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Welcome to the Year Six Parent Information Evening

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1 Welcome to the Year Six Parent Information Evening
Mrs Lynette Camilleri-Blemings Miss Jodie Olive Mr Mathew Mills Monday 2nd February 2015

2 A Prayer for Parents…. Loving Lord, Look upon our School Family:
Those with whom we journey each day, Help us to strengthen and support each other For the Christian education of the young. Extend our vision And work in us each day The miracle of touching hearts amongst all to whom you send us. God in our midst, Renew us in faith and commitment, And continue to inspire us With your spirit. Amen.

3 Religion Students will participate in a daily Religion lesson.
The four strands which will be covered are: Morality Prayer Beliefs Sacraments

4 Religion This term we will be covering Sacraments. The focus being on the Liturgical Calendar and Liturgical Seasons. Prayer Assemblies and Liturgies 6C Prayer Assembly – Thursday 5th February (Week 2) 6C Liturgy – Friday 6th March (Week 6) 6O Liturgy – Friday 27th March (Week 9) All for Year 6 will attend Parish Mass - Friday 13th March (Week 7) You are welcome to attend all assemblies and liturgies

5 English Australian Curriculum
Language (knowing about the English language) Literature (understanding, appreciating, responding to, analysing and creating literature) Literacy (expanding the repertoire of English usage)

6 English This term the students will construct: News Report
News Report Oral Presentaion Persuasive Letter – Letter of Request Each assessment piece will be introduced with a criteria sheet to outline the task. The requirements will be broken down during class with time provided to create a draft copy.

7 English READING Regular reading opportunities of a variety of texts
Whole class and guided reading Stamina reading Reading Comprehension (text book) WRITING Modelled writing and guided writing Students write a variety of texts – texts types, free writing, writing on demand, reading response writing. SKILLS Weekly spelling focus – spelling words in conjunction with Spelling Rules text book Weekly grammar and punctuation focus

8 Mathematics Australian Curriculum
Number and Algebra Measurement and Geometry Statistics and Probability Daily mental computation Problem solving and investigations Real world scenarios Hands on learning

9 Mathematics Textbook - Maths Plus 6 There are a variety of teaching methods used to teach various concepts. The textbook is used to reinforce concepts taught. It is expected that all students show working methods when solving algorithms. Students are taught the correct processes and setting out for different algorithms.

10 History Australia as a Nation Inquiry based learning.
Key figures and events leading to Australia’s Federation. Stories of migrants. Contributions of individuals and groups to the development of Australian Society.

11 Science Australian Curriculum
Science Understanding. Science as a Human Endeavour. Science Inquiry Skills.

12 Science Earthquake Explorers Inquiry based learning
Links to English text type – news report Natural hazards and natural disasters Earth’s composition – Layers of the Earth and the tectonic plates Effects of earthquakes Measuring earthquake intensity

13 Technology Designing an earthquake resistant building.

14 Geography A Diverse and Connected World
Inquiry based learning Location of countries Difference in economic, demographic and social characteristics between countries across the world Cultural diversity in the world Australia’s connections with other countries


16 Geography Investigation
Investigation: How do people’s connections to places affect their perception of them? Peruse travel brochures and decide on a country that you would like to visit, based on the information and pictures presented in the travel brochures alone. This task requires you to investigate your country from different perspectives in order to answer to question, ‘Is my chosen country really a great destination?’

17 Specialist Lessons Computer Studies - Mr Max Martin
6C – Wednesday 10:25 – 11:25 (odd week) 6O – Tuesday 10:25 – 11:25 (odd week) 6M – Wednesday 12:25 – 1:25 (odd week) Physical Education – Mr Russel Smith 6C – Tuesday 1:55 – 2:55 6O – Wednesday 9:55– 10:55 6M – Tuesday 12:25 – 1:25 Music – Miss Stephanie Quinlan 6C – Thursday 12:55 – 1:25 6O – Friday 12:25 – 12:55 6M – Thursday 12:25 – 12:55

18 Support Personnel Miss Paula Scanlan – School Counsellor
Mrs Donna Clarke – Learning Support Mrs Shelly Baker – School Librarian Mrs Roslyn Horsfall – Instrumental Music

19 Homework Homework will be distributed on a Friday and students are expected to hand in all homework on the following Thursday Ian Lillico Homework Grid – compulsory and optional requirements Parents are asked to sign their child’s activities Book work expectations demonstrated to students Weekly spelling and number facts focus tested each Friday

20 School Diaries Each child has a school diary.
Develop organisational skills. Prepare the students for the routine of high school. Time management. Students take their diaries home on a daily basis and must return them to school each day.

21 School Website and Class Pages
Access the latest news and events, the school newsletter, tuckshop menu and class pages (including homework sheet). Search ‘St Patrick’s Emerald’ To access class pages, click on the ‘Student Portal’ icon.

22 BEHAVIOUR MANAGEMENT School rules Year 4 – Year 6
At St Patrick’s School we will strive to: Treat all people with respect and consideration in the way we act in our school. Achieve our best in all set tasks and consider others’ right to learn. Use school and personal property and equipment carefully and responsibly. Maintain pride in ourselves by wearing our uniforms correctly.

23 Important Information
Bookwork policy Neat, legible and appropriately organised. Includes homework book. Reporting Issued 2nd and 4th term Interviews will be conducted at the beginning of Term 2. Can be requested at any time throughout the year. Please arrange an appropriate time for meetings.

24 Year Six Leaders All Year Six students are presented with a leadership badge. Year Six School and House Captains – Speeches Week 2 Wednesday 9:15am – Boys Thursday 9:30am – Girls All captains announced on assembly Friday 14th February 2014

25 Year Six Leaders Peer Support Leaders beginning Term 3
Involvement in Mini Vinnies – social justice program for primary school students.

26 Year Six Camp Canberra and Sydney Term 3
Second last week 7th – 12th September Approximate costs $950 Fundraising ideas – see Belinda Whittaker

27 Thank you for making the time to join us tonight
Thank you for making the time to join us tonight. Please feel free to move to your child’s classroom to talk with your child’s teacher: 6C – Mrs Lynette Camilleri-Blemings 6O – Miss Jodie Olive 6M – Mr Mathew Mills

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