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Umpire Information Meetings January 2015. Background Welcome to the 2015 DYBA Umpire Program! Purpose –Introduction –Required Forms and Applications –Training.

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1 Umpire Information Meetings January 2015

2 Background Welcome to the 2015 DYBA Umpire Program! Purpose –Introduction –Required Forms and Applications –Training and Pay –The Umpiring Process –Scheduling –Expectations and Safety Sign in sheets Email list and website – check regularly Ask questions at any time! 1

3 Everything you need to know… …is on under the “Umpires” tab 2

4 Program Introduction

5 Leadership Tom Siciliano Director of Umpires Mike Strauss Master Scheduler Day Job Lab Technician at Abbott Labs. Owner Dairy Queen. Lawyer at Schlesinger & Strauss Experience First year as Director Previously Scheduler “Lots of years” as Oriole Park/IHSA umpire 5 (recent) years as Scheduler “Many years” as DYBA/IHSA umpire Program Responsibilities Overall responsibility for umpire program and scheduling Staff, pay, training, rules, and other administration DYBA Board Umpire, field and team scheduling across leagues Assist with program administration Evaluations Provide input on umpire pay rates 3

6 Leadership (cont’d) Jon Bromberg Umpire Supervisor Will Lederer Umpire Supervisor Day Job Junior at Bowling Green State Senior at Loyola Academy Experience 9 years as DYBA umpire 6 years as DYBA umpire Program Responsibilities Assist with program administration Evaluations Provide input on umpire pay rates Assist with program administration Evaluations Provide input on umpire pay rates 4

7 Leadership (cont’d) Umpire Evaluators –Jon Brown –Aaron Moeckler –Sam Schwaeber –Luke Strotman All of us are here to help you – and the rest of the DYBA community Please remember… this is not a full time job for any of us –We do this because we want to be here! 5

8 Mission Statement As a community-based program, our emphasis is on providing a challenging, exciting and shaping experience to all aspiring officials. While each should strive to be the best official possible, our focus will always be on those aspects of officiating we can control; dedication, hustle, effort and knowledge of the rules are far more important than getting the call right. Just like playing and coaching, umpiring is an on- going learning experience. As a program, it is our responsibility to put the tools in place for each of our participant’s success while providing the support to make that success possible. This also extends to our adult and state-certified travel umpires, though we expect an added level of professionalism and conduct from those individuals. 6

9 Welcome Parents Please help support your son or daughter Remember: this is a job, and they must take full responsibility Do not contact us on behalf of your child – unless it is an emergency or extenuating circumstance Drawing the line between DYBA as a parent/coach/volunteer and the umpire program We take notes! If your parent could not make it today, please pass this along 7

10 Required Forms and Applications

11 Umpire Application –Complete again – every year –Double check before submitting –What if I need your Social Security Number? –Confidentiality –Code of Conduct Link: Complete ASAP 8

12 Required Forms and Applications Email List –Do not need to subscribe again –Pre-season, pay, scheduling, etc. –Primary means of communication –IHSA umpire? Email Tom Link: Complete ASAP 9

13 Work Permit Only required if you will be under 16 as of April 15, 2015 Illinois Labor Law for minors to work and get paid Your admissions ticket to the clinics in April (yellow copy) How to obtain: –Not through DYBA (or me!) –Varies by school and district, what I know is on –Need “Letter of Intent” from –Birth certificate or passport –Social security card –Parent, minor and parent’s signature Get Started ASAP 10

14 Training and Pay

15 Umpire Clinics Details to be posted online and sent via email when available New format for 2014 For new umpires: typically in April – likely second weekend (immediately prior to season) Pre-Season 11

16 Umpire Evaluations Umpire Supervisors train and oversee evaluators Evaluators give on field feedback and make recommendations for promotion/demotion based on criteria to Tom Earn bonuses or league promotions Constructive feedback, not criticism Request an evaluation – use online form –Promotions never guaranteed – but the numbers don’t lie! In-Season 12

