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Healthcare Strategy Forum Southern Acute Programme Update.

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1 Healthcare Strategy Forum Southern Acute Programme Update

2 Introducing…. David Corbett, Southern Acute Programme Manager Geoff Broome, Director at Apira What we intend to cover: – What is the Southern Acute Programme? – Why use this approach? – Who is involved? – How is this governed? – Where are we with the projects? – Example benefits - EDM – What next? – Time for Questions…

3 What is the Southern Acute Collaborative Programme? 6 groups of Trusts working on a range of procurement projects for clinical systems – E.g. EPMA; EDM; Full EPR toolsets; clinical portals Supporting national goals e.g. 2018 paperless, Francis response, Nicholson challenge… – To drive patient safety and efficiency agendas Local focus and ownership – Supported by HSCIC team

4 Why use this approach? Access to funding and central assistance Economies of scale – in project costs – in supplier negotiations – especially relevant for smaller Trusts Brings Informatics professionals together Able to conduct exemplar procurement High profile enhances focus and Executive engagement “Best of both worlds” – local focus, national help – Subsidiarity

5 Salisbury Royal Surrey Heatherwood & Wexham Yeovil Dorset County Poole Frimley Park Ashford & St Peters Gloucestershire Plymouth Royal Bournemouth Portsmouth Western Sussex East Sussex Queen Victoria South Devon Northern Devon Group A SC&W EPMA TrustsSalisbury, Poole, Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch, Portsmouth, Royal Surrey, UH Bristol ProductsEPMA (Best of Breed) Group B Sussex Strategic Network TrustsQueen Victoria Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, East Sussex, Healthcare NHS Trust, Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust ProductsClinical Portal, EDM (Best of Breed) Group C South Devon Informatics TrustsSouth Devon Healthcare, Torbay and South Devon Care Trust, WAST, Rowcroft Hospice, and Southern Devon GP Practices (via Commissioners) ProductsePrescribing, (Best of Breed) Group E SmartCare TrustsGloucestershire, Northern Devon Yeovil District Hospital ProductsPAS+, ePX, Pharmacy/ Pharmacy Stock Control, Clinical docs, Order Comms, Clinical portal Theatres, A&E, Maternity (integrated) Group D Kent TrustsEast Kent Hospitals, Maidstone Tunbridge Wells ProductsPAS+, Clinical Portal, Maternity (Best of Breed) Bristol Group F EDM TrustsFrimley Park. Ashford and St Peters Dorset County, Heatherwood & W. ProductsCEDM (Best of Breed) Maidstone East Kent Who is involved so far? P11 South Acute Programme (SAcP)

6 Typical Governance arrangements Southern Programme for IT Board Group Procurement Assurance Group Central Review Team SAcP Steering Group Group X Collaborative Steering Group Trust Executive Approval Route X Trust Trust Project Board Trust Project Board Project Deliverables Investment decisions QA Trust Project Board Trust Project Board Trust Project Board Trust Project Board Recommendations

7 Where are we with the projects? Groups at different stages but generally… – Businesses cases done and awaiting final funding approval from Treasury (DH approved already) Cash releasing and non cash releasing benefits modelled over a 7 year period – Specifications written, other procurement documents drafted – Procurement approaches agreed – Suppliers engaged regarding requirements and commercial models – Stakeholders engaged

8 Example benefits – EDM Searchable – easy to find things quickly Shareable – instantly with colleagues, GPs and patients at no marginal cost (no pulling of records) and in multiple locations simultaneously Selectable – relevant information to clinician, alerting Secure – auditable access, not lost See-able – legible, timelined, can be zoomed, annotated Space saving – estates cash released Saved – retained until not needed and destroyed securely when necessary

9 Apira roles Supporting Groups A and F – EPMA and EDM projects respectively Business case development and production – Local and national approvals Local stakeholder engagement National team liaison Supplier engagement Project management

10 What happens next? DateMilestone February 2013Providers start to finalise procurement documentation sets April / May 2013Cabinet Office ICT Spend Approval HM Treasury OBC Approval SPB approve launch of first procurement May / June 2013Start of first procurement (First OJEU notice issued) P16

11 Questions? More information? – – 07831 502 138 – – 07795 641 287

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