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2 New in 2007 edition and in a-2008 MRL Pit Signage 3.18.6 Marking of HY Jack Governor Escalator Governor 8.11 Requirements moved to 8.6 (‘08) 8.9.2 Added Esc. Code Data Plate Others in Parts 5, 6 and 7 Also changes for those enforcing NBCC (Canada)

3 Violations A17.1-2000 and later editions Part 8 A17.3-1996 and later editions

4 Data Plates A17.1 Requirements –Counterweight Runby Data Plate –Crosshead Data Plate –Capacity Plate –Safety Marking Plate –Jack Marking Plate –Rail Lube Plate –Governor Marking Plate –Brake Marking Plates –Buffer Marking Plate

5 More Data Plates A17.1 Requirements (Continued) –Plunger Gripper Marking Plate –Hydraulic Machine & Valve Data Plates –Escalator/Moving Walk Brake Data Plates –Chain Data Plates (Dumbwaiter) –Rack & Pinion Data Plate –Code Data Plate A17.3 Requirements –Rail Lube Plate –Capacity Plate

6 Tags A17.1 Tags –Governor Rope Tag –Hoist Rope Data Tag –Acceptance Safety Test Tag –Resocketing Tag –Escalator Governor –Periodic Test Tags A17.3 Tags –Hoist Rope Data Tag –Chain Data Tag

7 Signs A17.1 Signs –Bottom Car Clearances –Refuge Space on Top of Car Enclosure –Working Areas in the Car or on the Car Top –Working Areas in the Pit –Location of Equipment - Governor Servicing –Freight Car Signage –Anti-creep Operation –Fire Service Signage

8 More Signs A17.1 Signs (Continued) –Emergency Brake Sign –No Jumper Sign adjacent to Bypass Switches –Escalator & Moving Walk Caution Signs –Additional (Esc. & M.W.) Signs A17.3 Signs –Freight Car Signs –Escalator Caution Signs –D/W “No Riders” Signs

9 2.4.5 Counterweight Runby Data Plate

10 ( )

11 Door Operator Plate Instructions Provided

12 and 3.16.3 Under b-1995 and earlier Under 1996 and later A17.1 Req. only not in A17.3 Hydro Traction

13 Jack, Safety Plank & Capacity Hydraulic (3.18.6) Traction (2.17.14) Marking of Hydraulic Jack The exposed portion of each hydraulic jack after installation shall be plainly marked in a permanent manner with the following: (a) the name or trademark by which the organization that manufactured the hydraulic jack can be identified (b) the manufacturer’s designation of the type or model (c) year of manufacture Marking Plates for Safeties A metal plate shall be securely attached to each safety so as to be readily visible, and shall be marked in a legible and permanent manner with letters and figures not less than 6 mm (0.25 in.) in height indicating: (a) the type of safety, based on 2.17.5 (b) the maximum tripping speed in m/s (ft/min) for which the safety is permitted (c) the maximum weight in kg (lb), that the safety is designed and installed to stop and sustain (d) the force in N (lbf) required to activate the safety or rope releasing carrier, if provided (e) the manufacturer’s name or trademark (07)

14 Other Hydraulic Markings

15 Safety Test Tag

16 Pull- thru + Buffer + Flex Hose Test Tag

17 For Roller Guides For Slide Guides A17.1 - 2.17.16 & A17.3 - 3.5.6 In A17.1-2000 and later editions this information must be on Crosshead Data Plate

18 2.18.9 - Governor Plate

19 Brakes Plates The emergency brake shall be provided with a marking plate indicating the range of total masses (car with attach- ments and its load) for which it is permitted to be used, the range of speeds at which it is set to operate, and the criteria such as rail lubrication requirements that are critical to the performance.

