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A New Paradigm for Check Truncation 55 cpm. Product Overview Compact Countertop Design Fast, Double-sided Scanning Ultra-reliable Feeding Superior Image.

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1 A New Paradigm for Check Truncation 55 cpm

2 Product Overview Compact Countertop Design Fast, Double-sided Scanning Ultra-reliable Feeding Superior Image Quality Precise MICR Reading User-friendly Features Bundled Software Easy Maintenance Contents Please select a link to learn more about the features and benefits of the CR-55. Click on one of the links above to jump to that section.

3 CONTENTS Fast, efficient transaction processing Space-saving unit ideal for teller-counter environments Scans up to 55 checks per minute in black & white or grayscale, up to 23.8 cpm in color (US Checks/200dpi) 50-item automatic document feeder for efficient batch processing High-quality, ultra-reliable check capture Up to 300dpi resolution, plus 24-bit color scanning MICR read reliability of over 99.9% (E13B characters) Simultaneous optical character recognition (OCR) Infrared double feed detection for protection against piggyback checks Advanced paper handling mechanism for jam-free feeding Flexible and easy to use Built-in imprinter for pre-scan endorsements Hi-speed USB 2.0 for fast plug-and-play connectivity Easy maintenance—users can perform maintenance tasks themselves Product Overview

4 CONTENTS Power to digitize and truncate (remove from circulation) original paper checks Process check information electronically Deliver substitute checks to banks that wish to continue receiving paper checks Faster, more efficient check processing system Benefits of check truncation include: Reduced handling, processing, and transport costs Expedited check clearing and fraud detection New value-added services to customers (online check viewing, remote deposit, etc.) What is Check 21?

5 CONTENTS Check 21 created a new negotiable instrument – IRD or substitute check Financial institutions are not mandated to process checks electronically A substitute check is a legal copy that can be used the same way as the original check Includes the legend, “This is a legal copy of your check. You can use it the same way you would use the original check.” MICR codeline re- printed in magnetic ink Front sideBack side Reduced images of both sides of the original check. Substitute check sample (size of a standard business check) Substitute check images on this page are simulated. The Substitute Check

6 CONTENTS Canon’s Answer to Check 21

7 CONTENTS Competitive Comparison

8 Designed for use in front-counter environments, it’s a perfect fit for use at teller counters and cashier windows of: ■ Financial institutions ■ Public utilities and post offices ■ Doctors offices and drugstores ■ Retail stores and supermarkets 5.5 in. (140 mm) 7.4 in. (188 mm) 8.8 in (223 mm) CONTENTS Compact Countertop Design

9 Capture MICR data and check image simultaneously at speeds up to 55 cpm / 110 ipm CONTENTS Personal checks, 200 dpi 55 cpm23.8 cpm Fast, Double-sided Scanning

10 Continuous, jam-free feeding of checks— even batches containing mixed sizes CONTENTS LED Direction of document Photo Transistor Ultra-reliable Feeding

11 Up to 300 dpi resolution, plus color capabilities Fine print and small details can be scanned with exceptional clarity. Valuable check information can be reproduced with utmost precision. Binary, 200 dpi (magnified image) Other scanners are capable of top resolutions up to 200 dpi. Binary, 300 dpi (magnified image) The CR-55 offers higher image quality with up to 300 dpi resolution. CONTENTS Image of original check Superior Image Quality

12 Built-in magnetic head for MICR recognition CONTENTS MICR codeline data Magnetic head (inside maintenance cover) Precise MICR Reading

13 CMC7 E13B Supported fonts for MICR recognition CONTENTS Supported fonts for optical character recognition (OCR) OCR-A OCR-B MICR and OCR Recognition

14 User Friendly Features  Adaptive Threshold Adaptive Threshold  Advanced Text Enhancement Advanced Text Enhancement  Automatic Page Size Detection Automatic Page Size Detection  Deskew Deskew  Border Removal Border Removal  Adjustable Gamma Settings Adjustable Gamma Settings  Built-in Imprinter Built-in Imprinter Please select a link to learn more about the user friendly features of the CR-55.

15 Automatic threshold adjustment for clear, highly legible images from checks with illustrated or colored backgrounds CONTENTS Binary output Grayscale input Threshold Number of pixels 0255 Adaptive Threshold

16 CONTENTS Produce clear, highly legible images from documents with text written on noisy backgrounds or light-colored writing A BlackBrightness levelWhite Slice level Frequency of appearance Advanced Text Enhancement

17 CONTENTS Personal check Business check Bill Personal check Business check Bill Auto Page Size Detection Saves time and trouble of sorting batches by check size/type

18 Scanned with marginImage rotatedImage cropped CONTENTS Deskew Automatically straightens out the final image of slightly skewed scanned checks

19 Black border addedBorder changed to white CONTENTS Border Removal Replaces black borders surrounding scanned images with white space

20 CONTENTS Adjustable Gamma Settings Easily adjust overall brightness of check images

21 CONTENTS Print pre-scan endorsements including characters, date, incremental numbers, time, or arrow symbols Imprinter Settings dialog Sample of imprinted data on the back of a check Built-in Imprinter

22 CONTENTS  Industry-standard Ranger™ driver for easy system integration  Image Quality Assurance (IQA) module  Scanning Utility for CR-55 CR-55 Ranger driver dialog Bundled Software

23 CONTENTS Easily clear paper jams or perform maintenance tasks such as cleaning the scanning glass and feed rollers Easy Maintenance

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