17 Pay Rates Merit-based pay scale Promotions based solely on listed criteria –Before you ask, do a self-evaluation – or automatic demotion Five levels beginning at $16/game for Level 1 umpires –Must meet and continue to meet all criteria at and below your level Bonuses per myself, umpire administration or DYBA Board Members/League Presidents IHSA umpires: email Tom –$45-55/game, only ones working travel 13

18 Example: Level 1 Criteria Level 1 ($16) Generally new umpires with less than 25 games experience Complies with all provisions of the DYBA Umpire Code of Conduct Enforces basic safety rules: removing bats, balls and other hazards from the playing field, keeps spectators at the appropriate distance, players in dugout Uses plate equipment properly: chest protector is held high to cover the neck and arms ar e tucked neatly behind (no exposed elbows), mask worn securely, shin guards do not com e loose Wears appropriate uniform: DYBA umpire t‐shirt with non‐frayed, non‐soiled blue jeans, g ym shoes or cleats, baseball cap Displays positive attitude, effort and willingness to learn and improve Clear knowledge of DYBA Mustang‐level and basic baseball/softball rules Projects calls loudly and clearly, communicates decisions effectively Hustle: into and out of position in‐between innings and between hitters Field mechanics: proper use of A position, some knowledge of distinction between B and C positions Arrives 15 minutes before game time, steps onto field at least 10 minutes before, conducts pre‐game conference 5 minutes before, begins game on time 14

19 Request an Umpire Evaluation The best way to earn a promotion is to ask for an evaluation… 15

20 Pay Slips Required to get paid Available on – can customize Full and complete or I cannot pay you! Submit online only at the end of each pay period –Email from Tom announcing window to submit pay slips –Hard copies are no longer accepted as of 2013 season –I then review all slips – don’t lie! –DYBA Treasurer reviews and issues checks –Typically takes several weeks to process and mail checks 16

21 Example Pay Slip 17

22 Submit Invoice Online Make sure to scan/photograph your pay slips so they are legible! 18

23 The Umpiring Process

24 Required Equipment One time issue: clicker, brush and t-shirt –Handed out at clinics –Also available at the Woodland Park equipment shed, hours online once the season starts At each field: shin guards, chest protector and facemask –If missing or damaged, check a nearby field –Email Tom ( after the DYBA Rulebook: print from website To wear: protective cup, jeans (no shorts or sweats) Pre-Season 19

25 The Umpiring Process Before you leave home –Umpire shirt on outermost layer –You are the boss – dress like it (jeans, no shorts or sweats) –Equipment from you: clicker, brush, pay slip, pen, water bottle, watch, small bag for cell phone, etc. –Dress for the weather (spring, night games) At Home 20

26 The Umpiring Process (cont’d) Do a walk-through, checking the bases and field for safety issues Review foul ball and in-play territories in the DYBA Rulebook Obtain two new balls from the home team Ask for both managers for a ground rules meeting 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start – set the tone! Get your pay slip signed at this meeting Before Game Time 21

27 The Umpiring Process (cont’d) More at the clinics… but first an introduction Start on time Consistent tone throughout Keep the game moving –Especially between innings Play Ball! 22

28 Scheduling

29 Scheduling Policies How do I schedule games? 1)Schedule released, announced via email 2)Umpires submit requests for games online 3)Mike reviews requests 4)Assignments released online, announced via email Between releases of the schedule… Continue to check online and request games as they come up 23

30 Scheduling Policies (cont’d) Mike is the boss! Travel games are for patched umpires only – email Tom and Mike If you sub for a friend, email Mike ASAP Don’t miss or cancel a game –Suspension –Termination –Scheduling penalties 24

31 Scheduling Policies (cont’d) Rain, lightning, etc. –Phone call or email before game – no payment –No notification, teams don’t show – 25% of your pay rate –One pitch or more – full pay If you need to cancel –Game assignments are a commitment to DYBA –All cancellations are noted –48 hours or more – email to Mike (, possible –Less than 48 hours – 1-5 game suspension –No-show – season suspension or permanent termination –Emergency – call and email as soon as possible 25

