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How to do BAD PowerPoint! Use different colors on every slide.

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2 How to do BAD PowerPoint!

3 Use different colors on every slide

4 Use lots of fancy fonts

5 Don’t prepare any handouts. Everyone will be paying attention to your every word, and will remember everything next week, so who needs paper?

6 Don’t worry about checking speling or gramar.

7 Save your main point until the very end, then say it only once!

8 Don’t rehearse, and don’t check out the equipment or facility before your presentation starting time.

9 Use monochromatic, low contrast colors for text and background

10 Use irrelevant graphics and audio clips to distract your audience.

11 Memorize your talk word for word. Then, if you lose your place, you can start all over again!

12 Cram lots of small size text on every slide. See, isn’t this legible from 20 feet away?

13 Start talking before the animation stops People tend to stop listening while they are watching, but who cares?

14 Don’t use any logical progression in presenting your thoughts; this will keep your audience guessing!

15 Use many special effects and lots of animation; everyone will be very impressed!

16 Don’t worry about matching the design of your slides to the situation and topic. Go ahead and use a circus theme for an executive budget meeting!

17 Zoom through the slides, and don’t add any more information.

18 Don’t give any thought to pacing.  Put several unrelated ideas on a single slide  or string a single thought…

19  through several slides.

20  Remember Burma Shave?

21 Don’t summarize, review the major points, or bring your presentation full circle to a conclusion.

22 And be sure to end with this view…!


24 Created (with tongue firmly in cheek ) by Sharon Barnes South Central Kansas Library System

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