapt; become used to)= Badly adjusted.

9 Benefactor and Malefactor
Would you rather be stranded on a desert island with a benefactor or malefactor?

10 Benevolent When was the last time you performed a benevolent deed?

11 Malnutrition What is the best way to avoid malnutrition?

12 Latin Prefixes De-: “down,” “down from,” “opposite of”
De (down) + Via (traveling through a place)= Deviate (turn aside or down; stray; wander).

13 Deviate Fido and Tom like to deviate from the norm.

14 Depreciate What are some issues that cause a home to depreciate in value?

15 Latin Prefixes Dis- “Opposite of,” “differently,” “apart,” “away”
Dis (opposite of) + content (satisfied)= discontent (dissatisfied)

16 Disrepair Does it make sense to demolish all buildings in disrepair? Why or why not?

17 Dispassionate When in life is it important to be dispassionate?

18 Latin Prefixes SE- “apart”
Se (apart) + Cede (give up power or territory) = secede (literally “go apart”)

19 Secede I may have to secede from Team Edward and move to Team Jacob.

20 Seclude Where is the most secluded place in your house?

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