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Pedestrianization of Istanbul’s Historic Peninsula ARZU TEKIR, DIRECTOR Walk 21, MUNICH, 2013.

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1 Pedestrianization of Istanbul’s Historic Peninsula ARZU TEKIR, DIRECTOR Walk 21, MUNICH, 2013

2 EMBARQ Türkiye Member of the EMBARQ Network, a nonprofit program of the World Resources Institute (WRI). EMBARQ Türkiye works together with local authorities to reduce pollution, improve public health, and create safe, accessible and attractive urban public spaces. EMBARQ activities are financed through multiple funding sources and private sponsorships. EMBARQ Türkiye collaborated with local authorities in İstanbul on multiple projects that specifically focus on the Historic Peninsula.

3 Istanbul’s Historic Peninsula


5 EMBARQ Türkiye Projects & Reports Project Starts: 2010 Project Ends: 2012 Report published in 2013.

6 EMBARQ Türkiye Projects & Reports Project Starts: November 2012 Project Ends: January 2013 Report published in March 2013.

7 EMBARQ Türkiye Projects & Reports Project Starts: December 2012 Project Ends: December 2013 Report published in March 2013.

8 Pedestrianization of Historic Peninsula Intrusive parking & a traffic dominated pedestrian environment

9 Pedestrianization of Historic Peninsula Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Fatih Municipality pedestrianized more than 250 streets between 2010 and 2012. BeforeAfter

10 Public Space & Public Life Survey EMBARQ Turkiye partnered with GEHL Architects for an overall assessment GEHL’s survey methodology was adapted to several contexts: London, New York, Sydney, Copenhagen. 22 streets and connections, 13 squares and parks analyzed as a representative selection. Outcome Report: Findings and Recommendations published

11 A challenged visual environment Intrusive traffic infrastructure and features visually deteriorate the public realm Monuments and important public spaces suffer under uncoordinated urban elements Poor maintenance and low quality downgrade the visual environment

12 A challenging walking environment Poor maintenance of footways Footway obstacles Several barriers divide the city Pedestrian congestion Complicated crossings Lack of overall legible pedestrian network A city for cars, not for people

13 Recommendations for Improvement A pedestrian oriented city Promote traffic calming Promote walking and cycling Promote public transport A unique and recreational city Promote a great water front Promote attractive public spaces Promote an integrated history Promote multi-functionality

14 Perception survey: local shops Shop owners and managers in the area: their views on completed pedestrianization projects 420 surveys were completed by shop owners and managers located on 39 streets that were pedestrianized. Questions on: – Shop characteristics – Attitudes toward pedestrianization and future expectations – Observed and expected changes in sales & property values – Transport modal shares – Parking – Urban environment

15 Perspectives from local businesses Details of pedestrianization projects 256 streets located on four main regions – Eminönü, Hocapaşa, Alt Laleli, Üst Laleli Streets are closed to vehicle traffic between 10am-6pm Commercial permit holders are allowed to access the area after work hours for deliveries Tourist buses are allowed to use the new route and stops

16 Business type distributions Domination of wholesales traders: Only 26% of the surveyed shops were solely involved in retail Wholesales traders have higher delivery and logistics needs – not favorable for pedestrianization

17 Satisfaction with pedestrianization 78% of respondents said that they were pleased or very pleased with the pedestrianization. 83% said that they would support pedestrianization projects in other areas.

18 Locals mostly optimistic about the future 56% expect sales to increase 39% expect customer volumes to increase 25% expect annual income levels to increase 39% expects property values to increase

19 Common concerns 38% have more difficulty with deliveries than before 85% of respondents who reported extensive lack of resting options said that there was no improvement. 21% of the surveyed shops were concerned about the growth in the number of individuals who tout for trade in the Historic Peninsula.

20 Transport modes Current share of public transportation is already high at 65%. The expectation is to see more people shifting to public transportation or walking from private vehicles.

21 Urban environment Noise Levels: 91% of these people who were concerned about the noise levels reported a decrease as a result of pedestrianization. Air Quality: 86% of these people who were concerned about emissions and air quality reported better air quality after pedestrianization.

22 Key Areas for Improvement Better streetscapes Locals were expecting better landscape planning Shops are also concerned about decline in sales volumes – so better streetscapes are key to attract more customers.

23 Key Areas for Improvement Better solutions for deliveries There are significant concerns over the imposed difficulties with deliveries to shops. Further investigations are required to understand business concerns in the area, and whether changes to hours or special permit provisions are required to improve perceptions.

24 Key Areas for Improvement Parking 42% of respondents believe that there is a need for increased parking spaces to meet the demand. Car parks are already located on the roadside and inappropriate next to monuments. Better car parks should be designed. Demand for car parks should be decreased through modal shift from private car use.

25 Key Areas for Improvement Better enforcement Street sellers are another concern as there is an increase in their numbers with pedestrianization. Regulations and associated increased enforcements to reduce street sellers should be reviewed to ensure a better environment both for locals and visitors.

26 Next Steps Air Quality Assessment Traffic Safety Inspections for pedestrians 2 nd Perception Analysis Replicate the project in an another historic city


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