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Ideal presentation for an

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1 Ideal presentation for an
Annual General Meeting (AGM)

2 Meaning of Annual General Meeting
A mandatory, public yearly gathering of a publicly traded company's executives, directors and interested shareholders. At the annual general meeting, the CEO and director typically speak, and the company presents its annual report, which contains information for shareholders about its performance and strategy.

3 Vocabulary Proxy : The authority to represent someone else, especially in voting. Elapse : (Of time) pass or go by. Legible : (Of handwriting or print) clear enough to read. Casting vote : An extra vote given by a chairperson to decide an issue when the votes on each side are equal. Motions : A formal proposal put to a legislature or committee. Spur of the moment : On impulse; without planning in advance. Stance : A person's posture.

4 An Ideal Presentation for Annual General Meeting (AGM)
Planning content for talks PART 1: List possible audience questions Plan your aim(s) upfront Choose the “NEWS” about topic Include significance Keep background relevant

5 PART 2: Explain methods when appropriate 1. Related to the “news” (main point) 2. Necessary to understand talk Explain (don’t just show) data Plan a conclusion Preview future work Remember what it was like not to know Talk to prospective audience members or imagine them - list their questions Organize information in chunks, going from what they know to what they don’t Include topic’s significance Tie new info to previous studies or relevant events - motivate !! Organize from listeners’ point of view Principle is “GIVEN to NEW”

6 Getting started Create a slide show with storyboards, not a script Use the slide show... 1. To select important topics and issues 2. To organize content 3. To create a hierarchy To select a design, ask yourself: 1. What professional image do I want to project? 2. In what type of room will I give my talk? 1. Well-lit room: use light background / dark text and visuals 2. Dimly-lit room: use dark background / light text and visuals

7 Set up “Slide Master” Design the “look” of your slide show Choose appropriate template Select pre-designed, color coordinated presentation templates Choose “slide layouts” for slides Select from 12 “master slide styles” under “FORMAT” menu to build your show Project a clear font

8 Displaying Text Use bullets Use short phrases
Use grammatical parallelism Use only essential info Guide the eyes of audience with hierarchy, colour Use big, legible fonts and framing blank space Bullets help audience skim the slide Bullets help audience see relationships between information points

9 Displaying Visuals Select visuals purposefully
1. What visuals illustrate a point? 2. Make a claim? 3. Help to prove an argument? Design easy-to-read visuals Are the visuals easy to read by all members of your audience? Draw attention to aspects of visuals How will you draw attention to certain features of the visual? Insert needed visuals Use color Resize appropriately Draw attention

10 Animating Custom animation allows you to animate text, visuals, or line work Custom animation should be used purposefully (and sparingly!) 1. Animating should help audience comprehend your message 2. Don’t animate solely for aesthetic purposes

11 Delivery Adapt to Physical, Cultural Environment Stance
1. Body language 2. Handling notes Gestures Eye contact Voice quality 1. Volume 2. Inflection 3. Pace

12 Handling questions Listen Repeat or rephrase Watch body language
Don’t bluff

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