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Lesson 2.5 Use Piecewise Functions. xg(x) x x.

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1 Lesson 2.5 Use Piecewise Functions


3 xg(x)

4 x

5 x

6 Write the piecewise equation of this graph.

7 TASK PRESENTATION RUBRIC Name_______________________ Class Period____ Problem Completed CRITERIAPOINTS 4321 Explanation A complete response with a detailed explanation. Good solid response with clear explanation. Explanation is unclear.Misses key points._____________ Mechanics No math errors. No major math errors or serious flaws in reasoning. May be some serious math errors or flaws in reasoning. Major math errors or serious flaws in reasoning. _____________ Demonstrated Knowledge Shows complete understanding of the questions, mathematical ideas, and processes. Shows substantial understanding of the problem, ideas, and processes. Response shows some understanding of the problem. Response shows a complete lack of understanding for the problem. _____________ Delivery & Mathematical Vocabulary Student used a clear voice and correct, precise mathematical vocabulary. Student's voice is clear. Student uses most mathematical vocabulary correctly. Student incorrectly uses mathematical vocabulary. Audience members have difficulty hearing presentation. Student mumbles, incorrectly uses mathematical vocabulary, and speaks too quietly for students in the back of class to hear. _____________ Legibility Legible handwriting or printing. Marginally legible handwriting, or printing. Writing is not legible in places. Writing is not legible.____________ Total Points -----> TEACHER’S COMMENTS

8 Homework page 51 #1 - 11

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