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PowerPoint Sample for Dept. of Physics, FUTA, M

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1 PowerPoint Sample for Dept. of Physics, FUTA, M
PowerPoint Sample for Dept. of Physics, FUTA, M.TECH Propositional Seminar by Ogunjo Samuel T PHY/09/9674 Supervised by: Dr. E. O. Ogolo

2 INTRODUCTION In this section you give a brief summary of key concepts in your proposed research title. An M.Tech student of the department of Physics is expected to make two (propositional and post-data) seminar before proceeding for registration of thesis title. This powerpoint is the template for the propositional seminar. Note that failure to follow this format may lead to your disqualification.

3 You can use this color scheme or any other scheme, however, you must note the following:
The theme you use must be legible Not more than four short points highlighted using bullets or numberings. Your slides must be large enough to be seen on a projector. Other highlights of your introduction can be extended to not more than eight slides.

4 LITERATURE REVIEW Odo E. A (2012) presented a seminar that enlightened students on the key issues in a seminar presentation. His study involved the use of oration to dazzle an audience. He concluded that listeners are receptacles to a capativating speech. Ogolo E. O. and Adeyemi B. (2010) discovered a model to determine the acceptability of a presentation based on facial physiognomy. The model assumed a stress-free audience and conducive atmosphere. The model was used to forecast future presentations in the department

5 Ajewole M. O and Adediji A. T
Ajewole M.O and Adediji A. T. (2009) provided a framework for seminar presentation in the department of physics. The work made use of proper presentation of results as the basis for a good presentation.

Based on the limitations discovered in previous literature what are the problems your research intend to solve or innovations you want to add to a previous work.

7 OBJECTIVES The research has the following objectives:
highlight the current problems facing propositional presentations in the dept. to develop a sample PowerPoint slide for M.Tech propositional seminar in the department guide students through the sample test the sample in a seminar

This research work will help M.Tech students to make better propositional seminars. It will serve as a baseline for future presentations in the department of Physics for both undergraduate and postgraduate seminar presentations

9 METHODOLOGY This is a brief description of how you intend to carry out the proposed research. The equations required should be typeset using equation editor. Click on “insert” – “object” – “Microsoft Equation 3.0” To insert an image, use the picture tool under the “insert” tab. It is advisable to have only a picture with its title on a slide.

10 METHODOLOGY The equation can be stretched till a perfect view is obtained. The image can also be stretched but must be numbered. Note: Table labels must be inserted above the table while figure labels should be inserted below the figure.

11 Inserting an image


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