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North Dakota State University Disability Services On-line Volunteer Note-taker Training.

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1 North Dakota State University Disability Services On-line Volunteer Note-taker Training

2 You have been selected by the instructor of your class as a volunteer note-taker. Note-takers are designated for the entire semester, are responsible, dependable and provide the notes in a timely manner. Note-takers DO NOT function as substitutes for class attendance or as a reader/tutor in the subject matter.

3 Disability Services (DS) staff approve class notes as a reasonable accommodation to eligible students with disabilities. The functional impact of these students’ disabilities adversely affect their ability to take their own notes.

4 Tutorial After completing this tutorial, you will be directed to a certificate. Please print the Certificate of Completion. You will then need to schedule an appointment with Beth Fiechtner, Accommodations Coordinator, 231-8463, to complete the Volunteer Services Agreement form. NOTE: Please bring the certificate of completion to DS at the time of your appointment.

5 Volunteer Note-taker Responsibilities Attend class regularly. Be punctual and remain until the class period ends. Select a seat where you will be able to see and remain alert. Take class notes following the strategies listed in this tutorial.

6 Copy notes within 24 hours of each class and distribute to student. Upon completion of your training, information will be sent to the Memorial Union Copy Shop so you then can have copies made of the class notes. You will need to show your ID to the staff person on duty and tell them you are a note-taker.

7 Note-takers have occasionally been asked by a professor or classmate to copy their notes for a non-DS student. You are not obligated to make copies for anyone other than the DS student(s). If you choose to copy your notes for anyone else, the copying cannot be charged to the DS account.

8 You are responsible for identifying a “back-up” note-taker when a class is missed. If you are absent or late for class, please contact your back-up note-taker to obtain that day’s notes. If you are unable to continue taking notes for any reason, please notify the Accommodations Coordinator at DS immediately. If problems arise with your notes or timeliness of delivery, it may be necessary to replace you with another note-taker.

9 Confidentiality It is important when working with students with disabilities to keep all information regarding that student and their disability confidential. You should not disclose the student’s name to anyone other than Disability Services staff members. You will be expected to sign a confidentiality statement.

10 Note-taking Strategies Label and number each page of notes with the name of the course and date in the upper right corner. After copies have been made, staple each set of notes. Handwriting must be legible. Blue or black ink must be used to photocopy clearly. Write on only one side of the page. Wide margins “2” should be left so that notations can be made. An outline format will make the notes more readable and will help identify major points.

11 Abbreviations should be noted with a key for the student. Main ideas, keywords, definitions, concepts, etc., should be noted and underlined, circled or starred. Examples used in class should be included. Announcements, assignments, information regarding tests, etc., should be recorded accurately. Notes should be taken on videos, presentations, etc.

12 Notes should include enough details to be complete. If there is an omission in the notes, it is the note-taker’s responsibility to provide that information by talking to either the instructor or a class member. If there is a question about the spelling of the word, “(SP)” should be written above the word.

13 Questions or concerns? Please contact Beth Fiechtner at Disability Services 170 Wallman Wellness Center 231-8463

14 Thank you! We appreciate your willingness to volunteer for Disability Services in order to help provide access to students with disabilities. Have a great semester!

15 NDSU Disability Services Volunteer Note-taker Training Certificate of Completion By signing this statement I verify that I have completed the Volunteer Note-taker training. »Print name: »Sign name: »Date: Please print (select current page), sign and return this form to Disability Services 170 Wallman Wellness Center

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