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Water Main Extension Permits Interplan LLC Richard Lott, P.G., P.E. Program Manager-Drinking Water February 18, 2008 407.893.3325.

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1 Water Main Extension Permits Interplan LLC Richard Lott, P.G., P.E. Program Manager-Drinking Water February 18, 2008 407.893.3325

2 Central District Staff Vivian F. Garfein, Director, Central District Christianne C. Ferraro, P.E. Administrator, Water Resource Management

3 CD Drinking Water Staff Kim Dodson – Environmental Manager (Compliance/Enforcement & Monitoring) Richard Lott (Permitting) - Richard Lott (WTP) –Cary Padell – water main extension permits & clearances

4 CD Drinking Water Permits CD issues 25% of all of Florida’s PW permits; This translates to 1350 permits/year in addition to letters, TO, date extensions, etc.

5 Permit Determinations Submit to Cary Padell; Send hard copy of site map showing connections to existing water main and full distribution system; No Faxes or PDFs; Provide e-mail address for response ;

6 Permit “Status” Requests Let N = the date that your application is received by DEP; Let A = 30 days before we review your application; Let D = Date you should ask for status report. D = N + A + 1 = N + 31

7 Prioritizing Permits We only prioritize permits for health reasons or if the permit application is in the public interest, i.e. affordable housing, schools opening, etc. We do NOT prioritize permits because your contractor is ready to start construction or it is simple in nature!

8 Permit Prioritization The order of permit review is dictated solely by the Clock (when it comes in) and NOT by the complexity of the situation.

9 Did We Receive your Permit Package? If you want assurance that we received your permit package or response, send it by certified mail. OR You can try the following website: ermitting.htm

10 Submission of Permit Packages Separate Potable Water (PW) package from Domestic Waste Water (DW) application packages; Submit different Checks for PW and DW or if using one check, make note that the total amount is for the [type of permit]PW permit and the [type of permit]DW permit and give each amount;

11 What Are the 2 Types of Water Main Extension Construction Permits? Specific Permit - previously referred to as “Individual” or “Long-form” Permit; General “Permit” or “GP” - previously referred to as “Short-form ‘Permit’”;

12 PW WME Specific Permits DEP can write RAI letters and place Specific Conditions in a Specific Permit; $500 Application Fee for CWS projects; Must submit plans, specs, and construction notes, etc. (or preliminary design report) and they must be in conformity with the rules of FAC Chapters 62-555 and 62-550. Takes 3-5 months to get;

13 When Do I Use the WME Specific Permit? Water main extensions that: –are dry lines; –are in areas containing petroleum- or solvent-contamination; –interconnect previously separated PWSs; –convey raw or partially-treated drinking water-now or in the future or “reuse” at a later date; –use conflict manholes;

14 What is a General “Permit”? For a GP, you are really notifying the DEP that you believe that the project meets the criteria so that a Specific Permit is not needed. DEP issues a document, based upon the information provided to us, that we either agree with you (you are authorized to use the GP) or disagree with you (you are not authorized).

15 PW General “Permits” DEP CANNOT write RAI letters nor place Specific Conditions in a General “Permit”. Can issue more than one clearance; Is evaluated on the quality of the submittal - no phone calls or e-mails regarding clarification SHOULD be made; Requires: (1) fee; (2) completed application; and (3) sketch; (4) hydraulic analysis if <3”.

16 Dudley Doright Says … “ Use General Permits for appropriate Water Main extensions; Use Specific Permits for Inappropriate Projects.”

17 Water Main Extensions - General “Permits” Requires advanced notice of AT LEAST 30 DAYS (no expediting permits); $250 Application Fee for projects designed by PE; Does NOT require PE signature (may be designed by public officer) if total project cost <$10,000; Fill in ALL blanks;

18 Richard’s Top Ten Ways to Submit a Correct General Permit Application

19 Number 10 Do NOT place construction notes and details on your sketch.

20 Number 9 Do NOT initial everything in the General Permit checklist.

21 Number 8 Submit only ONE copy of everything.

22 Number 7 Construction plans do not take the place of the Sketch.

23 Number 6 Make sure that the Sketch includes the locations of valves, pipes, fire hydrants, etc

24 Number 5 The Sketch does NOT have to be 81/2 x 11” but it does need to be legible!

25 Number 4 Make sure that the Utility has filled in the application with the correct information and signed it.

26 Number 3 Do NOT forget to sign and seal the application in the two places where they are required.

27 Number 2 Do NOT leave anything blank!

28 Number 1 Submit the correct fee for WM extensions: GP = $250 SP = $500

29 Clearances

30 What is the first thing to do when it is time to submit the Certification of Completion? Make sure that you read the permit which tells you what to submit!

31 Where do Contractors Enter In? Permit signed by: –Professional Engineer –Applicant –Utility –No Contractor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT!

32 Contractors and Permits Contractor Engineer


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