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Elizabeth Pyatt, D. Tusler ITS/TLT, Accessibility and ANGEL.

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1 Elizabeth Pyatt, D. Tusler ITS/TLT, Accessibility and ANGEL

2 Outline  Policy & Audiences  Communication Tools  Display Options  HTML Editor  Quizzing  Other Accessibility Resources

3 Audiences & Policy

4 Accessibility Audiences  Blind (Severe Visual Impairment)  Must use screen reader or Braille  Low Vision (Some Vision)  Must zoom in and rely on good contrast  Color Blind (Color Deficient)  Can’t rely on color coding alone  Deaf/Hard of Hearing  Captions & Transcripts  Captions also benefit other students 

5 More Audiences  Cognitive/Learning  May require extended time on quizzes/assignments  Usability & legibility critical  Neurological (e.g. Epilepsy)  Please don’t flicker quickly  Motion Impaired  Can’t use hands (easily)  Keyboard access easiest  Avoid Mouse Only

6 Syllabus Statement  Syllabus statement pointing students to Office of Disability Services is required in all syllabi Syllabus statement Office of Disability Services 

7 Accommodations Policy  Required  When instructor receives accommodation letter from Office of Disability Services  Recommended  Easy fixes recommended for all courses  Saves time if accommodation required  Improves experience for other students  Online/Hybrid  Can you talk to a local instructional designer?

8 Critical Issues  Usable ANGEL components  Images/Image Maps/Animations  Add ALT Text  Add Headings/Subheadings  H1/H2/H3 or Heading 1/Heading 2 style  Clear Link Text  Data Tables  Legibility  Video Captions & Audio Transcripts

9 Alternate Viewing Options  Section 508  Frame free view  Screen reader friendly

10 Section 508 View

11 Custom 508 View

12 Display Options  For Students  508/PDA  Removes frames   Accessibility Profile  Customizes fonts, colors, screen reader settings  

13 ANGEL Communication Tools  e-Mail  Forward ANGEL mail to “Internet” account  Discussion Board  Consider Blogs (w/commenting)  Chat  Consider alternate chat client (e.g. IM tools or Skype)

14 ANGEL HTML Editor

15  Available in multiple tools  E-mail, page, quiz (“assessment”), dropbox, syllabus editor  Benefits  Good editing tools  HTML easiest for screen readers, other tool to process

16 ALT Tag/Text/Attribute  Text which replaces image if it can’t be processed  ALT=“Washington at Valley Forge in winter snow”  Appears when image fails to load Image from Wikipedia

17 Adding ALT Text  Add “Short Description” or “Alternative Text” when inserting image.

18 Usefulness of ALT Text Page with images not loaded and missing ALT text Images from BBC

19 Pick the Best Two ALT Tags  Context: 6 Nationalities of Texas 1.Wow, Six flags over Texas! 2.Image taken from Wikipedia. Photo by Ann W. 3.220px_Six_flags_over_Texas.jpg 4.Photo shows flags of Spain, US, Mexico, France, Republic of Texas and Confederate flag 5.Photo of six flags read information below 6.Photo shows 6 flags of different colors waving in the breeze on a sunny day. Three are red, white and blue….

20 Full Image of Six Flags

21 Complex Images  Too complex for an ALT tag  Describe in main text and use short ALT text Colonial New Netherland stretched from New York City (New Amsterdam) up Hudson River Valley to north of Ft. Orange (modern Albany) Colonial New Sweden was centered on the Delaware river and stretched from the head of the bay to a little south of Trenton. (Text includes details not in image) Image from Wikipedia

22 ALT Tag Exercises Twinned Pyrite Crystal (Wikipedia) Athens Greece (Wikipedia)

23 Unclear Link Text  Avoid  For more information about accessibility, click here  Or learn more here, here and here  “Learn about additional international resources that might be useful in class or in research”  Blocker because  Screen readers search for/scroll through links  “ Here ” is small (hard to find) and ambiguous  Try This  You can get more information from Accessibility at Penn StateAccessibility at Penn State  Learn more from “International Music Links”International Music Links  This strategy works across all tools!

24 Scanning Links on a Screen Reader

25 Headings on a Page  Wikipedia article using subheadings to mark topic changes

26 Headings on Screenreaders  Screenreader users can call up lists of headers and links in their screenreader and jump to that point in the screen

27 Headings in HTML Editor  Access in Format menu

28 Marking Large Text as Headings  HTML Editors  Look for Heading 1 … Heading 6 menu option  =H1,H2…H6 tags  Word  Heading 1…Heading 6 styles  PowerPoint  Slide titles  Bullet levels

29 Tables: Simple vs Complex  Simple Tables  Have no merged cells or empty cells  Rows represent one type of data  Columns represent another type of data  Are easier to accessify  Are easier for screen readers to process  Complex Tables  Are popular, but not always user friendly  Tricky to maintain  Often based on layout from print sources  We have different options on the Web!

