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MIME Capstone Design Remaining Course Deliverables

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1 MIME Capstone Design Remaining Course Deliverables
Capstone Experience Memo Engineering Notebook or Memos Peer Evaluation Final Report Expo Poster Final Presentation Evaluation 2

2 Capstone Experience Memo
Assignment available on the course web site. A memo, written individually, that reflects on students’ progress in communication and team skills development and on the collaborative production of the project report. Penalty of 35 points if not completed by the due date. Due in 102 DB drop box by 6:00 PM Wednesday, March 16. 2

3 Engineering Notebook or Memos
Same as last term See syllabus on web site for guidelines Due by 6:00 PM, Wednesday of Finals Week in the course drop box in 102 DB. 3

4 Peer Evaluation Same as last term
Use form on Web site “Peer Review Form” Due by 6:00 PM, Wednesday of Finals Week in the course drop box in 102 DB. 4

5 Final Report Complete all sections of template
Correct tense and voice in entire report to be consistent Add text as necessary to fully document your design, implementation, and testing Include reasons for all changes made Do not back-edit. The final report is the only archived record of your work Provide course instructor with one unmarked copy Due by 6:00 PM, Wednesday of Finals Week in the course drop box in 102 DB. 5

6 Poster Details Must use tri-fold poster, 36” high, 48” (12/24/12) wide. These are available in white and black at the OSU Bookstore. May create and print out a single entity using the MIME Expo Poster PowerPoint template or create and affix individual sections to the poster board. MUST include the title section and bottom “logo band” as shown in the PPT template. You need not follow the template exactly, but include each of the sections shown in the template Balance of visuals and text and white space Posters are graded on a P/N basis; Posters receiving Revision Required, must be modified and resubmitted until a Pass is received.

7 Grading Criteria for Posters
Presentation ( Pass Revision Required) Simple, interesting, and informative at first glance Easily readable and viewable from 1.5 meters (including figures and figure captions) Quick and easy to read/digest (requiring 5 minutes or less of viewer’s time) Generates curiosity and the desire to follow up Poster elements are affixed neatly

8 Grading Criteria for Poster
Layout ( Pass Revision Required) Logically sequenced—may also include “signposts” to guide viewer Uncluttered. White space used as the primary separator Clean, readable, sans serif font in legible sizes Text and figures balanced on the page. Variations on the basic fonts (different colors, bolding, underlining, italics, etc.) used very sparingly, to highlight the most important points.

9 Grading Criteria for Poster
Specific contents ( Pass Revision Required) Textual content is geared to a general (~8th grade knowledge level) audience. No jargon or unfamiliar abbreviations or acronyms Title is informative and catchy All required sections are included Text sections use short statements or bullet points (no dense paragraphs) No more than 1 minute of text per section At least one graphic (good-quality picture or legible & easily comprehensible figure) per section. (No tables!) All graphics have captions And of course, text and captions are free of grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors

10 Other Poster Logistics
Students can shrink the MIME band image in the “Slide Master” view. Save the poster as a PDF to maintain the images, layout, and text. Students need to determine the correct poster/page size and make sure not to “shrink to fit page.” Printing of posters go to

11 Presentation Details All team members must participate in the presentation. Teams must stay for the ENTIRE session and watch the presentations of their classmates. Teams are encouraged to attend additional sessions, but it is not required. Technical presentation and overview of the entire design project. Wear business-appropriate attire. Audience = other engineering students, faculty, friends, and project sponsors Engineering Expo poster due at the start of session you present in. PowerPoint presentation and other appropriate electronic media (videos, pictures, etc.) and/or physical prototypes are acceptable.

12 MIME Capstone Design Evaluation 2
F. Rep., Peer Eval, Eval. 2 Team & Project Assign. B. Rep., Status Mtg. P. Prop., F. Prop., Peer Eval. Fall Term (ME / IE 497) Research & Design 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 F Eval. 1 Winter Term (ME / IE 498) IMPLEMENT & TEST CRs & Wts, Oral 1 ERs & TTs, Oral 2 Oral 3 Final Pres. TPs, DLs, Team Charter Evaluation 2 Team meeting with instructor 250 course points Scored on satisfying CRs Evaluated by Instructor for team grade. Not all course deliverables and meetings are shown, see syllabus 12

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