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Creating Map Books ArcMap 10 Data Driven Pages

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1 Creating Map Books ArcMap 10 Data Driven Pages
Caitlin botschner Warren county soil and water conservation district

2 Create Grid Index Features Setup Data Driven Pages
Plan of Attack “Help” Layout Tools and Toolbars Create Grid Index Features Setup Data Driven Pages Export Review/Print Examples

3 “Help” Help page Print and take notes as you go for future reference
Helpful with settings Be open to trial and error for many settings Some trial and error is necessary to take notes on your printed out help pages for use next time.

4 Layout Setup your map in layout view first
Basic cartography: make sure layers are visible, labels are legible, scale is appropriate Create your layout: Title (data driven page name, number, or count can be inserted automatically using data driven pages) North arrow Scale (set scale to that of one page of your map book before creating your grid) Description or information about who created it

5 Layout

6 Tools and Toolbars Grid Index Feature tool:
Arc Toolbox > Cartography Tools > Data Driven Pages > Grid Index Feature

7 Tools and Toolbars Data Driven Pages toolbar
Customize > Toolbars > Data Driven Pages

8 Tools and Toolbars Labeling toolbar (optional)
Customize > Toolbars > Labeling Use Maplex Label Engine (enables you to stack the labels and to choose placement type such as roads or rivers)

9 Create Grid Index Feature
Tool allows you create the grid upon which your map book will be based

10 Create Grid Index Features
Definition query to display only features that you want included in the map book For example: inspection cycle, municipalities, or other categories My example- I only wanted basins on this year’s inspection cycle to be included, prevents having to create separate layers and subsets of data

11 Create Grid Index Features
Navigate to Grid Index Feature tool Set output location Choose feature that grids will be based upon (definition query may help) Check both boxes as shown at left Automatically uses layout scale (may need to try a few different ones before you find one that you like) Set polygon height and width as shown at left for 8.5 x 11” paper (automatically updates number of rows and columns)

12 Create Grid Index Features
Grid is automatically added to your map document Can always delete features from grid feature class if you have unnecessary blocks/pages

13 Create Grid Index Features
Review layout at grid scale (select one in attribute table and zoom to selected). Are features visible at this scale? Do the colors work? Can you distinguish between different labels? How many pages will your map book have? It is reasonable?

14 Setup Data Driven Pages
Add Data Driven Pages toolbar Check box to enable data driven pages

15 Setup Data Driven Pages
Definition tab: Select the grid you created as the index layer Label pages using page name

16 Setup Data Driven Pages
Extent tab: 99% avoids overlap of features on multiple pages 125% is default, helpful when you need to see edges of surrounding pages Look to “help” for more information about the settings What has worked for other users? Show comparison of two “extents”

17 Setup Data Driven Pages
125% Extent 99% Extent

18 Tips and Tricks Create a cover page or key for the map book using the grid Recommend using a separate .mxd to preserve your other layout Add page numbers Page text > Data Driven Page Name Format and move to use as title May want to turn off the grid layer in the table of contents to avoid extra lines on map (can cause confusion about which page things are on for inspectors, not an issue though for roadmaps where you may want to see overlap)

19 Exporting Map Book File > Export
Select “pages” tab to manage the data driven pages (will only be there when data driven pages are enabled) Save as PDF (then you can separate or merge documents to create your final map book) Can export single pages or entire booklet

20 Review/Print Review before printing Export to PDF so you can preview
Export one or two pages for review, then after you fix any errors of display or content export the entire map book

21 Map Book Example

22 Map Book Example

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