30 Well Marked Data Table  CAPTION  “Windows ALT Code for Currency Symbols”  TH = Table Header  1 st row  1 st column  Headers allow screen readers to match cell with row, column

31 ANGEL Table Tools  Allows you to add caption, headers, summary (invisible, but read on screen reader)

32 TABLE Troubleshooting 1

33 Add Styled Captions, Headers

34 Very Very Complex Table

35 Maybe it’s a List  Proto Germanic (750 BC - 1 AD) I.East Germanic (1 AD - 300 AD) a.Gothic† (mostly extinct by 9th century AD) b.Vandalic† (extinct by 6th century AD) c.Burgundian (extinct by 6th century AD) d.Crimean Gothic† II.West Germanic (1 AD - 300 AD) a.Irminonic (High German) to Old High German to German b.Istaevonic/Franconian to Old Frankish to Middle Dutch i.Dutch ii.Afrikaans c.Ingvaeonic i.Old Saxon to Low German/Saxon ii.Anglo-Frisian A.Old Frisian to Modern Frisan B.Old English 1Scots 2English

36 Accessifying Tables    Choose technology option  Website includes  Event Calendar  What To Fix  Fixes for  Common Tools (covers many teaching tools)  Multimedia (Video/Animation)  Web Developer Reference

37 Color Contrast (Luminosity)  Affects low vision, color deficient  Not too vivid or too bright  But not too subtle or too light either  Like medium red, dark gray, dark teal on white  Avoid orange/yellow and white  Use with black instead  Read More 

38 Supplement Color Coding  Use color coding, but make sure it’s OK in black and white  Green check & red X  Labels in or near colored areas  Red-blue safer than red-green  Read More 

39 Assessments: Quizzes and Questions

40 Override Settings by Team  If a user requires a personal accommodation  Extra time on quiz or dropbox  Special quiz setting  One page at a time for screen readers  Deadline extension (for anyone)  Create “team” of 1, and override settings  Teams tool in Manage tab  

41 Access Settings and Team List

42 Override Settings, Advanced

43 ANGEL Select Question page

44 Radio Button: Accessible and Usable  Found in Multiple Choice, True/False  Highly accessible  The radio button is easy to select  gives the user the option to select before and after the question. 

45 Multiple Select Questions: Accessible and Usable  Check boxes are provided that have the same beneficial functions the Radio Button; before and after selection!  Specify “Check all that apply”

46 Combo box Popup: Accessible BUT NOT Usable Combo box popup  The selection boxes do NOT repeat after the question.  Multiple selecting required.  One to select the pop up.  Second to select a choice.  The alphabetical bulleting is automatically formatted even though the combo box popup is numerical selections for ordering questions.  Choices can be selected more than once.

47 Matching: Accessible, NOT Usable  Requires a tabular list of information above.  Long list of choices maybe cognitively challenging on short-term memory.

48 Ordering; Accessible, NOT Usable OrderingIssues  Combo box popups in ordering questions use numerical selection and is associated with an alphabetical order in ANGEL.  The task is NOT explained in context of the selection tool.  The same number can be selected twice.  Difficult to navigate back to change an answer.

49 Re-worded Ordering Questions  Explain the task  Limit the number of items to be ordered.  Combo popup boxes still NOT user friendly.  Use Multiple Choice version of question.  Still difficult to navigate to change answers  Multiple selecting process

50 Multiple Choice Alternate for Ordering Worst version More usable multiple choice

51 Fill-in-the-Blank: Accessible and can be Usable  Potential Gotchas  The task maybe unclear.  The blank space requires filling-in before the context of the sentence is understood.  Navigating back to the blank space is difficult.

52 The Usable and Accessible Fill-in-the-Blank  Provides the user to hear the entire sentence first before inputting the answer.  Allows the user to hear the entire paragraph before entering the answer.  Using a word bank? Identify them and place them before the paragraph.

53 How to write a Fill-in-the- Blank/Cloze  Use _1_ to control position first blank  Then _2_, _3_...

54 NOT Accessible Games/Flash  Games =  Crossword Puzzle,  Quiz Show

55 Wrapup

56 Files/Links  All should be accessible as possible  Decent options  Many HTML Editors  Microsoft Word & PowerPoint   Very Difficult to Accessify  PDF, Flash

57 Microsoft Office Accessibility  See other ITS Training Sessions  Microsoft Office Accessibility  Add ALT Tags  Use Headings (and Slide titles)  Use legible fonts  Color contrast in slides  Headers, titles for tables 

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