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Using Visual Aids In Your Speech

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1 Using Visual Aids In Your Speech

2 Why use visual aids? Visual aids can clarify, reinforce or emphasize your points Visual aids help an audience comprehend and retain information and stay interested Visual aids can switch the audience’s gaze from the speaker to the visual aid, which can relieve tension


4 Common visual aids Flip charts Photographs Videos Whiteboards/Smartboards Power point/Keynote presentations Prezis Handouts Websites Props

5 Important! Ensure that the visual adds something to your speech and is clear and legible.

6 Tips for using Power Point as a visual aid

7 Make sure the audience can read each slide easily – large, legible font and good combination of font color and background color Limit the amount of information on each slide (no more than 5-6 bullet points) Make sure the information on each slide is accurate and spelled correctly

8 Another important tip…
Make sure the technology is working!

9 How to incorporate a visual aid into your speech

10 Stand to the side of the visual aid
Introduce a visual aid before talking about the information contained in it Maintain eye contact - a speaker should avoid turning his/her back to the audience

11 Supplement the speech with the visual aid
When you finish with the aid, remove it, cover it, or turn it off (with ppt, tap the B key and the screen will go to black, tap any other key and the screen will light up again) Practice with your visual aid

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