32 The DYBA Master Schedule Visit and click on “Schedule” tab 26

33 The DYBA Master Schedule (cont’d) Date and time are on the vertical axis 27

34 The DYBA Master Schedule (cont’d) Fields and league are on the horizontal axis 28

35 The DYBA Master Schedule (cont’d) Events and umpires assigned are in separate columns 29

36 The DYBA Master Schedule (cont’d) Blue boxes indicate house league games; yellow is for travel 30

37 The DYBA Master Schedule (cont’d) Umpires are assigned using the coding system – know yours! 31

38 Scheduling Forms for Umpires Request games by clicking the form below 32

39 Scheduling Forms for Umpires (cont’d) Request games by filling out the form below completely 33

40 Scheduling Forms for Umpires (cont’d) All forms are requests and do not guarantee assignments or changes Often multiple requests are submitted for the same slot at once Wait for confirmation: 1) online schedule posted and announced via email; or 2) email/call from Mike for one-off requests 34

41 Scheduling Recap Use the online forms – do not email Mike unless it is an emergency or… –New umpires requesting to work with experienced umpires –Umpires requesting to work with friends, near home, etc. –Extenuating circumstance Reminder – do not cancel! 35

42 Program Expectations

43 Our Expectations Safety is always our first priority Know the rules, positions and mechanics –Pay attention at the clinics, keep reviewing –Ask questions Be loud and decisive –Even if you make the wrong call –“Closer the play, louder the call” Look like an umpire –Dress and equipment Hustle –Often appreciated most by managers and coaches –Very obvious 36

44 Our Expectations (cont’d) Safety is always our first priority No iPods or cell phones during the game – even to keep time Turn them off 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start Never use between innings Coaches, managers, board members will be watching! You will be suspended, terminated and or penalized – this is an issue with both professionalism and safety 37

45 Our Expectations (cont’d) Safety is always our first priority This is a job – act professional and you will be treated that way I have no problem penalizing, suspending or terminating umpires – beginning at the clinics I will always stand by you and your decisions, even if they are “wrong” You are representing the community, DYBA and yourself 38

46 Lightning Lightning is a serious safety issue – and therefore a priority for our program All umpires are responsible for the official policy on Once you arrive at the field, you are the boss! Common sense policy –If you see lightning or hear thunder, clear the field immediately –If Thorguard goes off, clear the field immediately –If the Thorguard system at your field does not go off but you hear it sounding at a nearby location, clear the field immediately –If teams at other fields are leaving, clear the field immediately –If you show up and the light is flashing, stay off the field –Stay off the field while the light blinks, you hear lightning or the horn continues –Do not return until the all-clear is sounded (three horns, light stops flashing completely) 39

47 Lightning (cont’d) Lightning is a serious safety issue – and therefore a priority for our program During lightening delays – the time limit still applies Don’t wait two hours if the weather is obviously not going to clear or if the field gets too wet to play – work with the coaches to make this decision Coaches and managers will assist you with enforcing this policy 40

48 Lightning (cont’d) Lightning is a serious safety issue – and therefore a priority for our program Key Takeaways –Safety is the primary concern – I will always back you up –No questions asked – they can call me if they want to discuss –Use common sense and do not hesitate, no risks 41

49 Contact Us All contact information is online at – add us to your contacts! Email –General questions/umpire-specific issues/pay  Tom: –Scheduling  Mike: –Evaluations/things you do not want to ask Tom/Mike  Address for work permits –Turn them in at the clinics –Email Tom 42

50 Questions? Ask now, in April, or send us an email Remember: Upcoming Clinics –Required –Format to change –In April, dates and times TBA via email Final Reminders –Application on under “Umpires” then “Join Us” –Email list (same place) –Review this PowerPoint, the Code of Conduct, and Pay Scale online 43

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