20 Buffer Marking Plates 8 items and (for Oil Buffers)

21 Check for any Missing or Damaged Signs and Data Plates Machine Room –Brake Plates –Governor Plate –Code Data Plate –Ambient Air Plate –Hydro Data Plates –Warning Signs Fire Service Signs Hoistway and Pit –Crosshead Data Plate –Rail Lube Instructions –Warning Signs –Safety Plank Plate –Buffer Plate –Counterweight Runby Freight & Capacity

22 Inspection Tags Acceptance Tests –8.10 Requirements –New Installations –Alterations Periodic –8.11 Requirements – Tag –New under b-2008: Testing moves to 8.6

23 TN 02-3392

24 TN 02-3392







31 Code Data Plates 8.9.1 Required Information – Applicability of Inspection and Test Requirements 8.9.2 Location –Mainline or on Controller (07) – Additional Plate for External Escalator Inspections 8.9.3 Material and Construction –...shall remain permanently and readily legible.

32 SECTION 8.9 Requirement 8.9 contains requirements for all new and existing equipment within the Scope of this Code. 8.9.1 Required Information Data plate shall be provided and maintained that shall indicate the Code to be used for inspections and tests (see The data plate shall indicate the Code and edition in effect at the time of installation. The data plate shall also indicate the Code in effect at the time of any alteration and indicate the applicable requirements of 8.7.

33 Installation Code Edition Original Installation Date –Elevator Permit Date –Other Dates If Unknown Original Installation Code –Follows AHJ’s Effective Dates –Use ASME Effective Dates AHJ has no dates No AHJ GSA –Format is the same as in Inspector’s Guide

34 Equipment Without Alteration Older Installations –Use applicable adopted A-17.1 editions –Use locally adopted code/standards such as: Adopted A17.3- Edition California CA Title 8 - Group 2 Ohio Bulletin 110 (Red Book) Iowa 875-IAC Ch. 73 Massachusetts 524 CMR Missouri 11 CSR 40-5.065 Pennsylvania PA 34 Ch. 7 Washington WAC 296-96 Min. Std. –Use building code referenced A17.1 edition New Installations –Use applicable ASME edition as AHJ adopts

35 Edition Sensitive Items (85 years of code) A17.3 applies from d-1986 through d-2000 to Part XII Item 1.6 Car Emergency Signal there are 6 differences Space Guards A17.1-1937 and later editions (also A17.3) Static Control a-1988 and later editions Glazing b-1989 and later editions & again in a-2005 Item 1.12/13 & 3.8 (Cab items) there are 16 differences and 16 more relating to car & hoistway doors & gates Door Restrictors b-1980, b-1983 and b-1989 differences Hydro RPR required for installations under c-1986 and later Fire Service b-1973, 1981, 1984, b-1989, 2000 and 2004

36 CDP Flow Chart



39 Job Information Web, e-mail, phone or fax

40 Code Data Plate Order Form

41 Common Errors - Disconnect Change in Power Supply = or –Change of Voltage, Frequency or Number of Phases –Change from DC to AC –Change of combination of DC and AC Replace Wiring or Disconnect = or –Includes new machine room wiring, hoistway wiring and travelling cables –Requires conformance with Section 2.8 which includes reference to NFPA 70 (NEC)

42 Common Errors - Control Install like Controller = or Change of Motion Ctrl. = or Change in Operation = or Related requirements –Top of Car Inspection = or –Leveling = or –Anti-creep = –Stop Switch = (was in a-2002 and earlier) –Alter an EPD = or (‘07)

43 Common Errors - Jack Replace Jack with new Jack = Cut off head and weld onto new Cylinder, re-use the plunger = Related requirements –Plunger only = –Change of Working Pressure = –Relocation of Jack = –Relocation of Tank = –Plunger Gripper =

44 Custom Software

45 Custom Software

46 Custom Plates Alterations Under A17.1-1996 Edition Alterations Under A17.1-2000 Edition

47 Alteration Plate Door Operator Wiring Re-opening Devise Door Restrictor Plunger Gripper Valve Tank Limits Top of Car Insp.. Leveling Controller Replacement Emergency Operations

48 Jack Replacement Re-opening Devise Door Restrictor Rope Brake Cylinder Only Cab Interiors Valve Alteration Emergency Lowering HY Fire Service Alterations TR Field Marked Alteration Plate Covers Common Minor Alterations Instructions Provided

49 Code Data Plate Kits

50 Thank You - Questions

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