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LHS JR. / SR. PARENT NIGHT Meet and Greet Your LHS School Counselors.

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1 LHS JR. / SR. PARENT NIGHT Meet and Greet Your LHS School Counselors

2 LHS – Guidance - Website

3 How do we pay for college???? Loans Grants Work Study ▪ Scholarships ▪ Books ▪ Tuition ▪ Meal Plans ▪ Financial Aid

4 National Percentage of Undergraduate Students Borrowing Federal Stafford Loans

5 + 186% Student Borrowing: North Carolina Total Dollars Borrowed for Stafford Loans

6 College Costs: North Carolina Average Tuition and Fees at North Carolina Institutions

7 Financial Assistance: North Carolina Total Student Financial Aid Awarded (in millions, rounded)

8 Fafsa–Free Application for Federal Student Aid



11 - Manual

12 Career Cruising - Handout

13 Official Transcript Request ▪ School counseling office ▪ Form to be filled out. ▪ Student will pick up and mail.


15 valid, up-to-date, and acceptable form of identification = photo

16 SAT - ID documents must: ▪ be government or school issued ▪ be original document — photocopied documents are not acceptable ▪ be valid and current — expired documents (bearing expiration dates that have passed) are not acceptable, no matter how recently they may have expired ▪ bear the test-taker's full name, exactly as it appears on the Admission Ticket ▪ bear photograph that clearly matches the test-taker ▪ be in good condition, with clearly legible text and a clearly visible photograph

17 NO ticket NO ID NO admission NO exception

18 ACT – ID documents ▪ a photo of yourself for identification purposes ▪ must be a head and shoulders shot of you—and only you. ▪ You must be facing the camera. ▪ You cannot wear dark glasses. ACT has a “phone app” that helps with uploading your photo.

19 College Visits ▪ Form in the School Counseling Office ▪ Two weeks in advance ▪ Open House or Private Visit ▪ 2 per year for seniors.

20 Information at LHS?? ▪ School Website / Calendar ▪ Teacher Website ▪ Automated Voice service is to your primary phone # Has yours changed??? ▪ Follow Petey the Pirate ▪ @PiratesLhs

21 Questions

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